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Dave LeClair (Twitter) is MakeUseOf's gaming editor. He loves games on console, PC, mobile, handheld, and any electronic device that is capable of playing them! For game review requests, shoot an email to the address below. Check out his podcast on Twitch.

Feel free to contact at dleclair@makeuseof.com

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Your Favorite Horror Movies Creepily Reimagined as Children’s Books

1 week ago

You’d think making horror characters look like children’s books would make them less scary, but you’d be wrong.


White Hat Security Hacker Course Bundle on Sale for $49

2 weeks ago

Hackers are, more often than not, shown as criminals. But not all hacking is criminal. There’s another world, known as White Hat hacking, that is completely ethical.


Say Goodbye To The Many Fallen Characters of Game of Thrones [Spoilers]

2 weeks ago

If you watch HBO’s popular Game of Thrones show (based on the Song of Fire & Ice books by George RR Martin), then you’re well aware of the fact that no character is safe. Someone you think of as a “main character” could easily be killed off at any time. This is part of what […]


Enter to Win a Chromebook Pixel and Bonus Rosetta Stone Savings

2 weeks ago

Chromebooks are making big waves in the laptop scene. They offer many of the features that laptop owners expect, but they do it for a fraction of the cost and with a completely web-based OS. If you’ve wanted to get your hands on a high-end Chromebook, but don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash, you’re […]


The Many Suits of the Amazing Iron Man

2 weeks ago

Whether you’ve been exposed to Tony Stark and his amazing suit since the beginning of the comics, or you’ve only seen the Iron Man and Avengers movies, you can’t help but enjoy him.


Massive 22400 mAh Backup Battery on Sale for $39.99 for a Limited Time

2 weeks ago

Are you sick of your devices dying while you’re out and about?


There Are a Lot of People on the Internet, But How Many Are Fake?

2 weeks ago

Not everyone on the Internet is actually a someone at all.


Get an Extreme Micro-Drone 2.0 with Camera for 46% Off

2 weeks ago

You could pay $139 for this awesome drone, but why would you when you can get it for just $74.99 from MakeUseOf Deals.


How Are Websites Built in 2015?

7th April, 2015

What techniques will web designers use to build their sites in 2015? Let’s take a look.


Is it Possible to Learn Spanish in Just 10 Days?

6th April, 2015

The idea of learning a new language in just 10 days sounds absurd. But if done correctly, you can actually manage to lay down a solid groundwork in a short time.


There’s All Sorts of Creatives Out There – Which One Are You?

5th April, 2015

Everyone has their own techniques that helps them find their creative juices. We all respond to different situations in our own way, with the end goal of accomplishing a task.


Star Trek and Star Wars: The Battle For Technological Supremacy

4th April, 2015

Which science fiction giant had the better technology? If they were put head-to-head, which sci-fi universe’s gadgets would carry them to victory?


Zero to Hero Game Developer Course Bundle For 95% Off

3rd April, 2015

The video game development world is changing rapidly. Sure, there’s still AAA game developers out there making games with millions of dollars in budgets, but the rise of the indie game has allowed developers of all sizes to get in there and start making and selling games. Games like Fez, Braid, and more recently, Axiom Verge […]


Some Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Apple

3rd April, 2015

You think you know everything about Apple?


Enter to Win a New MacBook From MakeUseOf Deals

2nd April, 2015

Surely you’ve heard that Apple has announced a brand new MacBook. What if we told you that you could win one in the color of your choice for free?