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Watch That You Don’t Fall For This Common “Referral Spam” Scam

3rd July, 2012

Just this week, I noticed a very popular scam resurface and begin circulating around message boards and similar Internet communities. The Internet is filled with scammers and other bad people. Those of us with years of Internet experience know all about receiving emails relating to 419 scams. They are relentless. You should consider this to be the lower tier of online scams.

Classic Windows

5 Programs To Customize The Appearance of Windows & Toolbars [Windows]

1st July, 2012

Even in the latest version of Windows, Microsoft manages to (probably intentionally) leave out many thoughtful customization preferences when it comes to personalizing your visual experience. I’m not the type of guy who goes nuts over features like Metro and Aero. Even so, certain enhancements provide levels of functionality that are past that of just, “Oh, this looks nice.”


2 Ways To Force DirectX Applications To Launch As Windowed Instead Of Fullscreen [Windows]

29th June, 2012

If you want to casually play a game in a windowed mode where you can watch other things and talk to friends through email or IMs, you should be able to. Certain games (most often, ones made years ago) won’t allow us to do that. I’ll try to fix that problem for you and open you up to two different ways

Virus Alert

Is Your Computer Infected? If So, These 3 Forums Could Be Your Lifeline

24th June, 2012

If you’ve used the Internet for a decent amount of time, you will have run into spyware, trojans, and other forms of computer viruses. Don’t you lie! I’m ashamed to admit it as well, but I’ve also went through some incredibly stressful infections that, in the most serious instances, have caused me to toss hard drives and reformat partitions. For casual Internet users who Facebook and Twitter their days away, this is a huge annoyance.

Amazon Price Check

Prices Drop Monitor Allows You To Snag Any Deal On Amazon

22nd June, 2012

Great values in their premium services, like Amazon Prime, keep millions of shoppers coming back. It can be painstaking to window shop every other day and wait patiently for the right deal to come around. With Prices Drop Monitor for Amazon, you won’t have to.


Capture & Save Any Type Of Streaming Content Using Media Sniffer [Windows]

19th June, 2012

When we find something we enjoy on the Internet, we often want to hoard it for ourselves and keep it forever (be it legal or not). The most frequent and obvious of this type of behavior is when people are begging to know how to save YouTube videos to their hard drive. You’ve probably done that once or twice by now through means of browser extension or a third-party website.


5 Websites To Find & Follow Celebrities On Twitter

17th June, 2012

Thanks to Twitter, we’re put in reach of our favorite celebrities and other important people. it’s nice to know what Ashton Kutcher had for breakfast every now and then, right? Twitter is still a spam haven when it comes to imposters. Let’s thwart those. Here are six websites that you can trust and use to point you towards your favorite celebrities on Twitter.

Final Fantasy VII

No Sequel, No Problem! Remaster Final Fantasy VII For PC Using Bootleg [MUO Gaming]

15th June, 2012

Final Fantasy VII is arguably the greatest game (if not RPG) in console gaming history. Unfortunately, Square made it very clear recently that an FF7 remake is not a priority to them (after years of stringing it out and teasing us). All we’ve got to cling onto are breakoffs like Dirge of Cerberus, Ergheiz, and Advent Children.


What Does Google Have Left To Offer Us To Maintain Their Premier Position? [Opinion]

12th June, 2012

Before anyone gets ahead of themselves, no, this isn’t isn’t any prediction of the end of Google sometime soon! Right now, Google is the king of the internet. This article is going to be my assessment of how they’re going to be able to keep that title over the long haul.


Postbox 3: Completely Replace Your Email Handler In Windows Or Mac [Giveaway]

11th June, 2012

Postbox is widely recognized as one of the most sleek and effective email clients for the Mac OS X platform. OS X has always been about simplifying the user experience and Postbox seems to follow this exact same philosophy, creating a brilliant marriage under that operating system. As we’ve done in the past, we’re offering 25 lucky readers a completely free copy of Postbox 3 (for Windows and Mac) at an overall value of $750! Read up and maybe you’ll be one of those lucky winners.


5 YouTube Shows & Personalities That You Really Must See

10th June, 2012

The success of YouTube has created an atmosphere where “normal” people like you and I have an outlet to gain fame and fortune from the confines of our own homes. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. YouTube’s Fred was a pretty regular kid before he plateaued YouTube as the user with the most subscribers. The “Charlie […]


Use @unfollowr As The Easiest Way To Monitor Who Unfollows You On Twitter

8th June, 2012

With networks like Klout popping up here, there and everywhere, it’s now more important than ever to be relevant when you’re on the web. If you’re an Internet personality or someone who really values their audience online, keeping track of how your base responds and reacts to the things you do and say could be your lifeline.


3 Ways To Instantly Create A New Email Address For Yourself

5th June, 2012

There are a lot of different ways that you and I use the Internet and sometimes they should be kept separate. That includes email inboxes. It’s nice to keep your personal emails apart from your work emails. Sometimes, you may even want to separate emails from social networks or dating sites from other personal emails.


2 Add-ons You Can Use To Help Manage Favicons [Firefox]

3rd June, 2012

It’s awfully frustrating when you’ve got a website that you really love and would like to keep sitting in your bookmarks toolbar, but there’s no favicon attached to the website that would set it apart from any other bookmark. Honestly, that’s kept me from bookmarking and more frequently visiting a few websites. If you’ve got a popular website, you need a favicon.


2 Sites To Find The Best “Socially-Selected” Desktop Wallpaper

1st June, 2012

It’s pretty difficult to find a quality wallpaper site anymore. There’s a ton of them, but many are packed full of plain, boring, “stock” wallpapers that you don’t want sitting on your desktop. There are many more that are filled with adware, risky pop-ups and pop-unders, and more. That’s not the kind of stuff I’m into.