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Dave LeClair (Twitter) is MakeUseOf's gaming editor. He loves games on console, PC, mobile, handheld, and any electronic device that is capable of playing them! For game review requests, shoot an email to the address below. Check out his podcast on Twitch.

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iMovie Keyboard Shortcuts

31st December, 2012

iMovie is an awesome program for performing simple video editing functions on Mac OSX. It may not be as advanced as a program like Final Cut Pro, but it does have the same massive amount of keyboard shortcuts. Remembering keyboard shortcuts can be very difficult, but don’t worry, because our cheat sheet has all the […]


QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows)

31st December, 2012

QuickBooks is a fantastic programs for keeping track of finances. While it looks like a complicated program at first, knowing the right keyboard shortcuts can make using it much easier. That’s exactly why we made this cheat sheet featuring QuickBooks keyboard shortcuts. With this cheat sheet, you will have the shortcuts you need close at […]


QuickTime Shortcuts for Mac OSX

30th December, 2012

For Mac users, QuickTime is a program they are comfortable using. However, even with the relative familiarity, it can be difficult for most users to remember all of the different QuickTime keyboard shortcuts that come along with the program. Fear not, because our cheat sheet featuring QuickTime shortcuts will make it easy for you to […]


Evernote Food Adds Awesome New Features And Full iPad Support [Updates]

29th December, 2012

Evernote Food has recently received a huge update that adds full support for iPad, as well as all kinds of new features that make it more useful for foodies everywhere. The iPad version of the app offers a completely different interface to the iPhone and iPod touch versions, designed to take full advantage of the extra screen real estate of the device.

jitouch 2: Add Lots More Gestures To MacBook & Magic Mouse

29th December, 2012

One of the coolest features of the Apple Magic Mouse and the trackpad is the use of gestures. You can accomplish all kinds of things without taking your hand off the mouse or trackpad, which streamlines your computing options and makes your day to day life go much smoother and more efficient. While Apple offers […]

Weavly: Remix YouTube Videos, Loopcam GIFs, And SoundCloud Tracks

29th December, 2012

Are you looking for a fun way to make some cool video clips by mixing together YouTube videos, Loopcam animated GIFs and music from SoundCloud? With these three services, you can mix together some really cool stuff and make your own fun projects without much work involved. Of course, finding a way to get all […]


qsnipps: Store Snippets Of Code For Later Use

29th December, 2012

When programming, there will be plenty of pieces of code that you will need to return to time and time again. Getting back to these can involve typing them over and over, or copying them to your clipboard. Neither of these are the greatest option, especially if there exists multiple snippets that you will need […]


The Creeps Is A Tower Defense Game With Some Awesome Twists [iOS]

29th December, 2012

The Creeps is a great example of a free tower defense game that is really good. It features the standard tower defense gameplay that you expect, but it does it in a fun package. If you still love sitting down and taking part in some good old-fashioned tower defense gameplay, then you will love The Creeps, especially when you consider that you can get the core game without spending a dime.


InstaWeather Pro Allows You To Merge Weather With Instagram Photos [iOS, Free For A Limited Time]

28th December, 2012

Instagram is one of the most popular ways to share photos with friends. It takes the complicated process of editing and customizing photos and scales it back so that even amateurs can make some really cool looking images. In addition to the filters and core functionality of Instagram, there are some cool third party applications that allow you to do even more with the photo sharing service.


Google Extends Free Calling For Gmail Users Through 2013 [Updates]

28th December, 2012

Gmail users will be able to use the Google Voice service to make free domestic voice calls for another year, as Google has just announced that is extending the use of the service through all of 2013. Of course, this only applies for users in the US and Canada, but it’s an awesome feature nonetheless, and one that users should most certainly take advantage of.


Thumbr.it: Web-Based Image Editor With An API For Developers

26th December, 2012

Are you looking to implement a Instagram-like photo editor into your website? The fact is, there are not many places out there to make this happen. Well, Thumbr.it is a website that offers all kinds of filters that can be applied to images, and the free API makes it so you can simply copy the […]


Openera: Put Your Email And Cloud Files In One Place

25th December, 2012

Do you get a lot of files sent to you though email? Do you store a ton of files in the cloud? Depending on what you do for work, this may be a common practice, and many of those spreadsheets, documents, and presentations could be very important. Sometimes it can be difficult to remember where […]

Video Games That Converted Me From Casual Gamer To Hardcore Addict [MUO Gaming]

25th December, 2012

Throughout the life of a gamer, there are certain games that make us cross over from the realm of casual gaming to being a hardcore gamer. If you look back at your gaming life, you can probably remember what the first games were that you kept coming back to. Those were the games that you did not just pop in to play casually. Instead, these games kept you coming back for hours.


Google Chrome – A Fantastic Replacement For Mobile Safari [iOS]

22nd December, 2012

Do you use Chrome on your computer to browse the web? A lot of people do, as it is one of the most popular web browsers out there. It runs fast, and it offers a user-interface that many people feel comfortable with. The Chrome Webstore is filled with some fantastic extensions that help make the browser even better. I myself am an avid Chrome user on my PC and Mac, but I take my love of Google Chrome to another level.


Don’t Miss Your Diet And Exercise Goals Again With My Personal Trainer [iOS, Free For A Limited Time]

21st December, 2012

Well don’t worry, there is an app that makes it easier for you to stay motivated and reminded. The app, called My Personal Trainer, will remind you to stick with your food and exercise goals so you never miss a workout again. Consistency is key when starting an exercise program, and this app helps you make sure to stick with your plan so you can start seeing more results faster.