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Dave Parrack is a freelance writer from Manchester, England, with an unhealthy level of interest in technology and pop culture. You can connect with him at About.me now.

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Facebook Anonymous Login, Disney Infinity Marvel, The Onion Clickhole [Tech News Digest]

1st May, 2014

Facebook launches Anonymous Login, MacBook Air prices are slashed, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes is announced, YouTube adds branding intros, The Onion teases Clickhole, Coursera seeks translators, and a Canadian family lives on in 1986.


Do You Care What Happens To Google+? [We Ask You]

1st May, 2014

This is your opportunity to tell us whether you like or dislike the social network, whether or not you use it, and what you use it for.


Twitter Is Flatlining, Firefox 29 Is Radical, MacBook Air Is Cheaper [Tech News Digest]

30th April, 2014

Twitter flatlines, Firefox updates, MacBook Air cheapens, Xbox One lands, Udacity expands, and Vsauce measures.


Watching TV: Anytime, Anywhere, On Every Device [We Ask You Results]

30th April, 2014

The big takeaway from the discussion is that the number of options open to couch potatoes at this point in time is almost endless.


Google Self-Driving Cars, HP Android Laptop, Oculus Rift Lag [Tech News Digest]

29th April, 2014

Google cars navigate cities, Microsoft owns Nokia, HP Android laptop, Secret expansion, BuzzFeed wants $1 billion, Joss Whedon’s In Your Eyes, and Oculus Rift demonstrates living with lag.


Internet Explorer Flaw, Netflix Cable, Cortana Children, E.T. Found In Desert [Tech News Digest]

28th April, 2014

Internet Explorer flaw, government-built social networks, Netflix as a cable channel, ComiXology in-app purchases, Cortana hates children, a Codecademy makeover, and E.T. found in the desert.


Kill It With Fire: 10 Internet Expressions That Need To Die [Weird & Wonderful Web]

27th April, 2014

Languages are forever evolving. Some new words and phrases are readily accepted into common parlance. Others remain confined to the Internet, where they are often overused to the point that they need to die.


The Future Of Google+, FB Newswire, Next-Gen Minecraft, Oculus Prank [Tech News Digest]

25th April, 2014

Google+ may be dead, FCC talks net neutrality, Facebook launches FB Newswire, Lyft expands into new markets, mobile addiction grows, next-gen Minecraft allows save transfers, and the true potential of Oculus Rift is revealed.


New Apple Products, Internet Bill Of Rights, OnePlus One, Street View Time Machine [Tech News Digest]

24th April, 2014

Apple’s new products, Brazil’s Internet Bill of Rights, OnePlus One turns heads, Xiaomi international expansion, Google Street View time machine, Amazon Prime Pantry, Apple’s recycling efforts, and the creepiest light bulb ever.


How Do You Watch TV? [We Ask You]

24th April, 2014

How we watch television has changed dramatically. How do you watch your favorite shows?


New Twitter Profiles, Lytro Illum DSLR, Aereo Hearing, OS X Beta Testing [Tech News Digest]

23rd April, 2014

Facebook-like Twitter profiles for all, the Lytro Illum DSLR, #myNYPD hashtag fails, the Aereo hearing concludes, OS X beta testing free for all, and a sauce bottle cap fix by students.


9 Password Managers To Make Use Of [We Ask You Results]

23rd April, 2014

Creating and remembering passwords for every website you interact with is a real pain in the ass. Unfortunately, it’s also essential.


Aereo Supreme Court, Netflix Price Rise, Samsung Innovation, Han Solo Rug [Tech News Digest]

22nd April, 2014

Aereo lands in court, Netflix promises price rises, Reddit tampers with technology, the Samsung Innovation Museum, Amazon loves Goodreads, and Han Solo in Carbonite gets his own rug.


General Mills Facebook Fail, Nearby Friends Ads, Oculus Rift Grandmother [Tech News Digest]

21st April, 2014

General Mills backtracks, DPLA expands, Facebook targets ads, videophones celebrate birthday, HTC speculates on optical zoom, Google Trends emails, and Oculus Rift proves its worth.


3 Wicked Wikipedia Websites [Weird & Wonderful Web]

20th April, 2014

These three websites are entertainingly invaluable in helping keep an eye on Wikipedia and the content it’s throwing out into the ether. They are funny, they are useful, and they are definitely worth bookmarking.