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NES Games That Retailers Chronically Overcharge For [MUO Gaming]

13th November, 2012

Recently, I wrote an article about NES games that sell for insane prices. Games like Stadium Events can easily sell for thousands of dollars. That’s all well and good, but there are some classic NES games that are really popular that constantly sell for more than their value. You can walk into any retro video game retailer and see these games selling for far too much. Games that are really popular today were also really popular when the NES launched.


BookReader: Read DRM-Free EPUB Books On Windows 8

13th November, 2012

Windows 8 is here, and with it, all kinds of apps are coming along that support the exciting new features of the new version of the OS. A really cool one is BookReader, which allows you to read all kinds of DRM-free EPUB books in a way that takes advantage of some of the cool […]


Printer Pro – The Easiest Way To Print From Your iPhone, Even With A Wired Printer [iOS, Free For A Limited Time]

12th November, 2012

Printing from your iPhone can save you a lot of time. Instead of having to manually copy files from your iPhone to your computer and then print them, printing from your phone makes everything a whole lot easier and quicker. Of course, in order for this to happen, you need a Wi-Fi enabled printer – or do you? With the app called Printer Pro you can print to any printer, not just one that is connected to Wi-Fi.


Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

12th November, 2012

Windows has always had some awesome keyboard shortcuts designed to make our lives easier. Well, with Windows 8, they’ve added some awesome new shortcuts, but this will take Windows users a little while to get used to, and that’s where our new Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet comes in. This cheat sheet has all […]


Toast: Create a Birthday Or Holiday Gift Wishlist [iOS]

12th November, 2012

I know they say that when it comes to receiving gifts, it’s the thought that counts. That being said, wouldn’t you rather that the thought and the quality of the gift count? Well, if your friends and loved ones consistently seem to get you gifts for which you have no use, the iPhone app Toast could be […]


Park Me Right: Never Forget Where You Parked Your Car Again [Android]

10th November, 2012

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you can’t find your parked car? It happens sometimes, and it can be a real annoyance. You find yourself wandering around aimlessly, pressing your keyless entry remote’s buttons hoping your car will beep and tell you where it is. Well, with Park Me Right, that will […]


Activator Is The Most Important Jailbreak Tweak Available [Cydia]

10th November, 2012

There is one tweak that is the unsung hero of Cydia. Activator is the backbone of so many Cydia tweaks because it allows for gesture-based controls of almost anything. It can launch apps and do almost whatever you can imagine. It sits in the background on your iOS device and offers a slew of options. It may not receive the praise of some other tweaks like MyWi, Dreamboard, Winterboard, and others, but without Activator, many other tweaks would not be able to work.


Workout Randomizer Brings You Random Total-Body Workouts With No Equipment Needed [iOS, Free For A Limited Time]

9th November, 2012

One of the most important ways to stay healthy is with a good workout. It keeps your body active and makes you feel great – once you get through the pain and suffering of the actual workout, of course. Getting motivated when your workouts are boring can be difficult. It can feel like you keep doing the same thing over again because you know it works, but that’s really no fun. Working out everyday to the same few routines can be a real bother.


Angry Birds Star Wars Released On Almost Every Platform Under The Sun [Updates]

9th November, 2012

The kings of mobile gaming are at it again, and this time they are bringing the world-famous Angry Birds to the worlds most beloved science fiction franchise. That’s right, Angry Birds Star Wars is available now. Best of all, Rovio is releasing the game on almost every platform you could imagine, so it’s almost a certainty that you will have a device that is capable of playing the new game.


Radio List: Record & Listen To Online Radio

9th November, 2012

One of the coolest things about the Internet is the multitude of ways to consume your favorite media. A cool thing you can do with the Internet is listen to radio. No longer do you need to be in the car or sitting around with a tiny boombox to listen to radio. The problem with […]


Draw & Daub Free: Easy To Use Drawing Application [iOS]

9th November, 2012

One of the coolest things touchscreens brought to cell phones is the ability to draw on the phone and create your own masterpieces without paper and paint making a mess. Draw and Daub Free is a great app for creating your next masterpiece on iOS. It’s not designed to be the most advanced drawing application on the […]


Airbnb And New York City Help People Displaced By Hurricane Sandy Find Shelter [Updates]

8th November, 2012

It’s been a little while since superstorm Sandy ripped its way through the east coast of the United States, and unfortunately, people out there are still suffering. Popular bed and breakfast finder Airbnb is teaming up with New York City and Mayor Bloomberg to help people displaced by Hurricane Sandy find a warm place to sleep. It’s good to see a company like Airbnb giving back to the community during a time of need, and it’s even better to see the number of people who are willing to loan their property to help suffering individuals.


MyWi: The Best Way To Tether With An iOS Device [iOS, Cydia]

8th November, 2012

Many cell phone carriers offer the ability to tether, but some don’t, and many of the ones that do charge insane amounts per month. Sharing your Internet connection with another device is incredibly useful and can be a real lifesaver if you need to get some work done and you happen to find yourself somewhere without a Wi-Fi connection. If your carrier does not offer tethering, and your iPhone is jailbroken, there is a way to get tethering without a monthly charge.


Pixntell Allows You To Tell An Audio And Visual Story [iOS, Free For A Limited Time]

7th November, 2012

There are a slew of applications on iOS that allow you to share photos with friends and loved ones. In order for me to stand up and take notice of a photo sharing app, it has to have something that makes it special. It needs to do more than simply upload photos to a social network or apply some simple filters that make a photo look rustic. I want to see an app that actually does something cool with my photos. With Pixntell, you get an app that actually brings something new to the table.


Facebook Launches Version 5.1 Of iOS App With Camera, Messenger And Gift Goodies [Updates]

7th November, 2012

Facebook has just rolled out a big update to its iOS app that brings some slick new features. The first new feature comes in the form of Facebook Messenger, which essentially integrates features from the standalone app into the main app. Users can swipe left at any time to see a complete list of all their friends online. The update also lets users add certain friends to the favorite bar for quick chatting access.