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Dave LeClair (Twitter) is MakeUseOf's gaming editor. He loves games on console, PC, mobile, handheld, and any electronic device that is capable of playing them! For game review requests, shoot an email to the address below. Check out his podcast on Twitch.

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Tables Test: Practice Multiplication Tables With A Fun Game

15th February, 2013

One thing most student can probably remember is just how tedious it is learning the multiplication tables. In addition and subtracting, where you can simply learn the technique and solve almost any problem placed in front of you. With multiplication you need to memorize the answers for each problem, or you will have to sit […]


Foursquare Updates Android App With New Emphasis On Discovery [Updates]

14th February, 2013

Foursquare claims that it is seeing an increase in Android users relying on the application to find places to go, and as such, the company has really focused on making it easier for Android users to find what they are looking for and get there as quickly as possible.


FreebookSifter: Find Free Kindle Books With Ease

14th February, 2013

It’s no secret that Amazon has a ton of free books available for its Kindle device. In fact, there are tens of thousands of these free books available to download on the service. That being said, finding them is not as easy as it could be, as you will end up having to sift through […]

Mario Gets Around – 4 Best Mario Spinoff Franchises [MUO Gaming]

14th February, 2013

Besides the platformers that Mario is known for, there are a ton of spinoffs that feature the famous plumber’s name and face attached to them. Almost all of the franchises with Mario’s name are of an incredibly high quality, so picking the best is no simple task. However, I have a great deal of experience playing all of them, so I am going to really think hard and choose the Mario spinoffs that are the top of the heap.


The 4 Most Important Websites For Classic Video Game Collectors [MUO Gaming]

12th February, 2013

Collecting video games is hard work. Sure, you can go on eBay and just buy up everything you want, but if you do, you will be paying full market value or more for every game and console you purchase. This is not the smartest way to collect, as you will be spending much more money than you need to. Instead, the best way to collect is to use your local resources such as pawn shops, flea markets, Craigslist, and if you’re really lucky, Freecycle.


CBS Show ‘Under The Dome’ To Stream On Amazon 4 Days After Live Airing [Updates]

12th February, 2013

The new CBS drama based on Stephen King’s best-seller ‘Under The Dome’ is set to stream on Amazon to Prime members just four days after it airs on CBS. Amazon is shaking things up with this deal for the new show, which has the potential to be a huge hit.


iPrint: Save Printing Costs By Changing The Way You Print

11th February, 2013

If you still print a lot of stuff, you can probably relate to just how expensive the whole process is. You have ink, toner, paper, and all the other expenses that go into printing. Having a chunk of content take up an entire page might not be the most efficient way to get things done. […]


Swapps!: A New Way Of Launching Android Apps [Android 2.3+]

10th February, 2013

Are you sick of the default method of launching and finding your apps on your Android device? On most versions of the mobile operating system the app switching methods are serviceable, but there is always room for improvement. If you are looking for a way to make the process of launching your favorite apps quicker, […]

GetGlue 300x300

GetGlue Launches Huge Update For Its iOS Application [Updates]

10th February, 2013

Popular social sharing application GetGlue has a new version available on the App Store that brings with it some great new features that should be of interest to die-hard users of the app. With this new update, users get a personalized TV guide for TV shows, movies and sports.


Screenhero: Collaborative Screen Sharing Made Easy [Mac]

10th February, 2013

There is a ton of software out there that allows users to share the content of their screen with others. Remote desktops used to be really impressive technology, but at this point, they have become commonplace. However, that does not mean that there is not room for one that does something really special, and Screenhero […]

WeatherBug Logo

WeatherBug – Still One Of The Best Weather Apps [iOS]

9th February, 2013

One of the most underrated types of mobile apps are those that can give you the latest weather predictions. Sure, iOS comes with the weather forecast by default, but the amount of data it provides is most certainly lacking. Thankfully, there are services available such as The Weather Channel, Accuweather, and plenty of others that can help you find out more details about the weather that is bearing down on you.


Futureful: Randomize The Way You Browse The Web [iPad]

8th February, 2013

Are you looking for a fun and interesting way to browse the web on your iPad? Futureful is a cool application that allows you to see the web in a completely random way. It’s very similar to StumbleUpon, but with an even higher level of randomness to the experience. Sure, a lot of the time, […]


All-In Yoga Is Your One-Stop Yoga App [iOS, Free For A Limited Time]

8th February, 2013

Yoga requires you to engage muscles that other workouts just cannot do. It works on your strength, flexibility, balance, and more. That being said, yoga is a pretty advanced form of exercise that requires some knowledge of the wide range of poses in order to really be able to take advantage of what it can do for you. Without a personal trainer, it is difficult to make the most of yoga.


BannerSnack: Make Banners Right In Your Web Browser [Chrome]

8th February, 2013

Are you looking for a simple way to create banners for various projects without needing any coding skills? Do you need these banners to feature animations and other cool elements? Well if so, you need to check out BannerSnack on Google Chrome. It is an awesome application that allows anyone to create beautiful web banners […]


Music Off: Turn Your Music Off When You Fall Asleep [Android 2.2+]

8th February, 2013

Do you like listening to music while lying in bed? It can be a great way to help you fall asleep. However, you typically have only two options for dealing with the music after you are slumbering. Usually, you can set a timer to turn your phone off, but this requires you to predict how […]