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Dave Drager (@ddrager) works at XDA Developers in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. Dave blogs on system administration and technology at systemBash.

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How To Back Up & Restore Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird [Windows]

31st March, 2011

Firefox stores a surprising large amount of data for you. Passwords, cookies, certificates, extensions and more. Thunderbird, while an overall capable email client, does not provide built in tools for backing up and exporting email accounts. Fortunately there is one free program which handles all exporting (backing up) and importing of these programs as well as many other Mozilla products: Mozbackup.


How To Disable Or Fake Your Location In Firefox, Internet Explorer & Chrome

28th March, 2011

Modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer now include “geolocation” services based in the browser. What this does is attempt to locate you based on your IP, wi-fi or network location. It is used for several reasons, including adding a location to your tweets or Facebook updates, or to locate you on a map. You might want to hide or fake this location due to privacy concerns, and it isn’t too terribly hard to do so.


What A VPN Tunnel Is & How To Set One Up

24th March, 2011

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a method of linking two locations like they are on a local private network. There are several reasons why you might want to set one up. Usually there is an aspect of convenience and you might also want to add security to your connection. Let’s go over several […]


Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 – An Advanced Calculator Tool That Students Love

21st March, 2011

Much to the chagrin of students and parents worldwide, it is not unheard of for graphing calculators to cost upwards of $100. Thanks to software, you have a full-featured graphing calculator that’s designed to work just like a hand-held calculator. With a simple program from Microsoft named Microsoft Mathematics 4.0, you have the full power […]


Which Is The Better Reader – Kindle Vs iPad [Geeks Weigh In]

17th March, 2011

Two of the best-selling readers in today’s market are Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iPad. While both are ground breaking and very cool technology, they both have their own pros and cons for being used as a reading device. So which one is a better reader for the bookworm within each of us? Every person has […]


What A Hex Editor Is & Why You Might Use It [Technology Explained]

14th March, 2011

The term hex, short for hexadecimal or base-16, is the raw data structure that all files stored on your computer follow. Although literally every file is stored on your computer in this format, you almost never see this data anywhere. Yet being able to directly modify the raw bits and bytes in your computer can […]


8 Free Tools For Live Website Visitor Tracking

10th March, 2011

The number of visitors that a website receives is an important statistic for many. Google Analytics, the widely-used website analytics platform, and alternatives like Webalizer or AWStats are great for long-term stats, but what if you want to see how many visitors are on your website right now? Real-time visitor tracking tools have been popping […]


How to Scan a Reformatted Hard Drive to Recover Files

7th March, 2011

I think everyone has had that sinking feeling when you realize you’ve just made a very…big…mistake. Accidentally reformatting and/or installing a new operating system on the wrong hard drive is one of those things you could do to trigger that kind of a feeling. Or at least I have. Let’s assume for a moment that […]


How To Record TV Shows On Your PC

3rd March, 2011

The holy grail of entertainment in your home is the mesh between television and your PC. Since the CPUs in today’s PCs are much more powerful than the set top boxes that provide the majority of programming, it is entirely possible to use your PC to record shows and to play them back later. If […]


The Top 6 Alternative Firmwares For Your Router

28th February, 2011

Something that many consumers do not really think about is that hardware you buy in the store actually has software running on it as well.  Any router you get – that’s the device that distributes the Internet coming into your house or business to multiple computers – has software running on it. Although “officially” the […]


Effectively Track Your Computer Time (And Bill For It!) With Chrometa

24th February, 2011

For any web-warrior who spends the majority of their time working at a computer, the ability to track your time is crucial. Both from a productivity standpoint and from a billable hours standpoint, the ability to capture your working time is very important for the business. There are lots of time tracking applications available so […]


How To Install A Windows Web Server On Your PC With XAMPP

21st February, 2011

Some of our articles here on MakeUseOf require the use of your own web server. Although the easiest way to go about finding web space is to purchase hosting where a web server is already set up for you, a free and almost-as-easy to use option is to install a server on your local home […]


6 Best Sites to View Maps of Airline Flight Paths + Bonus Mobile Apps

14th February, 2011

If you have ever waited anxiously for a family member or friend to arrive at your airport after a long flight you will understand the need to receive reliable, up to date information about where a plane currently is located and when they are estimated to arrive. I covered some sites for tracking flights back […]


How RSS Feeds Work In Simple Terms [Technology Explained]

10th February, 2011

The reports of RSS’s death have been grossly exaggerated. RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, got its start in 1999 under the direction of Dave Winer for his Scripting News website. Since that time, RSS has been used in many applications across the web and is useful in many ways which you might not […]


Password Manager Battle Royale: Who Will End Up On Top?

7th February, 2011

If you are anything like me you need to remember tons of passwords to a multitude of websites. They range from one-time drive-by creations to ones you use all of the time. What is the best way to securely keep track of passwords and other confidential information that you use in your daily web browsing […]