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How To Manage 17 Years Of Bookmarks

19th December, 2012

Bookmarks seem to accumulate over time, growing into collections of hundreds or thousands over the years. If you only have a handful of bookmarks, this article isn’t for you – this is for the people with large collections of bookmarks. The tips here will help you tidy up your bookmarks, back them up, and make the best use of them.


Bring Back The Google Search Sidebar With These Tools

17th December, 2012

Change is the only constant. This is becoming even more true as we rely on web apps that can change out from under us. One day you’re using a familiar interface with features you rely on, and the next day you open your browser to realize that the interface you rely on is gone. We’re naturally wired to dislike change – even positive change – but not all change is for the best.


What You Need to Know About Securing Your Twitter Account

14th December, 2012

Twitter accounts are juicy targets for scammers and malware distributors. Once someone compromises your Twitter account, they can send out tweets with links to scams and malware, bombarding your followers with their junk. Strengthen your Twitter account’s security and prevent it from being used to attack your followers with these tips.


Modern Or Broken? Important Tips For Troubleshooting Windows 8 Apps

12th December, 2012

Windows 8 is shiny and new, bringing an entirely new and different application model and ecosystem. No matter how experienced you are at troubleshooting previous versions of Windows, you won’t be fully prepared to start troubleshooting Windows 8 when you first sit down with it. We’ve gathered some Windows 8 app troubleshooting tips. This is all still new to everyone, so this isn’t the ultimate guide to troubleshooting Windows 8 apps. That will come later.


How To Make Windows 8 Go Faster: 8 Tips For Improving Performance

10th December, 2012

Whatever you think of Windows 8 (at MakeUseOf, our opinions are mixed), it’s certainly speedy. Windows 8 boots faster than previous versions of Windows, has lower memory usage, and has a desktop that feels nice and snappy. Like all versions of Windows, Windows 8 has a variety of settings you can tweak to speed things up and make it even faster. Some of the tips here also apply to previous versions of Windows, but Windows 8 has some new tricks up its sleeve.


Top 12 Jelly Bean Tips For A New Google Tablet Experience

7th December, 2012

Android Jelly Bean 4.2, initially shipped on the Nexus 7, provides a great new tablet experience that outshines previous versions of Android. It even impressed our resident Apple fan. If you have a Nexus 7, Nexus 10, or another tablet running the latest version of Android, be sure to read these tips to make full use of your tablet.


4 Surprising Ways To Encrypt Your Data

5th December, 2012

Encryption is often considered the playground of geeks alone, but it doesn’t have to be. Encryption just means that information is scrambled and you can only access the real information with a special password or key. On an Internet where we don’t want our credit card numbers and other sensitive data exposed to prying eyes, encryption is an important tool.


Run For Your Life With Canabalt HD [Android]

3rd December, 2012

You’re in your office when the city is attacked. You start running, leaping over a chair and out the window of a skyscraper, landing on the roof of a nearby building. An airship whizzes by, disorienting you, and suddenly a missile falls from the sky and lands in front of you. You try to jump, but it’s too late – you didn’t make it. You’re playing Canabalt HD, an enhanced version of the popular flash game Canabalt.

Get Your Tablet On: 11+ Epic Android Apps Optimized For The Nexus 7

30th November, 2012

When Apple released the iPad Mini – jumping on board the 7″ tablet trend pioneered by Amazon and Google – they said Google’s Nexus 7 lacked good tablet apps. While Android may not have the selection of tablet apps available for Apple’s iPads, the Nexus 7 does have many great tablet apps that are optimized for the larger screen. Here are some of them.


Make Windows 7 & 8 Libraries Work For You

28th November, 2012

Libraries, found in Windows 7 and 8. are more than a list of suggested folders for saving documents, music, pictures, and video. Customizing your libraries isn’t just tweaking for the sake of tweaking – with libraries, you can streamline the way you organize your files and make yourself more productive. If you’ve ignored libraries so far and opted to organize your files the traditional way, be sure to give libraries a try.


Protect Yourself Online With Lavasoft Ad-Aware Pro Security [Giveaway]

27th November, 2012

If you’ve been around the Internet for a while, you probably remember Lavasoft Ad-Aware as one of the first big anti-spyware and anti-adware applications. Lavasoft Ad-Aware has become a complete antivirus and Internet security product, just as antivirus companies have added protection against spyware and adware to their own Internet security products. This week we’re giving away […]


It’s Not Easy, But You Can Uninstall Windows 8 And Revert To Your Old OS

26th November, 2012

If you’ve installed Windows 8 and found yourself wishing that you could go back to Windows 7 or another operating system, there’s a way to do this. If you installed Windows 8 in a dual-boot environment and kept your old operating system around, it’s not too hard – but if you’ve installed Windows 8 over your old operating system, you’ll have to reinstall the old operating system from scratch.


Not Sure About Upgrading? Then Why Not Dual Boot Windows 8 With Windows 7?

23rd November, 2012

Are you interested in Windows 8, but don’t want to abandon Windows 7 just yet? Well, why not dual-boot Windows 8 and Windows 7, selecting the operating system you want to use each time you turn on your computer? This allows you to test Windows 8 while keeping Windows 7 around as an escape hatch if you want out. This process will install Windows 8 on its own separate partition, leaving your Windows 7 system intact.


Tired Of Your Mouse Cursor? Replace It With Something Fresh & Beautiful [Windows]

21st November, 2012

Let’s face it, the mouse cursors included with Windows are getting a bit old. While it’s seen a few tweaks over the years, that white mouse cursor has remained largely the same for over a decade. You don’t have to wait for Microsoft to give Windows a new mouse cursor set – you can easily download and use beautiful user-created mouse cursor sets for Windows.


Make a Better Recycle Bin With These Great Tools & Tricks

19th November, 2012

Most of us are very familiar with the Recycle Bin. We use it regularly, and it seems like a feature we can’t do much to customize – deleted files go there, and we can permanently delete them later. But there’s a lot more you can do to customize and tweak your Recycle Bin, from placing it in your system tray and automatically clearing old files to changing its icon and name. The tips here apply to Windows 7 and should work similarly on Windows 8 and Vista, too.