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Use Google’s Chrome To Phone To Send Web Pages, Maps, & More To Your Android

7th September, 2012

Chrome to Phone is made up of a Chrome extension and an Android app that work together. Install both and you can quickly send web pages, maps, videos, and phone numbers from the Chrome browser on your computer to your smartphone (Android 2.2 or newer). Chrome to Phone is ideal when you’re looking up information on your computer and want to take it with you.


How To Access The BIOS On A Windows 8 Computer

5th September, 2012

Among the many changes coming with Windows 8 and new computers designed for it is a change in the way we access our computers’ BIOS. No longer do we press a certain key during the boot process to reveal the BIOS – instead, an option to access the BIOS is located in Windows 8’s boot options menu. Windows 8 hardware uses the UEFI replacement for the traditional BIOS


See New Gmail Messages In Your System Tray With Google Notifier For Gmail

3rd September, 2012

While Google’s official Gmail Notifier for Windows is a bit old these days, it’s still one of the email programs we list on our Best Windows Software page. Many of us live in the browser and can get by with a browser extension for checking Gmail, but Gmail fans that don’t leave a browser open all the time will find a lot to like in the Gmail Notifier. As our Best Of page says, it’s just “simple and handy.”


Forget Your PC – Download Torrents On Android!

31st August, 2012

That Android smartphone or tablet you have is a powerful computer, and it can run a BitTorrent client just like your desktop PC or laptop can. If you’re downloading torrents on your PC and copying them over to your Android device, why not skip the PC entirely? You can download torrents directly on your Android with one of these Android BitTorrent apps. This is particularly useful for videos you might want to watch on the go.


How To Resolve Problems With Flash On YouTube

29th August, 2012

Are YouTube videos displaying a green screen? Is your browser crashing when you try to watch them? Or do they just not play properly? Issues with Flash, which YouTube uses to play videos,  may cause all these problems — and more. These quick troubleshooting steps will resolve problems playing videos on YouTube for almost everyone.


How To Access Hotmail And On Your Android Device

27th August, 2012

Did you sign up for an email address with Microsoft’s new email service, or do you still have a Hotmail account you prefer? If you’re an Android user, you have several options for accessing that account on your Android phone or tablet. Microsoft provides an official Hotmail app that works for addresses, too. You can also use Android’s included Email app, if you like that instead. While and Hotmail email accounts may feel the most at home on Microsoft’s Windows Phone or Windows 8 ecosystems, they work great on Android, too.


Speed Up & Maintain Your PC With Auslogics BoostSpeed 5.4 [Giveaway]

27th August, 2012

Auslogics BoostSpeed 5.4 is a one-stop PC optimization and maintenance application. It includes quick-scanning features that will easily optimize any user’s system, as well as a suite of advanced utilities that even experienced computer geeks can appreciate. The biggest new feature in Auslogics BoostSpeed 5.4 is full Windows 8 support. Interested?


Make Windows 7 Faster By Removing Context Menu Entries

24th August, 2012

Windows 7’s context menus can become cluttered over time, filled with different options from the various programs you’ve installed. Worse yet, badly behaved context menu entries can add delays before the context menu appears, slowing you down and making you wait every time you right-click a file or folder. Even if it pops up quickly, you might want to remove some context entries just to tidy things up.


How To Shut Down Windows 8

22nd August, 2012

Windows 8 brings the biggest changes to the familiar Windows interface since Windows 95. The Shut Down option isn’t where you’d expect to find it – in fact, the entire classic Start menu and Start button have been removed. There are a variety of ways to shut down Windows 8, and you’ll need to know at least one of them if you want to shut down a Windows 8 PC.


How To Customize The Orange Bar Menu In The Firefox Browser

20th August, 2012

Firefox’s interface is completely customizable, including its orange Firefox menu button. You can change its name or color to anything you want – you can even set a custom background image or add your own logo. After you’ve tweaked the look of the button itself, you can easily customize the options that appear when you click the Firefox menu button. To make most of these changes, we’ll be editing Firefox’s userChrome.css file.

Windows 7

Manage And Tidy The Windows 7 System Tray

17th August, 2012

Every Windows user has seen the Windows system tray (also known as the notification area) become cluttered over time. We’ve covered disabling distracting desktop notifications in the past, but what if the icons themselves are the problem? With Windows 7, Microsoft has included a variety of tools that put you in control over which icons appear.

6 Ways To Actually Make Money Playing Video Games [MUO Gaming]

15th August, 2012

Getting paid to play video games is the dream of many young gamers. While it may seem like an impossible dream, there are many people out there making some money – or even a living – off playing video games. The ways people make money playing video games are fascinating. From eSport athletes making six figures a year by winning tournaments in front of crowds to game testers making near minimum wage with little appreciation.


How To Delete Your Mobile Browsing History [Android]

13th August, 2012

You may often clear your computer’s browsing history, but that isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. The mobile browsers your use on your Android smartphone or tablet remember your browsing history, too. Anyone that gets access to your phone can see exactly which webpages you’ve visited. If you use multiple browser apps, each one stores its own browsing history. These steps will take you through deleting your browsing history.


How To Download Flash Games For Offline Play

10th August, 2012

Flash games can be awesome – they’re all over the web, free to play, and easy to dive into. Flash games run the spectrum from fun, casual time wasters to indie gems created by developers with a unique vision. Downloading a Flash game is deceptively easy and simple once you know the trick.


6 Of The Best Podcast Apps For Android

8th August, 2012

While Apple offers their own podcast app for iOS, there’s no official Google application for podcasts on Android. Google Listen, a podcast app once developed by Google Labs, languished without updates for years and has now vanished from Google Play. The good news is there are plenty of high-quality third-party podcast apps waiting to fill the gap.