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windows 8 tablet

3 Browsers With Cool Touch Features For Windows 8

4th March, 2014

The last thing you want on a touch-enabled Windows 8 device is a desktop browser that’s poorly designed for touch screens. Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome all have modern interfaces optimized for touch input.

pebble steel smartwatch

Should You Buy A Smartwatch Now, Or Wait?

27th February, 2014

Everyone is talking about smartwatches and other wearables as “the next big thing.” So, should you buy a smartwatch today, or wait for the smartwatches to come?

windows 8 share wifi phone

Troubleshoot and Share Your Wireless Internet in Windows 8

24th February, 2014

Wi-Fi problems can be obnoxious, but most can be fixed without a degree in computer networking. Your Windows 8 wireless Internet connection can be shared via cellular data, Ethernet, or even another Wi-Fi connection.

windows 8 steve ballmer

Native Security and Privacy Options For Windows 8.1 Explained

21st February, 2014

Windows 8.1 security and privacy features include anti-malware, automatic device encryption, or built-in fingerprint reader support. We show you how to make your touch-first tablet, traditional PC, or other Windows 8.1 device more secure.

ipad air

How Easy Is It To Sync Google Mail, Contacts & Calendar To Your iPad?

20th February, 2014

You can use Apple’s iCloud for email and contacts on your iPad, but there’s a good chance you already use Gmail and Google Calendar.

hearthstone title screen

7 Useful and Fun Tricks Hidden in Hearthstone

13th February, 2014

Hearthstone is easy to start playing, but the game is full of hidden little tricks that you might not notice.

hearthstone 12 win arena rewards

6 Tips for Getting More Gold, Cards, and Dust in Hearthstone

10th February, 2014

Blizzard wants you to spend real money on it, but it’s easy to play the game without ever spending a cent. Follow these tips to have an easier time earning gold, cards, and arcane dust in the game.

watching dvd movie on windows 8.1 laptop

3 Free Ways To Play DVDs and Blu-Ray in Windows 8.1

7th February, 2014

Windows 8.1 still can’t play DVD and Blu-ray movies out of the box. What to do if you have a bunch of movies on discs? Luckily, free programs have you covered.

watch video file on iphone

2 Ways To Convert AVI & MKV Files To Add Videos To iTunes

31st January, 2014

iTunes only supports MP4 and QuickTime format video files. We demonstrate how to use trusted free, open source, and cross-platform software to convert video files into formats recognized by iTunes.

windows 8 pc and mobile phone

The Pros & Cons Of Running Windows 8 On Your Desktop & Mobile

30th January, 2014

Windows 8 isn’t just about Windows anymore. It’s integrated with Microsoft’s online services, including Bing, SkyDrive,, Skype, Xbox Music, and even Office. Is it worth working exclusively on the Windows 8 platform?


How To Use Your Downloaded Gmail Data

23rd January, 2014

You can finally download a copy of your Gmail data! The MBOX file Gmail gives you is ideal for keeping an offline backup or moving all your emails to a new service or Gmail account.


Which Operating System Should You Choose For Your Next PC

22nd January, 2014

Buying a new PC? You have more operating system choices than ever. Which should you choose? We’ll give you an overview, along with advantages and disadvantages. Spoiler: There’s no one best option!

danger warning sign

How To Spot A Dangerous Email Attachment

20th January, 2014

Emails can be dangerous. Reading the contents of an email should be safe if you have the latest security patches, but email attachments can be harmful. Look for the common warning signs.

android phone won't boot

Why Does My Android Phone or Tablet Not Turn On?

15th January, 2014

The only way you can turn on your phone or tablet is by pressing the power button — and that isn’t working. Don’t panic!

windows 8 login screen security

5 Security Tips To Consider When Using a Microsoft Account

9th January, 2014

You can’t use much of the new Windows 8 user interface without a Microsoft account. The account you for logging into into your computer is now an online account. This raises security concerns.