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Dave LeClair (Twitter) is MakeUseOf's gaming editor. He loves games on console, PC, mobile, handheld, and any electronic device that is capable of playing them! For game review requests, shoot an email to the address below. Check out his podcast on Twitch.

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Netflix Gets Social – Adds Facebook Integration In The US [Updates]

14th March, 2013

Netflix has announced that Facebook sharing is coming to US subscribers “over the coming days”, and expects all users to get access to the feature by the end of the week. A feature that many Netflix users have longed for – and others dreaded – Facebook sharing gives you the ability to connect the streaming service to Facebook so your friends can see what you’re is watching.


Clip Art Lord: Find Quality Clip Art For Free Usage

14th March, 2013

Do you have a project that requires the use of pictures, but don’t want to spend big money to sign up for a site that offers access to quality clip art? If this describes you and your situation, then we have a perfect website for you called Clip Art Lord. It offers access to piles […]


Plants Vs Zombies Is Still One Of The Most Fun Things You Can Do On Mobile [iOS]

14th March, 2013

The world of iOS gaming moves fast. Games come out, generate hype, and are forgotten all in a matter of a couple of days. On consoles, gamers will stick with a game longer, but with the low-cost of games on iOS, gamers are always looking to move on to the next big thing. When a game is able to stand the test of time and remain popular long after its release, it deserves to be praised, because very few iOS games are able to make this happen.


Google Launches A New Program That Could Help Website Recover From Attacks [Updates]

13th March, 2013

Google has launched a new program called Help for hacked sites, which is designed to help website owners clean up the mess that occurs following an attack. Just because your website you own is not as big as Twitter or Tumblr does not mean it’s 100% safe, so this can be useful to anyone who owns a website.

Clickless Menu: Pop Open A Menu Upon Highlighting Text [Firefox]

12th March, 2013

Generally, when you highlight text, it’s done with a purpose. Whether you are looking to copy the text, or search for it on your search engine of choice, you are usually doing it with reason. Of course, this usually requires a right-click to open a context menu or a keyboard shortcut to do that you […]

The Top 10 Funniest ChatRoulette Screenshots & Videos

WebApps: Find & Pin Web Apps To Your Start Menu [Windows Phone]

12th March, 2013

HTML 5 is taking over the web. There are lots of awesome web applications that make use of the awesome power that HTML 5 brings to the table. With HTML 5, web apps can actually be just as good as those made for a desktop or mobile device. The new application,available on Windows Phone called […]

5 Sony Franchises I Want Brought Back For The PS4 [MUO Gaming]

12th March, 2013

Sony has finally announced the PlayStation 4, ushering in the end of the longest console generation in recent memory. Sony showed plenty of exciting games at the press conference, such as Bungie’s Destiny, a new Infamous, and even Diablo III. However, there are some franchises that used to be synonymous with Sony platforms that are sitting idly and watching a new generation of gamers get into the hobby with no knowledge of their greatness.


EA Finally Apologizes For SimCity Fiasco With A Free Game [Updates]

12th March, 2013

SimCity was easily one of the most anticipated games of the first half of 2013, and unfortunately, its launch was filled with all kinds of problems for gamers. Did you buy SimCity? EA is trying to make the situation right by offering a free game to players who were impacted by the horrendous launch of the game.

The Top 10 Funniest ChatRoulette Screenshots & Videos

Tweegram: Share Quotes In A Stylized Image On Social Networks [Android]

12th March, 2013

Do you have something interesting to share with your followers on social media that you think is a little too cool for just the regular old text status? Maybe there is a particular quote that interests you and you want it to make a serious impact on your friends. Whatever your reason for wanting to […]

FastKeys: Customizable Automation Software To Do Almost Anything [Windows]

10th March, 2013

Are you a Windows user looking for a way to automate all kinds of processes and tasks? Are you a Windows 8 user looking for a handy replacement for the missing Start menu? If so, you should have a look at the handy piece of Windows software called FastKeys. It offers a deep level of […]


YouTube’s Redesigned Channel Layout Now Available For Everyone [Updates]

9th March, 2013

Google is bringing YouTube One Channel to the masses after month-long limited beta, and is giving all YouTube channels a slick new look that should help creators convert more viewers to subscribers. The primary focus of the update is to make channels look great on different screens and devices, be it mobile or desktop, and to help channel owners make a better brand from themselves.


Jetsetter – The Perfect App For Last Minute Travelers [iOS]

8th March, 2013

Are you a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of traveler? While a little stressful at times, if you want to save some money while getting the same accommodations, waiting until the last-minute can be a great strategy. When the hotels know that they are not going to sell the room, they will often take anything, even if it means giving up the room for cheaper than normal. That’s where the iPhone app Jetsetter comes into play.

Firefox PDF Add-On

MEGA Secure Cloud For Android: Manage Your MEGA Account On The Go [Android]

7th March, 2013

Do you use MEGA for your cloud storage needs? It’s a great way to keep your data in the cloud, as it offers 50GB of free storage, so you can keep anything stored away without worrying about running out of space to keep your stuff. If you are looking for a way to manage your […]

Android App Facebook Alternatives Intro

Facebook Changes Again: Check Out Your Re-Imagined News Feed [Updates]

7th March, 2013

After several days full of guesswork, Facebook has finally announced its biggest change in a while: a brand new News Feed. You can filter your posts so you get to see updates from all friends, only music updates, only photos updates, or all the Pages you’re following. The updates themselves have been redesigned, with larger images and inline text, and are aimed to highlight the stories users are sharing.


Google+ Updates With Local Reviews, Larger Cover Photos & More [Updates]

7th March, 2013

Google+ has received an update, which brings some new features and options to Google’s growing social network. In a nutshell, the update includes a new tab for local reviews, an upgraded version of the About tab, and larger cover photos. Google is rolling out these new features gradually, so you may not see them on your Google+ profile just yet. Be patient, you should get the update in several days.