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Dave Parrack is a freelance writer from Manchester, England, with an unhealthy level of interest in technology and pop culture. You can connect with him at About.me now.

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Facebook Flies Internet Drones, Stream Live with Periscope, & More… [Tech News Digest]

9 hours ago

Facebook drones on, Periscope usurps Meerkat, Microsoft Windows Apps, Clean Reader eBooks, distracted teenage drivers, and when Dragon Ball Z attacks.


What Are Your Favorite Google Chrome Extensions? [We Ask You]

19 hours ago

Google Chrome extensions offer users a simple and effective way to add new tools to their Internet experience. And, assuming you don’t overdo it, they do so without affecting performance.


Facebook Adds Apps to Messenger, Amazon Tests Robot Packers, & More… [Tech News Digest]

1 day ago

Facebook Messenger API, Amazon wants robots, Facebook video embeds, RadioShack sells everything, Halo Online in Russia, and when Apple Store employees go bad.


10 Intriguing Ideas to Help Apple Find Its Mojo

2 days ago

Apple has built its business by innovating, and it’s in danger of losing its reputation as being the company that goes where others fear to tread. Tim Cook and co. need fresh ideas.


Prepare for Apple Watch Hard Sell, Facebook Does Timehop, & More… [Tech News Digest]

2 days ago

Apple Watch fashionistas, Facebook On This Day, Google Pony Express, an online drum machine, Catstacam trumps Instagram, and an online relationship with a difference.


Google Glass Will Return, Woz Predicts The Singularity, and More… [Tech News Digest]

3 days ago

Google Glass will return, Woz warns humanity, Twitch gets hacked, Netflix has arrived down under, embedding Reddit comment threads, and Siri and Netflix clash.


Target Pays for Data Breach, PlayStation Vue Challenges Cable [Tech News Digest]

1 week ago

Target targets compensation, viewing PlayStation Vue, silencing Facebook, playing Chromecast tennis, using Netflix God Mode, and flying a speeder bike drone.


Apple Has Run Out Of Ideas: Can You Help? [We Ask You]

1 week ago

As much as Tim Cook and company are swimming about in pools of cash, there’s a distinct lack of fresh ideas coming out of Cupertino. Perhaps we can help this company in need.


Say Hello to Windows 10, Nintendo Embraces Smartphone Gaming [Tech News Digest]

1 week ago

Launching Windows 10, Nintendo goes mobile, reviewing Android apps, reporting Twitter harassment, paying friends through Facebook, and Pixels depicts video games invading Earth.


Your Favorite Icons: 14 Favicons That Stand Out From The Crowd

1 week ago

Once you start noticing favicons, you realize how much they differ. Most are boring, predictable, and instantly forgettable. But some are good enough to stand out from the crowd.


BlackBerry Releases New Tablet, YouTube Cards Kill Annotations [Tech News Digest]

1 week ago

The BlackBerry SecuTablet, YouTube scraps annotations, Sotheby’s comes to eBay, EA ditches Tiger, Street Viewing Brazilian islands, and President Obama reads mean tweets.


Cortana Coming to Android & iOS, Facebook Clarifies Community Guidelines [Tech News Digest]

2 weeks ago

Cortana crosses platforms, Facebook’s community standards, Yahoo’s password pact, 360-degree YouTube videos, Family Feud on Google, and a 1980s montage of Boston Dynamics robots.


Do You Think Apple Has Peaked? [MakeUseOf Poll]

2 weeks ago

People have been predicting the downfall of Apple for as long as there has been an outlet for such thoughts. And yet the Apple wagon keeps on rolling on.


Google Code Is Shutting Down, The BBC Gives Micro Bits To Kids [Tech News Digest]

13th March, 2015

Google Code closes, BBC gifts Micro Bits, Panda eats itself, Microsoft offers edX courses, Terry Pratchett dies, and an Apple engineer explains what went wrong with the new MacBook.


What Are Your Favorite Favicons? [We Ask You]

13th March, 2015

The majority of websites have a favicon, also known as a favorites icon, shortcut icon, or bookmark icon, but most of them are instantly forgettable.