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Craig is a web entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, and blogger from Florida. You can find more interesting stuff and keep in touch with him on Facebook.

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6 Awesome Subreddits That Deserve More Than 20,000 Subscribers

4 days ago

There’s a subreddit for just about anything, but the hard part is finding them. Here are six awesome subreddits that lie under the radar, but deserve the bragging rights to 20,000 subscribers.


5 Of The Most Epic Moments In This Year’s Competitive League Of Legends Scene

4th October, 2014

Prepare to be blown away by this peek at five of the most incredible moments in this year’s competitive League of Legends scene thus far.


Random Generosity: 4 Subreddits Where Strangers Pay It Forward

17th September, 2014

Did you know that there is a entire Reddit subculture completely dedicated to doing random, nice things for complete strangers? Let’s change that with four subreddits you should know about.


5 Secrets Of The Steam Client That You Should Be Using

16th September, 2014

Are you sure that you’re getting the most out of your Steam client? If you aren’t careful, there are some really useful features and tools that you could be looking over.

Smart Home

6 Smart Home Kickstarter Campaigns You Should Totally Back

18th August, 2014

Here’s a list of six of the coolest currently-running projects on Kickstarter that will help you improve life around the house.


2014 Is The Year For eSports: Here’s How To Enjoy It

3rd July, 2014

Sport isn’t all about the body. eSports prove that the mental aspect of proving to be better than your opponent is profitable, competitive, and enjoyable.


The MPAA Targets A Subreddit & Opens Everyone’s Eyes To Free Movies

30th June, 2014

The MPAA’s latest attempt at thwarting the piracy of movies on the Internet sent them after a subreddit that many people never even knew existed. Did it more harm than good?


5 Things You Can Start Doing Today To Get Better At Hearthstone

26th June, 2014

Hearthstone is huge, and that means it’s time to actually get good at it! Here are five habits that you need to pick up if you want to improve at Blizzard’s new game.


Experience SoundCloud On Desktop With CloudDeck And Adobe Air

16th June, 2014

Are you someone who uses SoundCloud every single day? Here’s the best desktop interface for SoundCloud. It’s a quick, free download and you can get started streaming your SoundCloud library in just seconds.


2 Simple Ways To Navigate & Download Images Without Going To Reddit

9th June, 2014

Images power Reddit. Without the visual experience it wouldn’t be nearly as popular as we know it to be today. Browse and save images from Reddit without the text getting in your way.


3 PlayStation Games That Made Us Look At Video Games Differently

4th June, 2014

These games have concepts and gameplay mechanics that are extremely clever, creative, and game-changing.

Steam Trading Cards

Get Trading Cards On Steam Without Actually Running The Game

20th May, 2014

We’ve found a neat little trick that should make collecting trading cards on Steam a breeze, even if you own more games than you can play.


Twitch Now Is The Best Way To Experience In Google Chrome

12th May, 2014

There is a browser extension for Google Chrome that really achieves the best results when it comes to navigating Twitch and knowing when your favorite streamers are live. That extension is Twitch Now.


How To Disable OneDrive / SkyDrive With Just A Few Clicks In Windows 8.1 Pro

6th May, 2014

Cloud storage utilities are a drag on system resources, especially if you’re running more than one. If you don’t use OneDrive (fka SkyDrive), disable it now.

Gift Cards

How To Pay With Your PayPal Balance On Sites That Don’t Accept It

23rd April, 2014

There are a whole lot of places to shop online that don’t seem to be as crazy about PayPal. Here’s a little maneuver you can use on sites that don’t accept PayPal