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Google Maps Makes Shopping Easier With Indoor Floor Plans [Updates]

22nd November, 2012

The holiday shopping season is literally upon us. For deal hunters, Black Friday is a day filled with no sleep, waiting in lines, and downright insanity. Well Google Maps is hoping to make your shopping experience a little easier with the addition of indoor floor plans for various stores and locations around the world. Google has had this feature available for Android for some time, and they rolled it out in the UK to coincide with the Olympic Games, but now, they are bringing it to desktop.


Pillboxie – A Lifesaver With Easy To Use Medication Reminders [iOS]

22nd November, 2012

Remembering to take your medication is obviously incredibly important. Depending on the reason you need to take a certain kind of medication, remembering the pill can literally be a matter of life and death. Even if it isn’t as serious as that, the doctor prescribed the medication for a reason, and in order for it to it have any effect, you need to be consistent in remembering to take the medication.

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Runner’s Log Makes It Easy To Keep Track Of Your Runs [iOS, Free For A Limited Time]

21st November, 2012

Any serious runner knows that it is important to keep track of their runs. There is no way you can remember all your times and routes manually. It’s also impossible to really know if your runs are improving without keeping detailed records of your runs everyday. The best way to see improvement is with lots of data. Thankfully, smartphones can make it easier to keep track of all the important information.

2012-11-20 14.14.09

Appsfire Merges Its Two Apps Into One Super-App [Updates]

21st November, 2012

Appsfire is a website designed to help you find all kinds of information about iOS applications. Originally, they offered two different apps. The first one was designed to help users find collections of apps to complete their iOS experience. The second app was a personal favorite of mine called Appsfire Deals. This app kept track of apps with price drops and apps that used to cost money that are now free. Well, Appsfire has now taken its two apps and merged them into one.


4 Things About Grand Theft Auto V That Have Me Incredibly Excited [MUO Gaming]

20th November, 2012

The epic reveal of all things Grand Theft Auto V is here. The folks at Game Informer have shown off a massive cover article that details lots of information about Rockstar’s upcoming mega game. When a new GTA is announced, gamers cannot help but froth at the mouth for new details. GTA is one of those games that transcends gaming. Like Call of Duty and Halo, the launch of a new Grand Theft Auto is an event. It seems to be all we can talk about.


No More Socks Makes Your Holiday Shopping Easy [iOS, Free For A Limited Time]

19th November, 2012

No More Socks: The Christmas List Genius is the perfect app for keeping track of your holiday shopping. Even though it’s called The Christmas List Genius, don’t let that deceive you, because it can be used for any holiday or birthday that involves keeping track of what kinds of gifts you need to give.


Think Shazam Only Identifies Music? Think Again [iPhone]

17th November, 2012

More often that not, the creator of an app is content to sit back and enjoy the success and not evolve. That’s fine in some situations, but it’s really fantastic when an app creator is willing to keep moving forward. This extra effort makes for an app that even years after its release, is still worth talking about. Shazam certainly fits the description of an app that was not content with its original functionality.


Edcanvas: Create Awesome Canvases For Teaching Your Students

16th November, 2012

Are you a teacher looking for a cool and different way to teach your students? This new website called Edcanvas could be just the ticket. With this site, you can create customized canvases that offer a new and exciting way to teach students. You can implement all kinds of elements into your canvas to build a cool […]


Pygmyfoto: A Simple, Deployable Photo Roll Program For The Web

16th November, 2012

Are you looking for a way to show off photos on your website, but don’t need all the bells and whistles that come with sites like WordPress and other more advanced blogging platforms? Well, if so, Pygmyfoto might be right up your alley. It is an open-source, deployable web photo tool that allows you to share photos […]


Convertible Converts Any Measurement With A Slick User Interface [iOS, Free For A Limited Time]

14th November, 2012

There are lots of different units of measurements for almost anything you could want out there in the world. Along with all the things we can measure, there are hundreds of regional units that differ depending on what part of the world you are in. This can be intensely confusing. How do you remember how many feet are in a meter? How can you know how to convert a US dollar into a Euro? Quite simply, it’s impossible to remember all of this.


Magic 2013 – The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had Playing A Game On The Go [iPad]

14th November, 2012

About a year ago, I was hardcore into Magic: The Gathering. I have amassed a large collection of cards over the years of playing, but in time, I found myself not having enough time to keep up with the Magic scene. I won’t lie; I miss playing a great deal. The subtle intricacies of the card game are like nothing else. The skill and strategy involved in a game of Magic is enough to flex the brain muscles of even the smartest players.


Imo Gets New Android And iOS Update With Awesome New Features [Updates]

14th November, 2012

Fans of the popular messaging client called imo are in for some good news today. Essentially, imo has released a complete redesign for their app on both iOS and Android. The update changes the interface of the contacts and messages section. Now, they are combined, which makes it easier to get you in touch with your friends. It puts all the people you talk to the most in one easy to access place. This should help make talking to your friends quicker, and more efficient.

NES Games That Retailers Chronically Overcharge For [MUO Gaming]

13th November, 2012

Recently, I wrote an article about NES games that sell for insane prices. Games like Stadium Events can easily sell for thousands of dollars. That’s all well and good, but there are some classic NES games that are really popular that constantly sell for more than their value. You can walk into any retro video game retailer and see these games selling for far too much. Games that are really popular today were also really popular when the NES launched.


BookReader: Read DRM-Free EPUB Books On Windows 8

13th November, 2012

Windows 8 is here, and with it, all kinds of apps are coming along that support the exciting new features of the new version of the OS. A really cool one is BookReader, which allows you to read all kinds of DRM-free EPUB books in a way that takes advantage of some of the cool […]


Printer Pro – The Easiest Way To Print From Your iPhone, Even With A Wired Printer [iOS, Free For A Limited Time]

12th November, 2012

Printing from your iPhone can save you a lot of time. Instead of having to manually copy files from your iPhone to your computer and then print them, printing from your phone makes everything a whole lot easier and quicker. Of course, in order for this to happen, you need a Wi-Fi enabled printer – or do you? With the app called Printer Pro you can print to any printer, not just one that is connected to Wi-Fi.