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A Lesson For Gamers: What Is RNG?

20th January, 2014

This fantastic world of video games that we’ve created has managed to birth some of my favorite acronyms ever. There’s the SNES, MMORPGs, ROMs, and plenty more. In this article, I want to explore an acronym that is becoming more and more commonly mentioned during routine conversations in our gaming culture. I’m talking about RNG.


5 Video Game Characters That Should Not Exist

28th December, 2013

Is there anything worse than a masterpiece of a video game that is unfortunately taken hostage by a single character that somehow manages to ruin the entire experience for you?


Learn To Become A Gaming Speedrunner In 4 Easy Steps

27th December, 2013

Do you want to be recognized as the best player in the world at your favorite video game? It’s really tough to prove such a point in a single-player game, but connecting yourself with the internet’s circle of speedrunners makes it possible.


4 Of The Most Unbelievable Video Game Speedruns Ever

2nd December, 2013

Are you ready to see four of the most jaw-dropping video game completions in gaming history?


5 Gaming Achievements That Are Close To Impossible

25th November, 2013

That’s right, this is a challenge from me to you. I’ll bet all my marbles that no one reading this article has (fairly) earned any of the achievements you’re about to read into.

Path of Exile

2 AutoHotkey Scripts To Make You A Better Path Of Exile Player

22nd November, 2013

Path of Exile fans, aren’t you sick and tired of suffering from catastrophic deaths in the game’s Hardcore league setup? Is there anything worse than devoting hours upon hours into a character on your favorite ARPG only to lose it to a perfect storm of circumstances? I feel your pain. It doesn’t have to happen anymore.


The 5 Best Plot Twists And Shockers In Video Game History

31st October, 2013

How many video games have actually shocked you? How many games have made you set down your controller and ask, “What in the hell just happened?” If not many, I’d like to introduce you to five of them that will.

5 Of The Best Video Game Areas, Levels, And Dungeons

31st October, 2013

Let’s look at five video game levels that we should all remember forever.


3 Desktop Tools To Make Your Experience As A Twitch.TV Viewer Easier

29th October, 2013

Let me introduce you to three third-party applications that make the Twitch.TV experience more pleasant for your desktop or laptop.

League of Legends

3 League Of Legends Champions You Will Want To Be Playing

26th September, 2013

With September and October coming up as the biggest months in competitive League of Legends history, it’s time for you to get interested! It’s the biggest online game in the world!


What Do Bing And Yahoo Have That Google Doesn’t?

20th September, 2013

While Google has everything that you might need, it has its shortcomings when pitted against some of the features Bing and Yahoo! have. Google isn’t perfect, and I’m here to tell you why.


5 Websites For Every Portable Application On The Web

12th September, 2013

You already know that some applications offer portable or “soft” installations, but don’t you wish there was some place on the Internet where you could find any portable application?

Salty Bet

Salty Bet Lets You Gamble On Awesome Video Game Character Fights

6th September, 2013

Have you ever wanted to see how your favorite video game characters would do against each other in one-on-one battles? The Super Smash Bros. series has proven that it’s something that a huge audience seems to be interested in, and Salty Bet takes it one step further. Games like King of Fighters, Marvel vs. Capcom, and Mortal Kombat have dominated the fighting game scene for years. It’s always fun to see those Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero and Kyo vs. Terry matches. These are some of the most competitive games that have ever come to consoles, and there is an immense skill cap. Salty Bet kicks the world of 2D fighters into overdrive and turns it into a spectator sport.

Nintendo 2DS

Is All Of The Hate For The Nintendo 2DS For Good Reason?

3rd September, 2013

If you haven’t heard yet, Nintendo is launching a brand new handheld in October that takes the concept of the Nintendo 3DS and crunches it down into a 2D sidekick. Nintendo fans are two things, if nothing else: loyal and critical. Nintendo supporters absolutely love the brand, and that love can sometimes look a lot like hate when Nintendo pushes out a product that fans feel aren’t up to their standards. Is the Nintendo 2DS going to be the next flop? It can’t be that bad, but the internet is buzzing with negativity.


Web Of Discretion: When Not To Trust Web Of Trust

31st August, 2013

Web of Trust scores a website based on criteria like trustworthiness, reliability, privacy, and safety. These scores aren’t determined by Internet security experts. They’re generated by normal people like you and I. Sounds like it can be a system vulnerable to manipulation and improper use? You’re absolutely right! There are a few common instances where you’ve got to scratch your head and second-guess a scorecard.