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Danny is a senior at the University of North Texas who enjoys all aspects of open source software and Linux. You can check out his personal website or follow him on Twitter.

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Need More, Or Updated, Software? Try These 7 Ubuntu PPAs

23rd June, 2014

You’ve installed a fresh copy of your favorite Ubuntu-based Linux distribution, either directly on your hard drive or in a virtual machine. The default repositories are pretty good, but since we’re able to add PPAs and other repositories to our installations, we can make our software selection better. Save yourself the time to check around […]


VirtualBox’s Guest Additions: What They Are And How To Install Them

18th June, 2014

Installing an operating system to the virtual machine isn’t enough – you need to install VirtualBox’s Guest Additions for the best experience. What exactly do they do, and how can you install them?


Is SteamOS A Good Choice For A Gaming System?

17th June, 2014

Can you rely solely on SteamOS with good performance, or should you still keep that dual-boot with Windows? Let’s take a look.


PowerTOP Will Maximize Your Linux Laptop’s Battery Life

16th June, 2014

On Linux laptops, one of the most common complaints is that the battery life isn’t that great. You can find out what settings are best for your system using PowerTOP.


LXQt: A Lightweight Linux Desktop Environment Built With KDE Technologies

13th June, 2014

Do you like the look of KDE, but wish it were less resource-hungry? With LXQt, your wish has finally been granted.


Linux Screen Recording Just Got Quicker and Easier with ScreenStudio

13th June, 2014

Finally, there’s a new Linux screencaster that offers good performance, has lots of settings to choose from, and has a good interface to configure it all. Take a look at ScreenStudio and see for yourself.


Gnome Flashback: A Gnome 2 Look-Alike Shell For Gnome 3

11th June, 2014

Do you enjoy using Gnome 2, but don’t want to keep running on old code? Try Gnome Flashback to run the newer Gnome 3 but have the same look as Gnome 2.


How To Try Wayland, A New Display Server For Linux

4th June, 2014

Linux distributions will soon get a new display server called Wayland. Let’s take a look at Wayland, and see how you can try it out right now.


The Linux Kernel: An Explanation In Layman’s Terms

3rd June, 2014

There is only one de facto thing that Linux distributions have in common: the Linux kernel. But while it’s often talked about, a lot of people don’t really know exactly what it does.


Is Linux Mint 17 “Qiana” The Ubuntu Killer?

31st May, 2014

The latest version of Linux Mint, the 17th release codenamed “Qiana”, is out! It’s a great alternative for people leaving Windows as well as those who just don’t quite like Ubuntu.


Linux Is Everywhere: 10 Things You Didn’t Know Were Penguin-Powered

30th May, 2014

You’ve been told that you can do just about anything with Linux, but how far does that statement really go? Linux might be far from popular on desktop computers, but it shines everywhere else. You’ve probably used Linux today, even if you didn’t realize it. Without even mentioning Android devices, let’s take a look at […]


How To Install Linux On A MacBook Pro Retina

26th May, 2014

MacBook Pros come with some very nice hardware, but some people want more. Some people want Linux.

roku streaming stick review feat

Roku Streaming Stick Review and Giveaway

23rd May, 2014

All the features of a full Roku experience, in a small form factor that plugs straight into HDMI – does the Roku Streaming Stick deliver? Read on to find out and win one for yourself.


Using Ubuntu 14.04? Here’s How To Use The Latest Gnome Release

22nd May, 2014

Right now, there are two types of users of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS “Trusty Tahr”. The first type uses Ubuntu 14.04 because it’s an LTS release, and they want to enjoy the stability benefits that come with that. The other type use Ubuntu 14.04 because it’s the latest Ubuntu release – and don’t care about the […]


Why You Should Consider Using A Custom Android Kernel

20th May, 2014

Do you want the best performance out of your Android device? Or maybe you want the best battery life? Consider a custom kernel.