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Dave LeClair (Twitter) is MakeUseOf's gaming editor, who has a love for games on console, PC, mobile, handheld, and any electronic device that is capable of playing video games! For game review requests, shoot an email to the address below.

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Google Apps Adds ’Email via Google+’ Options, Page Admins Need To Opt In To Use It

15th January, 2014

Businesses who use Google as their email provider via Google Apps can now be contacted using the “Email via Google+” button. However, admins must enable this feature via the Admin panel.


Technophilia 96 Live From MakeUseOf

15th January, 2014

This week: net neutrality is struck down by a US appeals court, meaning the companies that make the richest country on earth suffer through some of the slowest Internet access among developed countries now have even more power. What could possibly go wrong? An academic paper says killer robots are all but inevitable, barring the leaders of the world putting their own interests aside in order to work for the common good of humanity. So yeah: all but inevitable. And, on the lighter side of things, EA did what it said was impossible: offer an offline version of SimCity, a single player game.


MakeUseOf Hits Classic Game Convention MAGFest 12 With Video

14th January, 2014

Anyone who in even remotely into classic video games has heard of Magfest, which takes place each year in Maryland, USA. But there’s more to the convention than just the retro stuff. In fact, there is something there for any kind of geek, even those who could not care less about video games. And we’ve caught it on tape.


Technophilia 95 Live From MakeUseOf

8th January, 2014

We’re reunited and it feels…okay.


How To Modify Your SNES To Play Japanese Super Famicom Games

8th January, 2014

We are going to show you how to play imported Japanese games on your US NTSC Super Nintendo. The process is far easier than you might think.


Is More Of The Same A Bad Thing? Not For Infinity Blade III

1st January, 2014

Infinity Blade III has hit the App Store, but how does it stack up compared with the fantastic experience brought about by the prequels?


4 Classic Adventure Games You Can Get For Below $5 On Gog

31st December, 2013

Hey you! Do you like getting awesome games without spending a lot of money? Of course you do! Well, did you know that GOG, the number one site for downloading older PC games, actually offers a ton of games for below $5, specifically those in the point and click adventure genre


Xgaming X-Arcade Solo Joystick Review & Giveaway

30th December, 2013

We have had time to play with the Xgaming X-Arcade Solo joystick, but does it stack up to the best arcade sticks on the market?


4 Gaming YouTube Channels You Need To Subscribe To

30th December, 2013

We are going to take a look at some of the best general gaming channels that will keep you entertained for hours on end through engaging video game content.


Technophilia 94: Stiff And Clicky

27th December, 2013

This week on Technophilia, MakeUseOf’s Chief Visionary Officer Jackson Chung sits down with the crew to discuss the latest in technology nonsense. News is a little slow this week, so we’ll talk about some of the biggest new gadgets and news stories that broke over the last 356 days.


4 Awesome Features That Emerged From The Last Console Generation

24th December, 2013

The Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii are all slowly being sent off to pasture. It’s not a time of sadness. Instead, it’s a time to look back on all of the awesome things that the most recent console generation brought to gamers.


Target Confirms Up To 40 Million US Customers Credit Cards Potentially Hacked

20th December, 2013

Target has just confirmed that a hack could have compromised the credit card information for up to 40 million customers that have shopped in its US stores between November 27th and December 15th of 2013.


4 All-Time Classic 4X Games To Lose Yourself In

18th December, 2013

If you are looking for a little more than just pointing and shooting or mindlessly blowing through hordes of enemies, strategy games, and specifically those of the 4X variety, are perfect for you.


Technophilia 93: Much iPod. Such Waterproof. Wow

18th December, 2013

This week: Facebook plans on putting autoplay video ads in your timeline. Will this be the last straw for Facebook users? No! But we’ll still complain. Twitter changes how blocking works, then changes its mind when users complain. Backpedaling on a policy because your users don’t like it? “That’s weird,” said a statement from Mark […]


5 Accessories You Should Get To Make Xbox One Ownership Better

17th December, 2013

Just dropped $500 on an Xbox One and still don’t feel that it is delivering the optimal gaming experience for you? Don’t worry, you can run out and get some accessories to make things even better.