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Dave LeClair (Twitter) is MakeUseOf's gaming editor, who has a love for games on console, PC, mobile, handheld, and any electronic device that is capable of playing video games! For game review requests, shoot an email to the address below.

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World Of Warcraft Voice Emote Shortcuts

30th October, 2012

One of the most fun things in World of Warcraft (besides the awesome gameplay) is the emotes. The best emotes in the game actually come with both animation and sound. Of course, it can be a little hard to remember them all. That’s where this handy cheat sheet can save the day. Using this cheat […]

Symbolab: The Scientific Equation Search Engine

28th October, 2012

Math is complicated. Anyone who has ever dealt with advanced mathematics knows that it’s not easy, and the amount of formulas required is staggering. Well this new website called Symbolab hopes to help soften the blow a little by offering a¬†semantic search engine for equations. What’s a¬†semantic search? It means it does more than just […]

iPad Mini Website Simulator: See What Your Website Looks Like On The iPad Mini Screen

28th October, 2012

Apple just announced the iPad Mini, and the Internet has been¬†positively¬†buzzing from the news. People either love it or hate it. For website developers, they need to make sure that their websites are ready to adapt to the tablet’s smaller screen.¬†iPad Mini Website Simulator is a cool website that will show any URL on a […]


Google Adds More Detailed Geographical Features To Google Maps [Updates]

27th October, 2012

The team behind Google Maps have most certainly been busy over the month of October. They’ve added tons of pictures to Street View, and they’ve even gone to the Grand Canyon with Street View cameras strapped to their backs. They are looking to keep that momentum going with the addition of more detailed geography to Maps. This will help users get a more realistic feel for the maps on the service. It will allow them to better find out about the diverse features all over the Earth.

SmartDeblur: Remove Blur From Images In A Way You Never Thought Possible

27th October, 2012

One of the most difficult photography problems to solve is a blurry image. Usually, when you go back and look at a photo that’s blurry, you simply delete it and move on with your other photos. It’s generally regarded as a point of no return, where an image is just not worth saving. Well, that […]


3G Unrestrictor 5 Lets You Take Control Of Your iPhone’s Data [Cydia, iOS]

27th October, 2012

Some iPhone users are grandfathered into having unlimited data on their devices and the limitations of not being able to do what they want with their data is really annoying. If you are paying for unlimited data shouldn’t you be able to use it to download large applications and play any game on the Internet? Personally, I think you should, even if your friendly local cell phone provider would be quick to disagree with me.


Inkly Cards: Create Printed Greeting Cards [iPhone]

27th October, 2012

The holidays are right around the corner, and that means it’s time to run out to your favorite store and pick up greeting cards to mail to friends and loved ones. Or is it? What if you could mail greeting cards with your handwriting in them without ever leaving your house? Well with the iPhone […]


Should I Sleep: Make Your MacBook See & Hear You To Prevent Sleeping

26th October, 2012

Have you ever been reading something long on your MacBook only to have the monitor dim because you are not touching the mouse or keyboard? This is definitely annoying, and it can break you out of your concentration. Well with Should I Sleep, that won’t be a problem anymore. It uses the available detection devices […]


Barnes And Noble Retail Store PIN Pads Hacked In The US [Updates]

26th October, 2012

Barnes and Noble has been hacked, and not in the way we are so used to seeing in this Internet-fueled world. Attackers have actually hacked the PIN pads at retail stores. When a customer used one of the hacked credit card terminals, attackers were able to get access to credit card numbers and PIN codes for debit cards. In all, 63 retail locations around the United States were attacked.


Microsoft Shows Off New Windows 8 Version Of Skype [Updates]

25th October, 2012

Microsoft has just revealed the new Skype for Windows 8. It’s a major change in design for Skype, and it looks beautiful. For all the Windows 8 naysayers, the new version of Skype might get them to change their tune a bit. Skype describes the new version as “simple, fast and beautiful,” and based on what they’ve shown, that seems to be an apt description for the new version.

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SafeGmail: Easily Encrypt Email Messages Through Gmail [Chrome]

25th October, 2012

Do you need to send private emails containing¬†sensitive¬†information over Gmail frequently? If so, it is in your best interest to encrypt the data and prevent unauthorized people from reading the emails. Whether we want to accept it or not, hackers are out there, and they could easily attack your email and gain access to your¬†sensitive¬†information. […]

shopping cart and house on blue background

5 Key Apps To Help You Find a New Home With Your Smartphone

25th October, 2012

Shopping for a home can be an incredibly stressful event. Not only is a house the single most expensive thing most people will ever purchase in their lives, it is also hard to find a house that suits your needs perfectly. When you are spending potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars on something, you do not want to feel like you are settling. You want the house you end up with to be a place you can be happy and live your life without regret.


Apple Announces New iPad Mini [Updates]

23rd October, 2012

In what can only be described as the worst kept secret in the history of the Internet, Apple finally decided to announce the iPad Mini. Apple’s newest member of the iPad family comes with a smaller 7.9-inch screen, whereas the original iPad had a 9.7 inch screen. The device is a nice step down in […]


Fantasy Storm: Become A Storm Tracker [iOS]

23rd October, 2012

Are you a weather enthusiast? Do you like tracking storms and figuring out the possible path a hurricane might take as it ventures across the ocean and possibly up the coast of the United States? If so, you will love this iPhone app called Fantasy Storm. It is the perfect app for tracking and predicting […]

NES Games With Prices That Will Blow Your Mind [MUO Gaming]

23rd October, 2012

Old video games have reached the point of being collectibles What used to be a fun family activity has become a gold mine for collectors. Sure, there are plenty of NES games that you can pick up for a dollar, and they are still fun to play, but there are some games that are worth absolutely insane dollar amounts. Some games are so valuable that they cost substantially more than most cars.