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Dave Parrack is a freelance writer from Manchester, England, with an unhealthy level of interest in technology and pop culture. You can connect with him at About.me now.

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Apple At WWDC 2014: iOS 8 & OS X Yosemite, John Oliver Explains Net Neutrality [Tech News Digest]

3rd June, 2014

Apple unveils iOS 8 & OS X Yosemite at WWDC 2014, Samsung unveils Tizen smartphone, MySpace remembers, Reset the Net gets set, Chromebooks go on the march, new IFTTT channels are exposed, and John Oliver explains Net Neutrality.


NSA Facials, Beats Kills MOG, Justin.tv Kills Archive, Heartbleed Spam [Tech News Digest]

2nd June, 2014

NSA collects photos, Beats kills MOG, Justin.tv deletes its video archive, Google offers the right to be forgotten, the Heartbleed bug lives on, Springpad is shutting down, and Cloverfield loses the shaky cam.


What Device Are You Using Right Now? [MakeUseOf Poll]

1st June, 2014

In this week’s MakeUseOf Poll we want to know what device you are using to read these words. And these words. And indeed these words.


Prove Anything With Statistics Using Spurious Correlations [Weird & Wonderful Web]

1st June, 2014

Statistics can be used to prove anything. You don’t have to take our word for it, as a website called Spurious Correlations demonstrates how statistics can be bent and shaped to suit any bias.


Edward Snowden Talks, TrueCrypt Mystery, Ballmer Buys L.A. Clippers [Tech News Digest]

30th May, 2014

Edward Snowden talks to NBC, troubling TrueCrypt tales, CryEngine comes to Steam, Google Video Quality Report ranks ISPs, Vimeo’s gets High Maintenance, Ballmer buys the Clippers, and 25 years of LOLs.


Is Netflix Worth The Money?

29th May, 2014

There are more people who don’t subscribe to Netflix as those who do, and that swathe of the population wants to know if they’re missing out on anything. Is Netflix worth the money?


Apple Finally Buys Beats, Microsoft Teases Skype Translator, Hidden Cash On Twitter [Tech News Digest]

29th May, 2014

Apple gets Beats; a promise of real time translations from Microsoft; Chrome turns into a walled garden; Billboard ranks songs on Twitter; Uber gears up for the future; Avast hacked; and a Twitter cash grab.


Which Fictional Gadget Would You Sell Your Soul For? [We Ask You]

29th May, 2014

Fictional gadgets are always so much cooler than those sitting on store shelves. The question is, which fictional gadget would you sell your soul to own?


Windows XP Registry Hack, Google Self-Driving Cars, Apple Ransomware [Tech News Digest]

28th May, 2014

Windows XP registry hack, Google’s self-driving cars, the Find My iPhone ransomware, Spotify gets hacked, Word Lens app given away for free, and an awesome Choose Your Own Vine Adventure.


The Right To Be Forgotten Is No Big Deal [We Ask You Results]

28th May, 2014

We asked you — Do You Want The Right To Be Forgotten? Do people have strong feelings one way or another? Read on to find out.


#YesAllWomen Hashtag, LulzSec FBI Hacking, Watch Dogs Release [Tech News Digest]

27th May, 2014

The #YesAllWomen hashtag, the LulzSec FBI informant, the release of Watch Dogs, VirusTotal Uploader on OS X, Oculus Rift gets a Second Life, Any.do on the Web, and kids react to old computers.


Surface Pro 3 Reviews, Happy Google Employees, Free Amazon Fire TVs [Tech News Digest]

26th May, 2014

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 reviews, an update on Apple buying Beats, Google keeps its employees happy, free Amazon Fire TVs, the PlayStation 4 in China, Google+ Stories, and an iPhone ringtones dance track.


What Is The Best Brand For Headphones? [MakeUseOf Poll]

25th May, 2014

There are no shortage of companies trying to convince us their headphones are the best in the world. But which brand of headphones is actually best?


Learn New Words With The Collins Twictionary [Weird & Wonderful Web]

25th May, 2014

New words are being invented all the time, both online and offline. The Internet is responsible. Let’s look at a collection of new words currently vying for inclusion in the next Collins English Dictionary.


Worthless USA Freedom Act, Facebook Privacy Defaults, Twitter Quest Attack [Tech News Digest]

23rd May, 2014

Watered-down USA Freedom Act, Facebook privacy defaults, a Chrome OS update, PlayStation 4 profits, the $99 HP 7 Plus, the death of Helium Publishing, and Quest Attack on Twitter.