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Dave LeClair (Twitter) is MakeUseOf's gaming editor, who has a love for games on console, PC, mobile, handheld, and any electronic device that is capable of playing video games! For game review requests, shoot an email to the address below.

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iView: A jQuery Image Slider That Looks Great & Is Easy To Use

31st July, 2012

For any web developers out there looking for an easy to an implement image slider that looks great and is easy to set up, you should take a look at iView. It’s simple to set up, and it has lots of options for making a beautiful slider that suits your needs perfectly. Check out a sample […]

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

Droidicious: A Beautiful Delicious Bookmark Client [Android]

31st July, 2012

One of the most popular ways to keep track of bookmarks is with Delicious. It allows users to keep track of everything with a detailed list of tags. For someone who bookmarks many sites, Delicious is a lifesaver for finding things later on. Of course, many users want to take their bookmarks with them when […]


Yelp Launches Update For iOS And Web Applications [Updates]

28th July, 2012

Yelp, one of the most popular ways to find places to go in your area, has just launched huge updates for its iOS and Web Applications that add lots of fantastic new features. All three of the mobile apps have gained some key functionality. Even though Yelp is soon to be implemented directly into iOS, that did not stop them for taking their current suite of apps to another level.


Save Money On Travel, Learn About Space, Reddit Of The Week And More [Best Of Reddit]

28th July, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages; welcome to another fine edition of the Best of Reddit.. On the agenda for today, we have some outer space stuff, some travel advice from someone who has seen it all, a Reddit of the week and more. It is time to kick back, relax and get ready to be entertained by the best of the crazy stuff Reddit has to offer.


Facebook Launches A New Social Recommendation Plugin [Updates]

27th July, 2012

Facebook is launching a brand new version of the social recommendation pop-up box. This is the little box that pops out automatically when you reach the bottom of websites that have it implemented and suggests other interesting things to read. It is designed to engage readers in other articles that they may find interesting. The problem with the previous version is that most of the articles were not actually geared towards the individual, and so people did not end up clicking them.


Infinite Social Wall: Turn Your Social Feeds In A Pinterest-Like Feed On Your Site

27th July, 2012

Do you own a website? Are you looking for a way to display feeds in an elegant, beautiful way? If you use PHP and MySQL to mange your website, Infinite Social Wall is the perfect tool to make this happen. It allows you to create a stunning page that looks and functions beautifully. The design […]

Spectacle: Easily Organize Windows Without Using Your Mouse [Mac]

27th July, 2012

Do you use your Mac to work on multiple things at once? If you find yourself switching back and forth between multiple documents all the time, doing it manually can be a pain. You have to constantly switch back and forth or manually drag the windows so they fit comfortably on the screen. Or, you can simply install Spectacle […]


Windows Malware Found In iOS Application [Updates]

26th July, 2012

An iOS app called “Instaquotes Quotes Cards for Instagram” has been found to have a piece of Windows malware. However, it’s worth noting that many iOS users will never have a problem resulting from this because it has no effect on the iOS device itself. Also, users with a Mac will not notice any problems resulting from this piece of malicious code. Users who organize their apps on Windows can be affected by the worm embedded in the app.


4 Cydia Tweaks That Will Make Google Chrome On iOS The Best Browser Around [Cydia, iOS]

26th July, 2012

You were excited when Google Chrome launched on iOS. I was too; but then I remembered that you cannot simply make it your default browser, and this makes it tough for me as I actually want to use it. I think the browser offers an overall better browsing experience than Mobile Safari; it just needs a couple of small improvements to put it over the edge.

6 Great Free Games Based on Top TV Shows [MUO Gaming]

24th July, 2012

Everyone loves free games. Getting some good entertainment without opening the wallet is a good feeling. Whether you are trying to kill some downtime at work, or looking for something cool to do while hanging around the house, booting up a free game is always a good thing. Besides gaming, another thing I love is watching some television. What if there was some way to combine the two?


Scam Alert: My Total Profile Views Today Facebook App Spams Your Friends [Updates]

24th July, 2012

Another group of malicious people have started a new Facebook scam that will spam your poor unsuspecting friends with wall posts and constant annoyances. Chances are, you will stumble across this scam via a friend who themselves fell for it. You may see a wall post or message that “tells” you how many people viewed […]

2 fb news headlinenewstech

AttributeMagic Free: Modify File Properties In Windows

23rd July, 2012

Do you have some files that you need to change? Are you looking for the most efficient solution to make this happen? Well fear not, because AttributeMagic Free is a lightweight program that is designed for you to modify all kinds of file properties in one place. AttributeMagic allows you to change all kinds of properties of […]


90′s TV Stars, US Phone Carriers Sucking, PC Gaming Growing And More [Best Of Reddit]

21st July, 2012

This is the weekly column where we look at some of the coolest shenanigans taking place on Reddit and share them with all of you. This week we have an IAmA with a 90′s Nickelodeon star, a person who had a weird kind of relationship, some code cracking, the Reddit of the week and more juicy bits of goodness. So sit back and get ready for the Best of Reddit.

SynciOS: Alternative Transfer Solution Between iOS Devices & PC

20th July, 2012

Are you looking for an alternative to iTunes for copying all kinds of files to your iOS device? If you want another way to copy apps, music, eBooks and more to your device without iTunes, SynciOS is an awesome option. It is packed full of features designed to make managing your device as simple as […]


MindMaple: Make A Mind Map & Get Organized

20th July, 2012

Do you find that you have so many tasks that you get overwhelmed? We’ve all been there. As a writer with a slew of projects, I know I can have a hard time remembering what is due when. MindMaple is a program designed to help you manage all those difficult tasks in the most efficient […]