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Dave Parrack is a freelance writer from Manchester, England, with an unhealthy level of interest in technology and pop culture. You can connect with him at About.me now.

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GTA V On Film: 10 Great Grand Theft Auto 5 Videos

10th October, 2013

We have compiled a list of 10 of the best GTA V videos released so far; all embedded below for your delectation.

Will You Be Buying Shares In Twitter? [We Ask You]

9th October, 2013

In the months that followed the Facebook IPO in 2012, the social network’s Initial Public Offering was widely considered a bit of a disaster. This view was justified in the short term, with an inflated valuation, delays in trading, and the price tanking for several months afterwards. But times have changed. At the time of […]

Obama Trolls iPhone Popcorn As Facebook & Twitter Wage Windows War [Weird & Wonderful Web]

8th October, 2013

The Web is a place full of content that is far too easy to miss. This column has one simple aim: to collect the best weird and wonderful content that appears on the Web.

Tony Stark For Next Microsoft CEO [We Ask You Results]

8th October, 2013

Steve Ballmer is on his way out at Microsoft. After 13 years as the leader of the Redmond corporation, he’s stepping down from the role that has made him a legend in his own time. Perhaps not legendary for his ability to lead Microsoft to new heights of popularity and prosperity, but legendary for his […]

Who Should Replace Steve Ballmer As Microsoft CEO? [We Ask You]

2nd October, 2013

Within the next 12 months Steve Ballmer is going to retire as CEO of Microsoft. Someone will have to try and fill Ballmer’s sizeable shoes and stage presence, but who will be taking over?

Ballmer Weeps As Minecraft Mario Clears Kanye’s GTA V Cookies [Weird & Wonderful Web]

1st October, 2013

In this edition of Weird & Wonderful Web, Steve Ballmer gets tearful and shouty, a Chinese guy discovers no nose is good nose, Mario gets lectured in a song, the British Isles get Minecrafted, and more.

Google, Bing, & DuckDuckGo Compete For Attention [We Ask You Results]

1st October, 2013

Search engines are an indispensable part of the online experience. Search engines formed the basis for last week’s We Ask You, and the results of that discussion follow here.

Tweets From History: 8 Twitter Feeds Revealing The Past

30th September, 2013

History tells us what went wrong, how bad things happened, and the timeline that led to world-changing events. You can read books, you can watch documentaries, or you can find it all on Twitter.

7 Game Of The Year Editions That Were Worth The Wait

30th September, 2013

Video games vary widely in terms of quality. Some titles are truly terrible, and some, on the other hand, are exceptionally brilliant, and deserve to be played by as many people as possible. These games generally receive critical acclaim across the board, and are heralded as Game Of The Year by at least one of […]

The 8 Best Rockstar Games Of All Time

27th September, 2013

Rockstar Games is more than just Grand Theft Auto, and its back catalog of titles deserves a closer look. What follows is a list of the best titles Rockstar Games has released so far.

Bookmark This: Us Vs Th3m Is The Best Website You’ve Never Heard Of

27th September, 2013

Us Vs Th3m is dedicated to both producing and sharing funny Web content. Everything posted to the site is meant to raise a laugh and be highly shareable on social networks.

Which Search Engine Do You Use, & Why? [We Ask You]

25th September, 2013

Search engines come in all shapes and sizes, with some indexing the whole Web, and others indexing a more niche collection of content. But it’s now time to discover your preferences.

Internet Valued More Than Alcohol, Caffeine, Random Body Parts [We Ask You Results]

24th September, 2013

The Internet ranks pretty highly on a make-believe list of life’s essentials. But how highly? We sought to find out in last week’s We Ask You column, and the results were illuminating.


5 Great Football (Soccer) Games for the Armchair Pro

23rd September, 2013

What follows is a list of five soccer games all armchair professionals would be well advised to take off the substitutes bench and give a run out as the lone striker at the tip of a diamond formation. And if that sentence made no sense then you may want to give the following a miss.

5 Tools To Create An Online Comic

19th September, 2013

Once the exclusive domain of geeks, comics are now very much a mainstream phenomenon. This means that anyone, and I mean anyone, can create a great comic if they have the will to do so.