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Danny is a senior at the University of North Texas who enjoys all aspects of open source software and Linux. You can check out his personal website or follow him on Twitter.

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Folder iChanger: Change Icons Of Your Folders [Windows]

7th July, 2012

After using Windows for many years, day in and day out, you might get a little tired of seeing the same old icons. Or maybe you want different icons for better visual organization?  No matter the reason, if you want to change your folder icons, how do you do so? That isn’t easy to answer […]


MyShelf: Store Notes For Easy Access Without The Cloud

7th July, 2012

If you regularly frequent the Internet, you’ve probably heard of Evernote, a cloud-based note-saving service which many people enjoy. However, some things that you’ll want to save may be pretty personal, and you don’t want to push that data into the cloud where you don’t have outright ownership of it. If this is an issue […]

Tableau Visualisation2

Sentry Vision Security: A Free Webcam Based Home Security System [Windows]

7th July, 2012

Whether if it’s to check for intruders, check how your teenager at home is doing, or anything else, having quick and easy access to a webcam feed in your house is truly helpful. The power of knowing what’s going on can give you real peace of mind. However, setting up professional webcam-based systems can be […]


Smartphone Specs For Dummies: What Should You Look For?

5th July, 2012

More and more people are owning smartphones as they are becoming more capable of handling all our possible needs. Today’s smartphones have as much processing power as full desktop computers less than a decade ago, and that power is still increasing with the rise of the first quad-core CPUs for smartphones. However, if you’ve lived on this planet long enough you’ll know that marketing techniques for new phones can’t be trusted 100%.


TraderClock: Keep Track Of Opening & Closing Times Of Stock Exchanges [Windows]

4th July, 2012

If you’re someone who is actively involved in trading stocks, keeping close tabs with all your stock (and possible future stock) is absolutely vital. This is even more the case when you are looking for the best stock in the world, and use multiple stock exchanges to accomplish that. However, the world is not flat […]

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Print Queue Cleaner: Delete Stuck Jobs From Your Printing Queue [Windows]

4th July, 2012

If you regularly print documents, webpages, and other media, you often have to deal with the printer and any problems that it may encounter. While printers usually do their jobs well, sometimes it’s not the printer’s fault that something has gone wrong. Often, you will find Windows messing up your printing jobs, in a way […]


Satellite Eyes: Change Your Desktop Wallpaper Based On Your Current Location [Mac]

3rd July, 2012

Have you ever wanted to have a wallpaper that changes depending on your location? There’s a few that change depending on your current time, but barely any that work based on your location. If you move around a lot with your Mac computer, have you ever wanted to see what the area looks like? Satellite […]


Playlist Lite: Create Playlists For QuickTime [Mac]

2nd July, 2012

QuickTime is indeed a very popular application for Mac users, but despite its large amount of features, it does not offer support for playlists. For some this isn’t a big deal, but for others who are used to such functionality, this is a huge inconvenience. Of course, iTunes supports playlists, but QuickTime doesn’t. However, Playlist […]


Linux Distros For The Paranoid: What Are The Most Secure Distros?

2nd July, 2012

If you’re a Linux user, security was probably one of the benefits that made you switch from whatever operating system you were using before. Linux has a great reputation for being one tough nut to crack, and it lives up to that reputation daily. Users don’t have to worry about viruses or other malware to the point where anti-virus tools made for Linux actually sniff out Windows viruses to help fight their spread.


ikiMap: Create Your Own Custom Maps Easily & Flexibly

1st July, 2012

If you love maps, you’re going to love this. There’s an easier way to create custom, personalized maps than with Google Maps. Although Google Maps is a notably powerful service and resource, it may not be “easy as pie” to create custom maps with whatever tools you’d like. Thankfully, a service like ikiMap exists to […]

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Super Missed Call: Enable Streamlined Features When You Miss A Call [Android]

30th June, 2012

When you miss a call, you might want it to go to voicemail. Although that may be a normal and accepted solution to missed calls, it would be great if we could do a little more with them. With Super Missed Call for Android, we can have more control over what happens with our missed […]


Train Your Brain & Stay Sharp With gbrainy [Linux]

30th June, 2012

In today’s highly competitive world, people are constantly looking for ways to make their minds sharper in order to gain an advantage. Others may also want to keep their minds in good shape as they age. Whatever your reason may be, finding programs which can fulfill that role may sometimes be a little difficult. Linux users have nothing to worry about, however.


WorkFu: Socially Find The Best Job Opportunities For You

28th June, 2012

The labor market has got pretty tough lately, so it’s no easy task to land a good job. However, you have the best chance of finding a good job if you have the right connections. Therefore, being social in your search for a job is a good choice for success in your mission. Sadly, though, […]


Change Your Wallpaper To A Video With Alive Video Wallpaper [Android 2.0+]

28th June, 2012

Despite Android’s live wallpaper feature, you can’t actually use a video as your wallpaper, so you’re limited to the software-rendered ones. Video Live Wallpaper has been the go-to app so far, but it hasn’t been updated in well over a year. Thankfully that’s about to change.


doo: Import Documents From Multiple Sources For Easy Management

28th June, 2012

You constantly get bills, emails, and other documents from many different sources, and sometimes that can become pretty stressful. A service which can pull all of that information in and display it in a central, functional location would save you lots of time, effort, and possibly money. Thankfully, a service with the name “doo” can […]