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Dave LeClair (Twitter) is MakeUseOf's gaming editor. He loves games on console, PC, mobile, handheld, and any electronic device that is capable of playing them! For game review requests, shoot an email to the address below. Check out his podcast on Twitch.

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TiffanyScreens: Easy To Use, Cross-Platform Screen Sharing [Mac, Windows, Linux]

28th January, 2013

Generally, when you want to share your screen with someone, you might turn to a projector or remote desktop application. Many of the solutions for sharing a screen are cumbersome and not the easiest thing in the world to get up and running. Whether you are connecting cables or running complicated software, the process just […]


AppDisco: Create Your Own App Store Tailored To Your Wants [Android]

28th January, 2013

A big trend on Google Play is apps that make it easier to find other apps. Just like iOS, the marketplace is incredibly cluttered with all kinds of apps that may or may not be of interest to you. These types of apps help you narrow down the massive amount of choices and find the exact ones […]


Clean Master: Clean Your Phone & Make It Run Faster [Android 1.6 & Up]

26th January, 2013

Are you looking for a way to make your Android device run a little faster? Sometimes smartphones can become filled up with junk, and that can have a really negative impact on the way your phone runs. Thankfully, there are applications available on Google Play that are designed to help you clean up your phone […]


Flow Free – A Game That Gets The Brain Juices Flowing [iOS]

26th January, 2013

Games are designed to be fun. No matter what other motivations you have when you sit down and play a game, the number one motivator is always going to be having fun. Of course, while fun might be the primary motivator, there are some other reasons to boot up a game as well. Maybe you just want to kill time. Perhaps you are looking to be told an interesting story. Maybe you want to see a world you would otherwise never experience.


Thumb: Get Opinions From Real People In Minutes [iOS]

25th January, 2013

Do you have something on which you want to get the opinion of others? Polling members of a community can be really helpful for figuring out what the right choice is. Maybe you are having an argument with your friends about something that is more of an opinion than fact? In that case, Wikipedia cannot […]


Game Your Video Is An Awesome Video Editor On Your Cell Phone [iOS, Paid Apps Free]

25th January, 2013

Game Your Video is an iOS video editor worth messing with. It is packed with all kinds of awesome features, and it’s incredibly easy to use. We all know there are plenty of ways to edit photos directly from your iOS device, but if you want one of the few good ways to edit videos, Game Your Video might be the perfect app for you.


Twitter Launches Vine – A Service For Sharing Short Videos [Updates]

25th January, 2013

Twitter has launched a video service in the form of a cool new app called Vine. For the time being, using Vine to create videos is only available with the Vine iOS app, but Twitter has made it clear that Vine will be coming to other platforms soon. Videos created with Vine must be under six seconds long.


FBI & White Collar TV Show Team Up With Internet Users To Solve Real Crimes [Updates]

24th January, 2013

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is teaming up with the hit television show White Collar to try to solve real-world crimes. The FBI and USA Network (the channel on which White Collar airs) created the aptly named “Real Life White Collar Crimes” to let viewers of the show contribute to solving crimes and recovering missing items.


Currency – An Easy Way To Get Money Conversions On The Go [iOS]

24th January, 2013

When you are on the go, one of the most important pieces of information to have is currency conversions. After all, you need to know how far your money will go where you are. Are you getting a positive conversion or a negative one? How much of a hit will you take and will you need to bring more money to compensate for the conversion? Thankfully, the aptly named iPhone app Currency has all the conversions you need in one place.


Use Data Master To Keep Track Of Your iPhone’s Data Usage [iOS, Free For A Limited Time]

23rd January, 2013

In the United States, there was a time not long ago when everyone with an iPhone had unlimited data. It was actually a requirement with AT&T. If you wanted to walk into an AT&T store and walk out with an iPhone, you had no choice. Now, most cellular carriers in the US are not even offering unlimited data, and for those grandfathered in, the carriers are even working on ways to remove the unlimited data you already have.

The Most Overpriced Products In Video Game History [MUO Gaming]

22nd January, 2013

I think at this point, all gamers have accepted that playing and buying video games is an expensive hobby. Between the cost of games, consoles, and accessories, it’s easy for a gamer to drop a large portion of their income on gaming. This is to be expected, as we are involved in a hobby that often uses the latest and greatest technology, which is bound to cost a pretty penny. In some cases, the cost of being a gamer gets a little crazy.


Facebook Improves Photo Speed And Adds New Features To Its Android App [Updates]

22nd January, 2013

Facebook is still working hard to bring its Android application up to par with its iOS apps. The social media giant just launched a new update that brings some cool new features to its Android app in addition to bringing a huge fix and improvement to a key portion of the app.


PicZoom Allows You To Make Fun Pictures With A Zoomed Emphasis [iOS, Free For A Limited Time]

21st January, 2013

One of my favorite memes online is the old “Soon” pictures. These are the ones where it zooms in on a person in the background making a devious face in the photo. They took Reddit and other places where memes run the show by storm, and these photos are always good for a laugh. The subject doesn’t always have to be in the background, but in my opinion, the “soon” memes that zoom are by far the funniest.


eyeReport: Record Video Using The Front And Rear Camera [iOS]

21st January, 2013

Having a front and rear camera on your phone is a great thing. It allows you to take photos of yourself and use video chat to keep up with your friends. A cool use that I personally never thought of was recording from the rear camera and then overlaying content from the front on top […]


Scrambls: Encode Communications On Anything With A Box To Type In [Chrome]

20th January, 2013

Are you looking for a way to control of your communications on Facebook and forms of social media? Are you looking to take control of who can see your messages? Maybe you only want to encrypt part of your message for certain people and let everyone see the other part of it. Well Scrambls is an easy to […]