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Visualize The Progress & Success Of Kickstarter Projects With Kicktraq [Firefox]

27th April, 2012

Kickstarter has really taken off as the world’s premier crowdfunding website. If you’re not familiar with it yet, it’s a website that allows promising innovators and inventors a way to have their idea heard by the Internet, while offering tiered rewards for those of you who help out and donate towards their progress. Single causes and services alone have raised more than a million dollars in funding.


5 More Awesome ifttt Recipes You Can Start Using Today

24th April, 2012

We introduced MakeUseOf readers to ifttt in September of last year. Since then, I’ve made a few posts regarding the web service. Those two articles introduce 18 one-click “recipes” that can supercharge your Internet experience. As ifttt continues to grow, users are contributing new and more useful ideas. Thanks to this web service, anyone and everyone can automate and simplify their most routine tasks, absolutely free.


Monitor Usage Of Your Peripherals Competitively With WhatPulse

22nd April, 2012

In my 13 years of internet experience, I can’t even imagine how many keys I’ve pounded or how many times I’ve clicked that poor mouse. Using WhatPulse now, it’s not something I have to imagine. I can know exactly how much usage I’ve put on those peripherals. But why would I want to?


Take & Share Screenshots At Lightning Speed With ScreenSnapr [Windows]

20th April, 2012

The old process of saving and sharing a screenshot was a tedious and annoying one. Typically, it’d involve pressing the Print Screen key, opening up an image editor such as Paint, saving the screenshot, and then heading over to a service like Tinypic or Imgur to upload and be able to share that screenshot with others. When I discovered ScreenSnapr, it’s sort of like the clouds opened up in the sky.


3 Effective Ways To See What’s Trending On The Web

17th April, 2012

It’s very easy to track the goings-on of the web. When Web 2.0 came into full bloom, The Internet became more social and trendy than ever. Now, not only do we want to be able to track these trends, but we want instant access to trends that are hot and buzzing. For that, I’ve got three very simple and popular websites that I enjoy using.


Perfect365: One-Click Makeover Software [Giveaway]

16th April, 2012

ArcSoft, the minds behind other great photo manipulation software such as PhotoStudio and Panorama Maker, has delivered exactly what it promises in Perfect365 with its “one-click makeover” functionality. This week, we’re giving 25 copies of Perfect365 away (worth a total of $999) absolutely free. Interested?

Google Search

12 Alternate Looks To Your Google Search Homepage

15th April, 2012

Google is Google, and we know it by that all-white search page and multicolored logo. Isn’t it a little bit bright and harsh on the eyes, though? In this post, I’m going to try to fix that for you. I’m here to put you on to a list of Google Search pages that change the color scheme and design of your homepage.

eXtra Buttons

Use eXtra Buttons To Completely Control The Windows Of All Applications [Windows]

13th April, 2012

For quite a long while, I was a big Minime enthusiast. I’ve got some major OCD and I hate having windows constantly cluttering my taskbar, so I like to tuck them away into my system tray. However, there’s a lot more flexibility that Windows should offer by default (in my opinion). I want to have more control over my applications, more than just the ability to maximize or minimize them. eXtra Buttons offers exactly that.

NANY 2012

3 Cool & Useful Programs From NANY 2012

10th April, 2012

If you’re not familiar with NANY 2012, it’s this year’s annual application coding competition held by the guys over at Entering the event means that you’re putting your effective, free piece of software out to the public to show your generosity. Out of this year’s results, I’d like to share three of my favorites and explain their functionality.


CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme GXi220 Review and Giveaway

9th April, 2012

Everyone knows that a hardcore gamer should probably build their dream PC from the ground up. But do you really have to? We’re giving away a CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme GXi220 worth $1050!


Automate Repetitive Forms And Registrations In A Snap With Autofill Forms [Firefox]

8th April, 2012

If there’s any downside to working online, it’d have to be the repetitive tasks that hit you in the face on a daily basis. That same burden weighs on those of us who use the Internet on our personal time. Who wants to be constantly filling out the same exact signup information on every new website they visit? It’s a waste of time and it isn’t necessary. Luckily, if you use Firefox, there’s a very simple solution.

Windows 8

A Handy Keyboard Shortcuts List For The Upcoming Microsoft Windows 8

6th April, 2012

Not having to reach for your mouse to do the most routine task is one huge benefit I enjoy every day. That’s because I’ve memorized my list of Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts, and I use applications like Fingertips. Though there have been so many changes to the perspective of personal computing since Windows 7 was dropped, Windows 8 did a good job in recognizing that these are important.

Text to Speech

5 Websites To Instantly Convert Text To Speech

3rd April, 2012

Text to speech (and the inverse, in instances like Dragon Naturally Speaking) is a brilliant technology that can be used in a lot of different ways. Ever since Windows’ Microsoft Sam, text to speech has been pretty accessible to your desktop commoner. Speech to text is usually the more popular sister to this technology, but can text to speech actually be used for any real benefit?


3 Sites To Study The Roots Of Your Favorite Artists & Songs

1st April, 2012

Life without music is a life that would be much less enjoyable for most of us. Even before smartphones and iPods, we were finding ways to listen to our favorite songs everywhere we go through classics like the Walkman. Some people just can’t be pulled off of their headphones or earbuds. As we grow older, our musical tastes begin to transform and branch out a little more. At 22, I’m going through that phase.


Manage Addons For WoW & Other Games With Curse Client

30th March, 2012

One little tool that doesn’t get enough shine in the MMO community is the Curse Client. The Curse client is Curse, bundled all up in one little program, that will allow instant access to installing mods and managing your games. I just started using it last week and I’ve been thoroughly impressed.