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Dave LeClair (Twitter) is MakeUseOf's gaming editor. He loves games on console, PC, mobile, handheld, and any electronic device that is capable of playing them! For game review requests, shoot an email to the address below. Check out his podcast on Twitch.

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FuelLog: Track Your Cars Gas Mileage [Android]

14th December, 2012

One of the most expensive parts of owning a car is keeping it filled with fuel. Fuel prices are constantly on the rise, and a great way to combat the rising cost of fuel is to make sure to keep track and manage your fuel properly. Knowing exactly how much fuel your vehicle uses helps […]

2012-12-04 14.12.03

Real Racing 2 – The Most Authentic Racing Experience On A Mobile Device [iPhone]

13th December, 2012

Sometimes, a video game is able to blow you away with visuals. Generally speaking, I am not a gamer who gets too caught up in visuals. I am far more concerned with how the game plays than how it looks. However, every so often, a game offers visuals that are so impressive that it actually outshines the gameplay. Of course, a game needs to have fun mechanics in order to keep you coming back for more, but great visuals can most certainly draw you in.


Gmail Notifier: The Fastest Way To Check Your Gmail

12th December, 2012

For people who have multiple email accounts, managing them can be quite difficult. Sometimes the emails just get backed up, and often, the best way to keep on top of them is to check them immediately as they come in. The easiest way we have seen that accomplishes this task is by using Gmail Notifier. It makes […]


Sleep Pillow – The Best Way To Use Your Phone To Help You Sleep [iOS, Free For A Limited Time]

12th December, 2012

Sometimes, we have trouble getting to sleep. There are all kinds of reasons this can happen. For example, you could be really stressed and have a brain fully loaded with thoughts and problems that are keeping your mind from shutting down. Sometimes, you can’t even figure out a good reason why sleep is being difficult; all you know is you need to sleep, and you just can’t make it happen.


Twitter Mobile Apps Update With Photo Filters [Updates]

12th December, 2012

Very recently, Instagram pulled support for showing its photos directly in Twitter cards and Twitter seemed relatively quiet on the issue. It seemed as if Twitter did not care, and immediately after that happened, Twitter issued an update for its mobile applications that added photo filters that work in a very similar way to those of Instagram. This clearly explains why Twitter did not seem too concerned by Instagram pulling support; Twitter had its own Instagram competitor right on the horizon.


SoundGator: Download Lots Of Sound Effects For Your Projects

11th December, 2012

An important aspect of any video project is sound effects. They help take a video and bring it to another level. The more authentic the sound effects, the better the video will end up being. There are plenty of websites out there that provide sound effects, but many of them require the creator to pay […]


Instagram Pulls Support For Photos In Twitter Timeline [Updates]

11th December, 2012

Twitter and Instagram just cannot seem to get along. Suddenly users have found that their Instagram photos are no longer showing up on their Twitter timeline. Obviously, this has left users confused, as they had no idea if there was something wrong with their photos or there was some other reason why they had fallen off the map. It turns out, this was done on purpose by Instagram, as they disabled support for Twitter cards.

PhotoBeamer: An Easy Way To Share Photos With A Nokia Lumia Device

11th December, 2012

As mobile phone owners, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to share photos with friends or loved ones. Gone are the days of taking pictures to a local pharmacy to get them developed and then ordering duplicates to send to friends and family. Instead, we use apps and social media to share […]

3 Nintendo 3DS Games That Will Make A Splash In Early 2013 [MUO Gaming]

11th December, 2012

Nintendo recently released the Wii U, and that seems to be the hot item that gamers are talking about. However, Nintendo has another fairly new console sitting in the background that seems to be mostly forgotten. The Nintendo 3DS is quietly doing its thing, and it has some really good games ready to hit the market. While 2012 was not exactly a landmark year for the 3DS, Nintendo’s price drop kicked it in gear a little more.


Skype Shortcuts for Mac OSX

11th December, 2012

Skype is one of the most popular ways to communicate with friends and loved ones. One of the features people often miss out on is the handy keyboard shortcuts, simply because they cannot remember them all. Well, with our handy cheat sheet, you will be able to see all the useful shortcuts at a glance! […]

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BrushFX Is A Fun Way To Enhance Your Photos With All Kinds Of Brushes [iOS, Free For A Limited Time]

10th December, 2012

If there is one type of app that there is no shortage of on the App Store, it is photography apps. It seems like everyday a new photo app hits the market that does something cool. Of course, there are plenty of apps that leave much to be desired in terms of features. However, just because there are a lot of them, does not mean that there are not still apps worth checking out. BrushFX is a great example of a photography app that is worth playing with.

Karaoke Party 2

Vimium: Control Your Browser Entirely With Your Keyboard

9th December, 2012

Are you looking for a Chrome extension that makes browsing the web a faster, more efficient process? The fact is, we’ve all grown accustomed to using our mouse and keyboard in combination with each other, but taking your hands off the keyboard to reach for the mouse can actually slow you down. That’s where Vimium […]


Mouse Hunter: Scroll Inside Inactive Windows On Your Computer [Windows]

9th December, 2012

If you have a large monitor or even a dual-display set up, then you probably have lots of windows open at one time. Managing them all can be a pain, and constantly switching the window that is in focus can be a tremendous waste of time. Macs have the ability to scroll in an inactive window out […]


Trading Card Creator: Create Trading Cards To Help Kids Demonstrate Knowledge

8th December, 2012

Sometimes learning can be tedious for kids. Generally, children would rather do something fun instead of spending time reading and studying. The trick for educators is to find ways to make learning fun and exciting. Well a cool program called Trading Card Creator could be just what kids need. It allows them to create trading […]


2zip: Convert Compressed Files Into More Common Compression Types

8th December, 2012

Do you have some obscure compressed files that you want to share, but are afraid that friends will not know what to do with the files because they are not in a simple ZIP format? That can be a problem, but with 2zip, the problem is solved. It allows you to upload any compressed file […]