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Scrabble Solver

3 Online Tools To Defend Yourself Against Cheaters At Word Games

27th March, 2012

Don’t you just hate it when you’re in the middle of a great Words With Friends game and someone manages to luck out with a word like “atropine”? Maybe it’s only frustrating when the rest of their words up until that point were elementary level. Either way, cheating sucks. The only thing that sucks more than cheating is wanting to cheat and not knowing how to. Sometimes you’ve got to fight fire with fire.


Altitude: 2D Side-Scrolling Airplane Shooter Game [MUO Gaming]

25th March, 2012

There aren’t many quality 2D games around anymore. People seem to think that because the 3D technology is available to us, that it’s the only design platform we should use. Erik and Karl of Nimbly Games seem to think much differently, and I appreciate that. That appreciation and the quality of this game has me wanting to share it with you.

Eye Strain

Let EyeLeo Prevent Eye Strain While Using Your PC

23rd March, 2012

You never get your eyes back. They’re sort of like your teeth. Once they go bad, there’s really no natural recovery. You can eat carrots all day long, but if you’re staring directly at your monitor for hours each day it won’t really matter. EyeLeo strives to make sure that we keep our eyes healthy

Measuring Cup

10 Single-Serving Sites That Are Useful, Funny, Or Weird

20th March, 2012

A single-serving website is a website that serves a single purpose. This same website usually contains just a single page. They are very narrowly-targeted and typically come attached to a vanity domain name. They serve no real purpose other than to entertain us and see where they go. Some single-serving websites have become huge due to their very simple, unique nature.


Make Your Plaintext Emoticons Snazzy Using Emojicons

18th March, 2012

Whether our IM client or SMS interface converts them to graphical smilies or not, every single one of us has typed out an emoticon before. There’s so much more possibility when it comes to textually expressing those feelings. It’s time for you to learn how to show some real, unique emotion online!

IM Clients

3 Revisited & 3 New Web-Based IM Clients For Chatting On The Go

16th March, 2012

As we jump into the world of mobiles, web-based clients are slowly becoming obsolete while everyone hoards apps onto their tablets and smartphones. That doesn’t mean that we’ve all stopped bumming usage of our buddies’ laptops though! Rather than installing the client, these web-based solutions really help.


4 Interesting Countdowns For 2012 & How To Make Your Own

13th March, 2012

Like every year, there are some big events happening in 2012 and you should stay on top of them. What’s better than to have your own virtual countdown playing as a constant reminder of a looming day? Sometimes a simple calendar doesn’t do the trick for the visual person like me. Seeing those days tick off really gets me prepared and, depending on what’s happening, builds up a little excitement.

USB Flash Drive

4 Portable Application Sites & Suites You May Not Know About

11th March, 2012

At MakeUseOf, we have provided you with countless articles on perfecting your USB flash drive with portable applications. If you’ve yet to see our Best Portable Apps page, you need to give it a look. Portable software can really change the way you work and enjoy your personal Internet experience. I don’t go anywhere without 16GB of portable goodness on me. It’s as essential as my keys or wallet.

All That

6 Websites That Will Bring You Back To The ’90s

9th March, 2012

Oh, man. I may have a biased opinion, being born in ’89, but were the ’90s not incredible? Nostalgia just drives me nuts and the ’90s felt like the peak of music, movies, gaming, and the blossoming of the Internet. Maybe that’s just reminiscing and wishing I was still a kid, but I know some of you agree with me, right? Vanilla Ice, Nickolodeon, Super Nintendo, pop music, less-corporate Internet; how could you not love that?


Review: What’s New In Minecraft 1.2 [MUO Gaming]

6th March, 2012

With snapshots being released on an every-other-day basis, Minecraft 1.2 is right around the corner. Looking at the list of updates cited on the official Minecraft wiki, it seems like this update is quite sizable in comparison to 1.1. March’s eventual update should leave many happy and few disappointed, with mob AI updates, new creatures, varying new item drops, and more.


Is Minecraft Really That Great? [Opinion]

4th March, 2012

Minecraft is quite possibly the most viral and addictive indie game that we’ve ever come to see. Who knew that a concept as elementary as playing with toy blocks could become such a sensation? I play it, you or your friends probably play it, and more than 20 million people worldwide have legally purchased an account. Are we overrating this game though? Is Minecraft getting a little too much credit?


5 Best Subreddits To Learn Cool Stuff

2nd March, 2012

Reddit is more than just a time sink where you can look at pretty girls, read about nerdy stuff, and procrastinate as you build a memory of random trivia. Reddit can be used to learn things, believe it or not. Here, we are going to point you to the subreddits where you can go to acquire brain power. Let’s get smarter.


Emulating & Playing Classic SNES Games On The PC With ZSNES

27th February, 2012

In my opinion, the Super Nintendo was the greatest gaming console that ever existed. Boasting titles like Chrono Trigger, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid, EarthBound, Final Fantasy III, Super Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Super Punch-Out, F-Zero, Star Fox, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, and more, is it really hard to see why?

Sticky Notes

Bring Sticky Notes To Your Deskop With Hott Notes [Windows]

26th February, 2012

Through the use of sticky notes, I feel like I’ve been able to just about double my daily productivity. Being able to have physical reminders that nagged for certain tasks to be completed was a real help when I used pen-and-paper notes. The days of pen and paper are over though, and I’m at my computer a lot more often than I am at a work desk. Eventually, I found that pinning notes to my desktop was just as effective a strategy.


ESBUnitConv: The Only Unit Conversion Tool You Need [Windows]

24th February, 2012

After dealing with a project that required I regularly convert data to the metric system, I realized that having a browser open just for a single web-based conversion website wasn’t the most efficient strategy from a perspective of preserving resources. ESBUnitConv, however, definitely is. ESBUnitConv is a little tool that can literally convert any sort of measurement that you’d imagine.