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Dave LeClair (Twitter) is MakeUseOf's gaming editor, who has a love for games on console, PC, mobile, handheld, and any electronic device that is capable of playing video games! For game review requests, shoot an email to the address below.

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BootRacer: Measure How Long Windows Takes To Boot Up

11th October, 2012

Are you curious how long your PC is taking to boot up? A slow boot speed can be annoying, and a fast boot speed is something we kind of take for granted. The Windows app called BootRacer is designed to bring boot speed to the forefront by telling users exactly how long their computer took […]

StifleStand: Hide The iOS Newsstand App Inside A Folder [iPhone & Mac]

11th October, 2012

There used to be a trick for iOS devices that allowed you to hide the Newsstand app in a folder as long as you had quick enough fingers. Sadly, Apple fixed the bug that allowed you to pull off that little trick, and it looked like we were going to be stuck with empty Newsstands […]


New eBay Feed Showcases Products In Pinterest-Like Style [Updates]

11th October, 2012

Auction-based eBay has recently revamped its site with a new page that looks an awful lot like popular social networking site Pinterest. This new feed is designed to showcase products that eBay thinks a user will be interested in purchasing. Data from previous purchases and search history is used by eBay to learn about the kinds of things a user likes, and then it crafts a page that shows off products in a way that is more stylish than we are used to.


Flixter – The Must-Have iPhone App For Movie Lovers [iOS]

11th October, 2012

There are hundreds of applications out there for movie lovers on iPhone. Some of them are fantastic, and some leave much to be desired. For me, a movie app needs to have a few key features or I will quickly move on to something better. It needs to give me movie reviews, showtimes, trailers, and DVD releases. If an app does these things well I will be interested. If it performs these functions, along with some other awesome stuff, then I will be really impressed.


Google TV Gains Access To Google Play Music, Movies, And TV Shows [Updates]

10th October, 2012

Google’s efforts to take over every form of media and entertainment have taken another big step forward with the announcement that Google Play movies, TV shows, and music will be available on Google TV. This brings the service to yet another level of usability.

Always Clear Download: Clear Completed Downloads Automatically [Chrome]

10th October, 2012

Google Chrome’s download bar hangs around until a user manually closes it or closes the browser altogether. For some users, this comes in handy because it allows them to open downloads quickly without having to go to the downloads page in Chrome or open the folder where their downloads go when finished. For some it […]


Twist: Let Your Family & Friends Know When You Will Arrive [iOS]

10th October, 2012

Are you looking for an easy to way to let family, friends, and colleagues know when you will be meeting them? Twist is a cool iPhone application that automatically alerts people of your estimated time of arrival, so they will know exactly when you will show up at your destination. No longer will friends be waiting for […]


BBC Launches iPlayer Radio For iOS Devices And Soon For Android [Updates]

9th October, 2012

Fans of BBC Radio can take their music with them wherever they go with the launch of their new iPlayer Radio app. Users can listen to all of their favorite BBC Radio stations on their iOS devices with the launch of this brand new application. Apparently, BBC has been working on releasing this mobile radio application for over a year.

4 Reasons Why Mists Of Pandaria Makes WOW Worth Going Back To [MUO Gaming]

9th October, 2012

The latest World of Warcraft expansion has been on the market for a couple weeks, and I have been able to spend far too many hours playing it. I started playing WOW again a few months ago, before I even knew that Mists of Pandaria existed, and I could not be happier with my decision. There is so much to do in WOW, and this new expansion makes it all even better.

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ezNetScan: Scan Wireless Networks, Display Connected Devices & More [Android]

7th October, 2012

For network administrators, or anyone looking for an easy way to find out more details about a wireless network, ezNetScan is the perfect Android app for you. It is packed with features that help you find out all kinds of valuable information about your current WiFi network. It is simple enough to use, and offers […]


SmugMug Rolls Out An iPad Version Of Its Popular App Camera Awesome [Updates]

7th October, 2012

Camera Awesome, which has over seven million downloads of its iPhone application, is following in the footsteps of Camera+ by releasing an iPad version of their photography application. The key difference between Camera Awesome and Camera+ is the emphasis on taking pictures. Camera+ does allow you to take photos, but its main emphasis is on editing pictures already taken.


New Facebook Hoax Spreading Like Wildfire [Updates]

6th October, 2012

There is a new hoax making its way around Facebook, and there is a good chance you have already seen it. The post implores Facebook users to repost it by midnight to avoid Facebook’s new monthly charge. According to the post, Facebook has implemented a new, three-tier pricing structure that will go into effect tomorrow (the date is not relevant, it says tomorrow no matter when it’s posted). The proposed prices range from $9.99 a month for gold to $3.99 a month for bronze. The post makes no mention of what features users supposedly get for these tiers.


Have You Checked Out The Official Twitter iPhone App Recently? [iOS]

6th October, 2012

Twitter is huge. You cannot watch a commercial or Presidential debate without someone mentioning Twitter. Of course, Twitter is built into iOS and it seems like almost anything you do on the device can be tweeted to the world. Of course, with all that extra stuff in the Twitter universe, there is still the Twitter app. All too often the official Twitter app is lost in a sea of third-party tweeting solutions.

MyPrice: Helps Freelancers Decide How Much To Charge For Their Services [iOS]

5th October, 2012

If you are a freelance worker, than you will know that determining a fair price can be a real challenge. You do not want to be underpaid for your time, but you also don’t want to charge so much that you are no longer competitive with other members of your field. The iOS app MyPrice […]


Wisuki: Keep Track Of The Surfing Conditions Anywhere

5th October, 2012

If you are a surfer, than you know how devastating it can be to show up to your favorite spot only to find the conditions less than favorable. This can put a real damper on your day. If you want to be able to keep track of the surfing conditions in your area, Wisuki is […]