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Dave LeClair (Twitter) is MakeUseOf's gaming editor. He loves games on console, PC, mobile, handheld, and any electronic device that is capable of playing them! For game review requests, shoot an email to the address below. Check out his podcast on Twitch.

Feel free to contact at dleclair@makeuseof.com

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14th February, 2015

In a lot of cases, the first thing a customer sees from your business if your website. They type your name into Google, and land on a homepage that tells them about your company. First impressions stick, and if your website isn’t good, then they probably won’t seek out the product or service you are […]


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Insane but True Facts About The World of Mobile Apps

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You Won’t Believe How Big (and Small) These Sci-Fi Starships Are

10th February, 2015

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These Clever Household Hacks will Save You Time

9th February, 2015

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get rid of the little annoyances that happen around the house? Well, sadly, there will always be things that annoy you and waste your time; there’s no way to get rid of every little bother. However, we can help you make quite a few things easier in just […]


The Perfect Length for All Kinds of Online Content

8th February, 2015

Creating a blog post, YouTube video, tweet, podcast or other type of online content? How long should it be? Find out here.


This Might be the Best Productivity App Deal, Ever

7th February, 2015

Every day in the tech space, all kinds of new apps are launched. Some become household names, and others are forgotten quickly. There are some apps, though, that constantly remain the big players. These are the productivity apps that people are willing to subscribe to year after year. To which apps am I referring? LastPass Premium […]


In Business, Sometimes What You Don’t Say Is More Important than What You Do

7th February, 2015

Like anything, mastering body language takes practice and knowledge.


Fierce Fitness Course: Get in Better Shape for $29

6th February, 2015

One of the hardest parts of getting into better physical condition is committing to actually doing it. Saying you’re going to start on an exercise routine, and hunkering down and doing it are two different things entirely. A great way to get started is actually learning proper exercise techniques. After all, if you know how to […]


You Can Take Professional Photos of Your Home with These Tips

6th February, 2015

With practice and a bit of knowledge, you can take your photography skills to the next level.


Stay Healthy at Your Desk With These Quick and Easy Stretches

5th February, 2015

Studies have shown that sitting all day is bad for your health, but many office jobs don’t give you choice.