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Dave Parrack is a freelance writer from Manchester, England, with an unhealthy level of interest in technology and pop culture. You can connect with him at About.me now.

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What Does The Future Hold For Virtual Currencies Such As Bitcoin? [You Told Us]

17th April, 2013

Bitcoin has been around for several years now, but with its price climbing to monumental highs over the past few weeks, there has been a will to explore what it is, how it’s created (or mined), and what the future may hold for this new virtual currency and others that could emerge in its wake.


Meta – 7 Awesome Subreddits All About Reddit

17th April, 2013

Reddit is rapidly becoming my favorite site on the Web. I’m a latecomer to its powers of seduction, being a veritable n00b compared to some of the other writers here at MakeUseOf. But I’m keen to explore Reddit, learning its subtleties and gaining new insights from subreddits aplenty as I do so. As it stands I consider Reddit to be one of the seven wonders of the Web, one of the pillars the whole community is based on and around.


Your First Day On Reddit… Fixed

11th April, 2013

Reddit is emerging as a true force on the Internet, which explains its inclusion in our list of wonders of the Web. It’s a source for news and interesting factoids, the instigator of many memes, the popularizing force of many viral videos, and an all-round entertaining place to hang out online. I thoroughly recommend it to everyone, though there will inevitably be some people who decide it isn’t for them.

What Does The Future Hold For Virtual Currencies Such As Bitcoin? [We Ask You]

11th April, 2013

Unless you’re either really lucky in life (and use cards everywhere you go) or really unlucky in life (and have no money to spend) then you will use cold, hard cash on a weekly basis. Money is usually a physical object, with coins and notes weighing down your pockets. But it isn’t always physical. Some currencies are virtual, existing in the digital realm but having no weight or substance. Bitcoin is one such virtual currency


Make ‘Em Laugh: 10 Original YouTube Comedy Channels

10th April, 2013

Life can be depressing at times. I don’t care who you are or how good your life is, there is always the chance that something or someone can knock you off your happy pedestal and bring you down for a while. That’s why we all need to laugh. Uproariously. On a daily basis. After all, laughter is the best medicine. With the possible exception of antibiotics. With this in mind we all need to seek out sources of laughter each and every day.

Do You Love Or Hate April Fools’ Day Online? [You Told Us]

10th April, 2013

With April 2013 rapidly passing by it already feels like April Fools’ Day was an age ago. Perhaps this is because the pranks pulled by tech companies were so lame that none are memorable enough to stick with us for more than a few days. Or perhaps I’m an aging misanthrope who needs to let his hair down once in a while. It’s possible. I guess. Real-world April Fools’ Day pranks seem to be lessening in popularity these days.


Build Spotify Music Playlists To Suit Your Mood With MixShape

10th April, 2013

I’m passionate about music. I couldn’t live without it, valuing the time spent listening to my favorite tunes. I primarily listen to music while I’m working, and I strongly recommend it to those who don’t have bosses breathing down their necks for 8 hours a day. Others listen to music while they’re working out, others still while they’re entertaining guests. That’s the thing about music; everybody has their own preferences.

Do You Love Or Hate April Fools’ Day Online? [We Ask You]

5th April, 2013

It’s now April, which means the one day of the year which celebrates jokers, pranksters, and trolls is over for another 12 months. I am of course referring to April Fools’ Day, an invented holiday that falls on April 1 each year. Some people love it, others hate it; there is very little middle ground. In the real world most people don’t bother playing tricks on people for April Fools’, a fact we should all be grateful for.


5 Web Resources For New Chromebook Owners

4th April, 2013

The Chromebook is a form factor that splits opinion, as we previously discovered when we asked you what you thought of the netbook-like devices from Google. However, the Chromebook isn’t going away anytime soon, with Google expanding the number of markets it’s selling Chromebooks in. What follows are Web resources that could prove invaluable to any Chromebook owner.


8 April Fools’ Day Pranks You May Have Missed

3rd April, 2013

April Fools’ Day is, depending on your individual point of view, either a pathetic waste of everyone’s time and energy that you try to avoid as much as possible or 24 hours of fun that marks a welcome break from the doom and gloom which dominates the rest of the year. The Web was once virtually free of April Fools’ Day pranks, but now it’s awash with them each time the calendar clicks over to the fourth month.

What Should Have Been Culled Instead Of Google Reader? [You Told Us]

3rd April, 2013

The company which has its many and varied tentacles wrapped tightly around all four corners of the Web recently announced the culling of Google Reader. This decision annoyed many people, some of whom immediately began looking around for alternative RSS readers. The chances of Google culling other services in the future are high, as the company has these spring cleans regularly.


7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Twitter

3rd April, 2013

Twitter has now been with us for seven years and counting. This was seven years to the day since Jack Dorsey sent out the first tweet in 2006, at a time when the micro-blogging social network was known simply as twttr. What follows are seven reasons why you should be using Twitter. Even if you have so far rejected the social network either out of ignorance or a lack of desire, I urge you to read on and at least consider giving it a go.


Watch The Best Short Films From Around The World On Vimeo

28th March, 2013

Vimeo is one of these YouTube alternatives. It’s a different beast from the Google-owned property, extolling the virtues of quality over quantity. Vimeo is the place where the cool cats — the innovative musicians, interesting documentarians, and offbeat filmmakers — reside. The videos are presented in a beautiful manner, making watching Vimeo a closer experience to watching broadcast television.

What Should Have Been Culled Instead Of Google Reader? [We Ask You]

28th March, 2013

The biggest technology news to break recently was undoubtedly the shutting down of Google Reader, with the search and advertising giant deciding it was no longer interested in providing an RSS application to the masses. The outcry from RSS enthusiasts was deafening, to the point that some of us wondered whether Google hadn’t actually declared […]


5 Awesome Meme Generators On The Web

27th March, 2013

Anyone who spends any serious amount of time on the Web will be aware of Internet memes. At least those who venture into the useless-yet-entertaining side streets the Web has to offer. Those who are unaware what an Internet meme is just need to look at the picture for an example. That’s Grumpy Cat, and those words are what I imagine he’s thinking right now.