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Danny is a senior at the University of North Texas who enjoys all aspects of open source software and Linux. You can check out his personal website or follow him on Twitter.

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Why You Should Consider Using A Custom Android Kernel

20th May, 2014

Do you want the best performance out of your Android device? Or maybe you want the best battery life? Consider a custom kernel.


Is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 A Good Corporate Desktop?

19th May, 2014

It’s worth asking: is RHEL as usable as it’s always been? Are the improvements worth the upgrade? Let’s take a look.


It’s Your Choice: The Top 10 Linux Desktop Environments

15th May, 2014

From Gnome to KDE, from MATE to Unity, there’s a lot of choice out there. Where should you start? Overwhelmed? Start here.


Linux Users: Get This Album As A Kernel Module

14th May, 2014

What’s the geekiest way to release an album? How about as a Linux kernel module? That’s exactly what Netcat did with their latest album.


AOC 16″ USB Monitor Review and Giveaway

14th May, 2014

We’re all used to connecting monitors through VGA, DVI, and HDMI cables. But USB? Today we’ll be taking a look at an AOC 16″ secondary monitor that gets power and data over USB.


Want To Try Ubuntu Touch? Here’s How

12th May, 2014

If you don’t own a Nexus device, don’t worry: you can still try out Ubuntu Touch on your Ubuntu computer.


Ubuntu Users: Here’s How To Upgrade To 14.04, “Trusty Tahr”

9th May, 2014

Using Ubuntu? Here’s how to get the latest version.


Ubuntu One Is Doomed; Try These 5 Linux-Friendly Alternatives

6th May, 2014

Ubuntu One, the cloud storage and music service made specifically for Ubuntu users, is shutting down. Here are the best alternatives.


Why Windows XP Users Should Switch To Ubuntu 14.04 LTS “Trusty Tahr”

5th May, 2014

If you’re still trying to dump Windows XP but haven’t found an alternative yet, Ubuntu 14.04 is a great choice.


What Is a Linux SWAP Partition, And What Does It Do?

1st May, 2014

Most Linux installations recommend that you include a SWAP partition. This may seem odd to Windows users – what is this partition for?

samsung galaxy tab pro 8 review feat

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4-inch Review and Giveaway

30th April, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro is a solid performer. Just how solid?


How To Use GeekTool To Truly Make Your Mac Your Own

29th April, 2014

Would you rather have your boring desktop space filled with useful system information or family photos? You need GeekTool.


12 Useful Tweaks To Make Ubuntu Feel Like Home

28th April, 2014

We’ll show you some great tweaks that can go a long way to achieving desktop zen.


How To Upgrade Or Switch Linux Distros Without Erasing Your Files

26th April, 2014

Do you find yourself switching between Linux distributions frequently? You’re going to want to learn this trick.


9 Beautiful Alternatives To The Default Linux Icon Sets

23rd April, 2014

Here’s how you can switch icon sets, and which ones I recommend trying out.