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Download YouTube RSS Feeds Using These 2 Great Tools

2nd July, 2012

YouTube offers a variety of RSS feeds for everything from uploads by individual users to search results for any phrase. With these tools, you can download YouTube feeds as video podcasts in iTunes or any other video-podcasting application. YouTube doesn’t normally make this easy – the feeds are designed to notify you of new videos and send you back to YouTube, not to let you watch videos offline.

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The 6 Best PDF Readers For Windows

29th June, 2012

Most people don’t stop to think about the PDF reader they install – they just install Adobe Reader. Adobe’s PDF Reader isn’t the only option, though – there are quite a few high-quality, free PDF viewers available for Windows. Some applications even include features you won’t find in Adobe Reader, such as easy creation of PDF documents and basic PDF-editing tools.


What’s Missing From Windows 8?

27th June, 2012

Windows 8 has seen the removal of many features that have been key to Windows over the years, including the Start button, Start menu, and Windows Aero. We tend to focus on the new features added in new versions of software like Windows 8, but the removal of features can be equally important – if not more so. This list isn’t exhaustive, as many less-important features have also been removed.


How To Chat On Any IM Network From Within Gmail

25th June, 2012

Google Talk, which powers Gmail’s built-in chat feature, isn’t a proprietary instant-messaging network. It’s built on top of the XMPP standard, also known as Jabber, so you can connect Gmail’s chat feature to any IM network. Some networks like AIM are interoperable with Gmail, while some like MSN and Yahoo require special Jabber transports.


Create PDFs With Advanced Features From Any Application with novaPDF Desktop Professional [Giveaway]

25th June, 2012

Most of us don’t have the tools to easily create PDFs – particularly with advanced options — and don’t want to learn a complex application like Adobe Acrobat to do so. Softland’s novaPDF is an easy-to-use tool to create PDFs from any application that supports printing. This week we’re giving away 25 copies of novaPDF Professional Desktop 7 worth a total of $1250! Read on for your chance to enter our giveaway and win your own copy!


4 Alternatives To Windows Live Writer For Blogging

22nd June, 2012

Microsoft recently announced the end of the Windows Live brand. In response to concerns, all Microsoft is saying about Windows Live Writer is it will “work great on Windows 8” – not whether development is being halted or not. With such an uncertain future, you might be wondering what alternatives are out there.


5 Alternatives To Meebo For Web-Based Multi-Protocol Instant Messaging

20th June, 2012

Google recently purchased Meebo and will be shutting it down on July 11. If you use Meebo to chat in your browser or on your mobile device, you’ll need to find an alternative service. Luckily, there are plenty of great cross-protocol web apps to take Meebo’s place. If you’re a Meebo user, you may also […]

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Combine All Your IM Accounts In One Application With Pidgin [Windows & Linux]

18th June, 2012

Pidgin is a free instant-messaging client that combines all your IM accounts in one simple application. Instead of running several different IM clients that display ads and eat up memory, just use Pidgin. All your chat contacts across every network will be combined into a single buddy list, and all your conversations can be combined into a single tabbed chat window – or multiple windows.

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Introducing The NEW MakeUseOf Newsletter: Get Full Articles & Exclusive Tips In Your Inbox!

18th June, 2012

Today we’re relaunching our newsletter, and it’s going to be better than ever! Five days a week, we’ll be sending a full article directly to your inbox — plus exclusive tips you won’t find on our website. We’ll also be running occasional special giveaways only for our fans – they won’t be announced on our website.


Easily Edit Multiple Photos At Once With BatchPhoto for Windows and Mac [Giveaway]

18th June, 2012

Have you ever taken a lot of photos and needed to edit them all at once? Whether they need to be resized, rotated, or combined into a photo album, editing the photos one-by-one can be a pain. BatchPhoto, which touts itself as the fastest photo editor, makes this easy. We’re giving away 25 copies of BatchPhoto Home for Windows and Mac worth nearly $875 this week! Read on for instructions on entering our giveaway and earning your own copy!


Easily Subscribe To Feeds With The RSS Subscription Extension [Chrome]

15th June, 2012

If you regularly use Google Reader or any other feed reader, you’ve probably noticed a missing feature in Google Chrome. Most browsers offer a built-in way to detect and subscribe to RSS feeds, but Chrome doesn’t. The Google-created RSS Subscription Extension for Chrome adds this missing feature, along with previews of RSS feeds.


7 Useful Tips & Tricks For Internet Explorer 9 Users

13th June, 2012

Tech websites write a lot about Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, so it’s easy to feel a bit left out if you use Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 9 is easily the best version of Internet Explorer ever released, and it includes some cool features. If you’re an Internet Explorer user, here’s a collection of browser tips just for you.


6 Ways To Take Screenshots On Android

11th June, 2012

No matter which Android device you have, you can take a screenshot without rooting your device. But rooting your device offers you some neat tricks — even if you’re using Android 4.0. You can take screenshots by shaking your device or wirelessly via a web browser.


Accelerate Your Google Searches With Google Quick Scroll [Chrome]

8th June, 2012

Have you ever performed a Google search, found what looked like a good result, clicked the link – and then found yourself staring at a dense page full of information? You wanted a quick answer, but you ended up looking at a long webpage with no idea where the information you want is.


Should You Pay More Attention to Windows Software Error Reports? [Geeks Weigh In]

6th June, 2012

Windows tracks every application crash and freeze on your system. It records detailed information about the crashes and even tries to provide a solution to each error report, helping you fix problems. With that in mind, the question is: should you pay more attention to these error reports and solutions?