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4 Methods To Handle Passwords Safely Over The Net

13th April, 2009

Nowadays I think many people are over-obsessive about security online, but in some cases it is more than warranted. Remember when Make Use Of was simply stolen from under us? Gmail security flaws, website design problems, you name it, the user doesn’t necessarily have to be at fault all the time, but we have to […]


4 Alternative Uses For Your Gmail Inbox

23rd March, 2009

Gmail = email right?  Well not any more. With some of these alternative uses, you can use your inbox for a ton of other things, from writing a diary to keeping a fitness plan. You can also apply these methods to Outlook, Thunderbird, or any other mail client with some similar features. Let’s jump right […]


Top 5 Sites To Learn CSS Online

16th March, 2009

Web design might not be the most accessible area to everyone, but CSS and HTML can be very useful, and these are two parts of coding which are really easy. I mean to change the color of your font you just need to type: “color:red”, does it get easier than that? Well actually, it gets […]

ClearCheckbook logo

Manage Your Money Safely with ClearCheckbook

29th July, 2008

There are numerous ways to manage your money, Wesabe, Mint, just to mention a few but I have always found these to be a bit limiting. Mint for example requires your bank account information which is a major drawback. I always speak up against all this privacy obsession, but while I don’t care if someone […]

Sendible Logo

Schedule & Manage Your Messages With Sendible

11th July, 2008

If you need a reminder service, a message scheduler and a generally cool way to organize yourself, I have just found a service that could help you (and me), called Sendible. The main profile is message scheduling, but you can use the tools offered not just to keep in touch with people, but also to […]

Penzu logo

Keep A Personal Online Diary With Penzu

7th July, 2008

Recently, Tina introduced us to Springnote, a great Wiki-like application for taking notes, sharing them and collaborating. However, many of us still like to keep our personal lives documented and there are very few places on the net which allow you to do this as you would in real life. Let me introduce Penzu, a […]

Twhirl desktop twitter client

4 Tools for More Productive Twittering

25th June, 2008

Having recently joined the Twitter Bandwagon I was happy to see all the tools and software people have already developed to interact with the service. From Twitter trends to inserting ‘currently listening to’, let me show you five of my favorite tools to help you use Twitter more productively than ever. It’s also a good […]

CSS templates

How To Use CSS to Create Document Templates

6th June, 2008

I have been working on the web for a while now, and I have actually found it easier to write every document in HTML format instead of DOC or TXT. If you use Google Docs, you are actually doing the same, since Google Docs has (thankfully) essentially become a WYSIWYG HTML editor. Creating some document […]


Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox

21st May, 2008

In my first days of web development it used to be “modify a file – upload using ftp client – refresh browser – repeat from start”. Then I changed this because I used Notepad++ and other tools to skip the ftp part, or at least build it into saving. Nowadays though there are more powerful […]

Aptana logo

Dreamweaver quality code editing with Aptana

15th May, 2008

So far I have been using one of the simpler tools for writing code, Notepad++. Due to some recent FTP problems however, I set out on a search for an alternative tool. I eventually came up with Aptana, a free code editing tool which is so bustling with features, it’s amazing. When I first fired […]


Switching to Linux: Linux Alternatives to Windows Apps [Part I]

3rd April, 2008

I have now made a switch – I am a full time Ubuntu user and I love every minute of it. Ubuntu is one of the best Linux releases in my opinion, although I’ve only tried 3-4 other Linux distros. I know that hardcore Linux people may argue, but Ubuntu is the only OS that […]

Todoist Logo

Todoist – Simple but Powerful Task Management App

12th March, 2008

You possibly already know that I am a huge Remember the Milk fan. Well, a while ago I found a service that rivals RTM, a powerful and simple to-do manager called Todoist. It manages to incorporate Gmail, Launchy, Quicksilver and even mobile support in a seamless way. After you sign up, you’ll be taken to […]


How to Insert custom Quicktags into the WordPress Editor

3rd March, 2008

First of all, what are WordPress quicktags? You can see them in the picture below, they are the bits of code you can insert when you use the code interface in your WordPress editor. The reason they are so useful is that they allow you to insert start and end tags in a unique and […]

rss logo

Ways to Stay on Top of The News

19th January, 2008

If you’re a blogger, a journalist or just someone who feels that getting to news first is really important, you need to find sources that can get the news to you as fast as possible. Most people nowadays already use RSS feeds, but there are so many more ways! Let’s take a look at just […]

Media Wiki Logo

How to Install a Wiki on your Website

7th January, 2008

While writing my own blog actually I found that a Wiki was the best way to convey some information. If you too own a blog you may want to write some more detailed guides, build knowledgebases and so on. I can think of at least a dozen of reasons why you may need one. Show […]