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Dave LeClair (Twitter) is MakeUseOf's gaming editor, who has a love for games on console, PC, mobile, handheld, and any electronic device that is capable of playing video games! For game review requests, shoot an email to the address below.

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Facebook Adds Emoticons To Comments [Updates]

16th October, 2012

Facebook has just rolled a new feature that allows users to fill their friends’ Facebook pages with emoticons. Well, maybe not the whole page, as that would be rather annoying, but you can leave a comment filled with all kinds of Facebook emotional goodness. Facebook has had emoticons available in the chat client for some time, and now you can brighten someone’s day (or annoy them to death, depending on their personality type) by leaving lots of emoticon comments too.


Jetstrap: Build A Twitter Bootstrap Website Easily

15th October, 2012

Depending on your needs, building a website can be one of the easiest or most difficult things to do. You can throw together a Blogger in five minutes, or you can spend months meticulously coding every aspect of a site. With Jetstrap, you can build a beautiful information page about nearly anything, and you can […]


ClassBadges: A Tool For Teachers To Reward Students With Fun Badges

15th October, 2012

Students can be difficult to motivate. Often times, they have other things on their minds besides doing all of their school work. Teachers need a fun way to keep their students motivated, and a program like ClassBadges might be just what the doctor ordered. It allows teachers to award students will all kinds of badges that they […]


Anvil: Menubar App For Managing Local Sites (Mac)

14th October, 2012

Web developers are always looking for ways to make the process of development a little more efficient. After all, the process of web development can be time consuming, and anything that can save a little time is welcomed. The .DEV extension is designed as a way to make it easier for web developers to launch local […]

AirPort Utility: Manage Your Wi-Fi Network & AirPort Base Stations (iOS)

14th October, 2012

Apple’s AirPort Utility app is one of the many official Apple applications on the App Store, but it is the one that no one seems to notice. We are all familiar with Pages, Podcasts, and iBooks, but AirPort Utility is the app that no one seems to mention. I would be willing to bet that […]


YouTube Search Results Now Ranked By Time Watched [Updates]

13th October, 2012

YouTube has always ranked search results by popularity. If a video gets clicked by a ton of users, it will appear higher in search results for others. In many ways, this makes sense. Chances are great that if everyone else clicked on the video, it’s probably what you are looking for. However, what if the video is a piece of junk with a clever title? Tons of people might click on it and exit immediately. That is why Google-owned YouTube is now prioritizing search results by time watched instead of just how many clicks it gets.


The Video Tools & Tips

13th October, 2012

Are you stumped by the world of downloading and playing your favorite videos? Our cheat sheet has covers everything you need to know from format compatibility to video convertors. If this cheat sheet helped you become a video expert, please, take a second and share it with your friends!


Twindocs: Store & Access Important Files Anywhere

13th October, 2012

There are plenty of ways to store your favorite files in the cloud. It seems like there are literally hundreds of gigs of cloud storage available to everyone. Twindocs is a cloud storage solution with some cool tricks up its sleeve that make it worth a look, especially if you are using it to store […]


ForecastFox Is An Awesome Extension For Getting Weather Forecasts [Chrome]

13th October, 2012

Today we have all kinds of apps and extensions to make checking the weather even easier. Among them is a Chrome extension called ForecastFox. It offers all the features weather seekers could want, and it does it in a tiny package with a slick user interface. I was thoroughly impressed with this extension, and I plan to keep it installed as my number 1 weather extension.


SwiftPreview: Preview Links On Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Google+ & More

13th October, 2012

Are you looking for a way to see a quick preview of websites before clicking links to them? If so, you need to check out SwiftPreview, which allows you to see exactly what an article or webpage looks like before you click it. This is especially helpful for links on social networks like Twitter, where everyone shortens links, […]


Mozilla Pulls Firefox 16 And Recommends Users Downgrade To Version 15 [Updates]

11th October, 2012

Firefox 16 just hit the market a couple of days ago, and Mozilla has been forced to pull down the latest version due to a vulnerability. This security threat not only caused Mozilla to take down the latest version, but they are actually encouraging users who have already upgraded to download Firefox 15 and install it on their computer until further notice.

BootRacer: Measure How Long Windows Takes To Boot Up

11th October, 2012

Are you curious how long your PC is taking to boot up? A slow boot speed can be annoying, and a fast boot speed is something we kind of take for granted. The Windows app called BootRacer is designed to bring boot speed to the forefront by telling users exactly how long their computer took […]

StifleStand: Hide The iOS Newsstand App Inside A Folder [iPhone & Mac]

11th October, 2012

There used to be a trick for iOS devices that allowed you to hide the Newsstand app in a folder as long as you had quick enough fingers. Sadly, Apple fixed the bug that allowed you to pull off that little trick, and it looked like we were going to be stuck with empty Newsstands […]


New eBay Feed Showcases Products In Pinterest-Like Style [Updates]

11th October, 2012

Auction-based eBay has recently revamped its site with a new page that looks an awful lot like popular social networking site Pinterest. This new feed is designed to showcase products that eBay thinks a user will be interested in purchasing. Data from previous purchases and search history is used by eBay to learn about the kinds of things a user likes, and then it crafts a page that shows off products in a way that is more stylish than we are used to.


Flixter – The Must-Have iPhone App For Movie Lovers [iOS]

11th October, 2012

There are hundreds of applications out there for movie lovers on iPhone. Some of them are fantastic, and some leave much to be desired. For me, a movie app needs to have a few key features or I will quickly move on to something better. It needs to give me movie reviews, showtimes, trailers, and DVD releases. If an app does these things well I will be interested. If it performs these functions, along with some other awesome stuff, then I will be really impressed.