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Danny is a senior at the University of North Texas who enjoys all aspects of open source software and Linux. You can check out his personal website or follow him on Twitter.

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Pholium: Create Photo eBooks With Ease [iPad]

21st August, 2012

One of the best ways to share your photos is through eBooks, where you can also add whatever you like on all those pages. It really gives you a lot of flexbility and creative power for crafting your masterpiece. Creating an ebook sounds pretty difficult, but it shouldn’t be. If you have an iPad, you’re […]


15 Android Ice Cream Sandwich Tips You Should Already Know

20th August, 2012

Not all too long ago, Google released the next great upgrade to the Android mobile operating system, version 4.o codenamed “Ice Cream Sandwich”, or ICS for short. While in the meantime Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” has been released, most phones are still using ICS or will be updated to it soon. Therefore, most people will be interested about what cool tricks ICS can bring to the table.

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ZabKab: Call A Taxi From Anywhere [Android & iOS]

18th August, 2012

Sometimes, it’s pretty difficult to get a taxi even when you’re in a city where it shouldn’t be. Taxi drivers tend to go to those places where the chances of someone needing a taxi are highest, and the fact is that there’s a good chance that you’re not at one of those spots. So instead […]

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Web Search Optimizer: Get Customized Search Results [Firefox]

18th August, 2012

The Internet has massively evolved over the last decade, to the benefit of the world’s population. When Google was first founded, it’s search results were, like most other search engines’ results, mediocre at best. Today, however, we really don’t have to worry too much about finding what we want when we use these search engines. […]


Configure Timers With Enhanced Functionality Using Mutely [Android 2.0.1+]

18th August, 2012

Why limit ourselves to something that beeps after a countdown? Instead, your device should behave in a certain way when a timer is active, and those settings should be configurable for each timer. Sound like something you’d want in a timer app? Mutely is an Android app which specializes specifically with timers. The real advantage to using Mutely is that you can configure your device’s behavior for whenever that timer is active.


Launch Tasks With Ease Using 1Tap Quick Bar [Android 2.0.1+]

16th August, 2012

There are plenty of apps for Android, which make launching applications a snap, through the use of shortcuts, widgets, notification items, and more. But sometimes, the fact that this only works for launching applications can leave much to be desired. You may wish you could have shortcuts which automatically call someone with a single tap, or create a new text message to a specific person.


Burner: Protect Yourself With Disposable Phone Numbers [iOS]

13th August, 2012

You probably find yourself giving away your phone number pretty often. Whether it be at bars, dating sites, Craigslist, or any other place where you’re not entirely confident in the person you’re possibly giving your number to. In these cases, you need a way to protect yourself from possible abuse. By giving away your real […]


Pocketory: Keep An Inventory List Of Your Possessions [iOS]

13th August, 2012

Face it, there’s a good chance that a decent amount of items are in your house. I’m talking about everything, from your TV, couch, and other furniture and appliances. It may not seem like a necessary thing to do, but it’s actually very helpful if you make a list of all your possessions. Not only […]


How To Change Your DNS Servers & Improve Internet Security

13th August, 2012

Imagine this – you wake up one beautiful morning, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and then sit down at your computer to get started with your work for the day. Before you actually get stuff done, you go over to your favorite browser and type in http://www.makeuseof.com. Within seconds, you’re looking at our website and all of our latest posts. But hold on, how the heck did your computer even know where to find MakeUseOf?


Automatically Switch Between Sound & Power Profiles With Smart Settings [Android 2.1+]

11th August, 2012

In a perfect world, our smartphones would know exactly when they should be silent, when they need to remind us of things, and when they should conserve battery. By default, however, our phones don’t do this, and there haven’t been any apps which can change the phone’s settings for us. At least, that’s been the case until now. “Smart Settings” is an app for Android which focuses on changing your phone’s behaviors at certain moments.


Avant Window Navigator: A Great Desktop Dock With Plenty of Applets [Linux]

9th August, 2012

One of the most helpful tools we can have on our desktops are docks. Whether they help us keep track of open windows, offer us shortcuts to common folders or applications, or even update us on the current weather, they’re extremely extensible and flexible. Among Linux users, the most recommended dock is Docky, and I can’t deny that I love it too.


Stealthy: Bypass Filters & Blocks With Proxies [Firefox & Chrome] (Updated)

9th August, 2012

As a constant Internet user, it’s an absolute pain whenever a website is blocked because of a filter or because the content you want to see is country-specific. For example, there’s plenty of good content on Hulu, but nobody outside of the US is able to watch it. Some YouTube videos are also restricted because […]


RouteTask: Find The Most Efficient Route To All Your Destinations

9th August, 2012

When you have a busy day ahead of you and lots of places to go, you’ll want to know the fastest, most efficient way to get to those places. Sure you could let your favorite maps service find the best routes in between your stops, but what if the order of your stops doesn’t matter? […]


BeeZee: Let People Know Why You’re Busy & Can’t Answer Phone Calls [Android]

8th August, 2012

I absolutely hate the feeling I get when I have to ignore or decline a call because I’m busy. Not only can some people find it rude in today’s “constantly available” world, but it will more than likely leave them wondering why you didn’t pick up and when they should try again. You could always […]


GeoCha: Start Conversations With People Around You

7th August, 2012

To be able to talk about something relevant, you may need to find someone close to you. Or maybe you’d like to ask something to someone for information on a local item. This is very hard to do without the right tools, as it’s not only awkward but an often unsuccessful technique to simply ask […]