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Dave Parrack is a freelance writer from Manchester, England, with an unhealthy level of interest in technology and pop culture. You can connect with him at About.me now.

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Ballmer’s Successor, YouTube Comments, Facebook Likes, TARDIS Truth [Tech News Digest]

7th November, 2013

Microsoft edges closer to naming CEO, a computer-generated girl tempts predators, Apple forces Apple stock to shut down, YouTube comments lose their edge, and Doctor Who’s TARDIS is shown to be theoretically possible.

Who Do You Follow On Twitter? And Why? [We Ask You]

6th November, 2013

One talentless celebrity (Katy Perry) recently overtook another even more talentless celebrity (Justin Bieber) to become the most popular person on Twitter. They both surpassed one Lady Gaga (I think she’s related to the British Royal Family) earlier this year. The number of followers these people have amassed is mind-boggling, with Perry having 46 million […]

Google Helpouts, Everpix Neverpix, Wii Mini, Gmail Sucks [Tech News Digest]

6th November, 2013

Google Helpouts starts, Everpix dies, Nintendo announces Wii Mini, Chrome is malware-busting, Apple will return to America, Google’s augmented reality game opens, Microsoft goes after Google, and video games are good for us.

Photoshopped Dead Cat Facebooks Evil Bitcoin Millionaire [Weird & Wonderful Web]

5th November, 2013

The Web is a place full of content that is far too easy to miss. This column has one simple aim: to collect the best weird and wonderful content that appears on the Web.

BBM Still Has Fans! [We Ask You Results]

5th November, 2013

Do you hate using phones the way they were originally designed to be used? You know: actually calling someone’s number and talking to them when they pick up. If so, you’re probably a huge fan of messaging in one form or another, whether it’s by way of trusty SMS, sending an email, or utilizing one […]


Nexus 5, BlackBerry Blitz, Steam Machine, Snowden Tweets [Tech News Digest]

5th November, 2013

Find out how good the new Nexus 5 really is, watch the BlackBerry soap opera unfold, discover that Windows Phone isn’t dead, see Steam Machine put through its paces, and hear about Coursera’s plans.


How To Lose Weight…Fast – The Best Web Resources For Fasting Diets

4th November, 2013

The latest craze in the world of dieting is intermittent fasting. We pull together some of the best resources online related to this popular method for losing weight and getting healthier.

Google Secrets, Instagram Ads, Patent Wars, Netflix 4K [Tech News Digest]

4th November, 2013

The secret behind Google’s floating barge is revealed, Instagram adds ads, smartphone patent wars intensify, Netflix tests Ultra HD, Amazon launches Kindle MatchBook, Google+ appeals to vanity, and tickets for wearing Google Glass.


How Not To Twitter: 7 Hashtag Fails To Learn From

1st November, 2013

This is a list of seven rather embarrassing hashtag fails that demonstrate how this simple shorthand can go horribly wrong. Thankfully, there are lessons to be learned here.

Do You Care About BBM (BlackBerry Messenger)? [We Ask You]

30th October, 2013

More and more people own smartphones with each passing day, and no matter which platform they choose to use – iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or another – one of their main uses for the device is likely to be messaging people. So much so that a proportion of the population vastly prefers messaging someone to […]

Candy Cats & Dogs Watching Star Wars Porn While Banksy Farts [Weird & Wonderful Web]

29th October, 2013

The Web is a place full of content that is far too easy to miss. This column has one simple aim: to collect the best weird and wonderful content that appears on the Web.

Your Best Story Ideas For MakeUseOf [We Ask You Results]

29th October, 2013

MakeUseOf means a lot to us – and, it seems, to you too. We all love what we do, which is creating articles for you all to make use of in some way. But it can be tough finding subjects that will really resonate with the readership in a big way. So, for last week’s […]

7 Types Of People Who Deserve An Immediate Facebook Unfriending

24th October, 2013

A lot of people post nonsense on Facebook. Nonsense that really should get them unfriended, by you, immediately. Do your friends do these things? It might be time.

Pitch Us Your MakeUseOf Story Ideas! [We Ask You]

23rd October, 2013

MakeUseOf is many things to many people, as we previously discovered when we asked you all to tell us how you would describe MakeUseOf to a friend. We are, at the core, a group of writers passionate about technology, and in particular technology that you can make use of, even if only for entertainment purposes. […]

8 Super Websites For Soccer Fans

23rd October, 2013

A list of eight of the best websites all soccer fans should bookmark. Some specialize in news, others in opinion, some focus on goals, others on statistics. All are valuable repositories for the beautiful game.