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Dave Parrack is a freelance writer from Manchester, England, with an unhealthy level of interest in technology and pop culture. You can connect with him at About.me now.

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Microsoft Teases Windows 10 Release, The Pirate Bay Goes Offline [Tech News Digest]

2 weeks ago

Also, Amazon lets you haggle, Wikipedia blasts off into space, get SimCity 2000 for free, and discover Bill Gates’ best books of 2014.


Netflix Plans World Domination, Facebook Improves Search Options [Tech News Digest]

2 weeks ago

Also, President Obama learns to code, Google releases Android Studio 1.0, using copyrighted music on YouTube videos, and 3D-printing The Imperial March.


Zuckerberg Defends Free Facebook, Cortana On Windows 10, & More… [Tech News Digest]

2 weeks ago

Also, 12 days of Microsoft deals, Digital Einstein goes live, Uncharted 4 gameplay footage, 3D-printing a lightsaber, and breaking Track & Field records.


Have You Ever Used A Crowdfunding Website? [MakeUseOf Poll]

7th December, 2014

This week’s MakeUseOf Poll is all about your experiences of using crowdfunding websites, AKA giving your money to complete and utter strangers.


The Farce Awakens: 11 Parodies Of The New Star Wars VII Trailer [Weird & Wonderful Web]

7th December, 2014

Star Wars is back in a big, bad way, which gave Internet auteurs ample opportunity to create their own versions of the trailer for The Force Awakens.


Amazon Elements Is Ethical, Woz Debunks Apple Origin Myth, & More… [Tech News Digest]

5th December, 2014

Also, get three months of Spotify Premium for 99 cents, play Breakout on your Nintendo 3DS, and how Gangnam Style broke YouTube.


Google Comes For Your Children, Spotify Details Your Year In Music, & More…[Tech News Digest]

4th December, 2014

Also, Bing Pulse polls audiences, Google fixes CAPTCHAs, eBay opens Innovators Collective, and a Freaks & Geeks YouTube adventure.


What’s The Best Tech-Related Gift You Have Received? [We Ask You]

4th December, 2014

Surely everybody likes receiving gifts. Sadly, many of us don’t receive gifts very often, meaning those we do receive have extra meaning to them.


Twitter Fights Bullying, Indiegogo Insures Against Failure, & More… [Tech News Digest]

3rd December, 2014

Also, broadcast yourself on Steam, buy a new old ZX Spectrum, program the White House Christmas tree lights, and watch a documentary about Bob Pritikin.


15 Random Google Searches & What We Learned From Them

3rd December, 2014

We take Google and the other search engines for granted. That needs to stop. Here. And now.


FBI Warns Of Malware War, Track Santa With Google, & More… [Tech News Digest]

2nd December, 2014

Also, Microsoft Bings Clip Art, buy Girl Scout Cookies online, play Telltale’s new Game of Thrones game, and watch the unofficial Yeezus movie.


Sony Movies Leak Online, Traditional Taxis Are Dying, & More… [Tech News Digest]

1st December, 2014

Also, Sony’s e-paper watch, piracy in the UK, droning on about Chernobyl, and George Lucas ruins the new Star Wars VII teaser trailer.


What Bargain Did You Buy On Black Friday? [MakeUseOf Poll]

30th November, 2014

In this week’s MakeUseOf Poll, we want to know what, if anything, you bought on Black Friday 2014. The bigger the bargain, the better.


Test Your IQ With The Pew Internet Quiz [Weird & Wonderful Web]

30th November, 2014

You probably consider yourself something of a geek who knows all there is to know about technology and the Internet. But do you, really?


Stop Twitter Tracking Your Apps, GoPro Is Developing Drones, & More… [Tech News Digest]

27th November, 2014

Also, Obama signs the E-Label Act, 100 free music albums, get Torchlight for free, and a Keyboard Waffle Iron comes to Kickstarter.