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How To Print & Build Your Own Free, Beautifully Detailed 3D Models

2nd August, 2012

Having been enthused by the continuously dropping prices of 3D printers, I was recently checking out the latest models and making a decision on which one to choose when I had a moment of what can only be described as a nostalgic epiphany. There I was, wishing I could build toy boats and planes and cars with a new 3D printer when I suddenly realised that it was already possible to do all of this and more with my existing printer!


How To Fix Nokia Lumia 800 And Zune Connectivity Issues

1st August, 2012

Syncing this Windows Phone requires – as with any – the Zune software on your PC and a USB cable (Mac users can use the Windows Phone 7 Connnector for Mac). However for some of us this won’t work out of the box. The impact of this is that syncing your phone to your PC is prevented, which means that photos and videos can’t be saved to your computer and music can’t be copied to your phone. Fortunately there is a way around this, one that is easy to implement.


How To Deal With Post-Root Kindle Fire Syncing Issues

27th July, 2012

Amazon is very keen for the Kindle Fire to not be rooted – after all, this breaks the walled garden that they have set up for installing apps, etc. – and regularly push out updates that are intended to prevent or undo rooting. Meanwhile, problems accessing your Kindle books can also occur after rooting. Fortunately, all of these issues can be resolved, relatively quickly.


How To Change The Windows Logon Screen Message And Font

26th July, 2012

Previous versions of Windows have allowed various customization options, from desktop backgrounds and startup chimes to altering logon screen messages and text. However with Windows 7, these options have been restricted by Microsoft, leaving many users with a problem. you’ll have noticed that the Windows 7 logon message, the font and the colour of the text are apparently impossible to change. Or are they?


How To Make the Most of Your Kindle Fire’s 8GB Storage

25th July, 2012

I almost ran out of space on my Kindle Fire last week. Sadly, I was away from my computer, which meant I couldn’t simply move data off the device – I would have to delete it! Fortunately, this didn’t cause much of a problem as I was able to connect to my cloud storage account, upload some bulky data and then download the new book to my device. I should add here that not all of the storage on my Kindle Fire was taken up with eBooks!


Pornography Addiction: The Hidden Struggle & How to Break Free [Feature]

24th July, 2012

Anon22 discovered Internet porn when he was just 12 years old. For around 10 years, Anon22 has enjoyed pornography using his computer once or twice a day, a compulsion that he claims ruined his social life and limited long-term employment opportunities. We’ve gone out to learn more about this phenomenon, and discovered an amazing group of Internet users trying to kick the habit together.

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What You Should Know About Resolving Issues In The Zune Player

20th July, 2012

As a Windows Phone owner, I make a lot of use of the Zune application. When it went belly up recently and stopped playing some of my music, something had to be done. If you’re a Windows Phone user, the chances are that you make use of the Zune software on Windows 7 (or Windows Vista). Required by Windows Phone owners to sync data to and from their PCs, Zune is also a multi-purpose media management application.


Official Methods To Refresh Your Windows Phone’s Appearance

19th July, 2012

I’ve been using Windows Phone since its first week of release in the UK, back in October 2010. Since then I’ve enjoyed the tiles, the slick UI, the smug satisfaction of owning a phone that isn’t using the same UI five years after its initial release….and the pleasure of portable media and the ability to top up my Xbox Live score while I’m on the move. Of course, there are downsides to owning a Windows Phone, notably the lack of customization options.


Install Android Ice Cream Sandwich On The HTC HD2 In Minutes

18th July, 2012

Last week I was challenged to install Android Ice Cream Sandwich on the HTC HD2 in as little time as possible. The reason? It was my client’s lunch hour; she was sick of Windows Mobile and she wanted to play Angry Birds. The request came as no surprise; the setup and installation time for Android on the HP TouchPad is easily inside 30 minutes, so I happily accepted the challenge.


Cloud Storage Options For the HP TouchPad That You Should Know About

13th July, 2012

HP TouchPad users have a number of cloud options (whether using webOS or Android), enabling them to ensure that data remains safe on a remote server that can be accessed from a different computer in the event of mobile device failure.


Backup, Restore, And Update Android On The HP TouchPad

12th July, 2012

While webOS has a slick and pleasing user interface, the platform is sadly lacking in applications. As time progresses, developments to the drivers for these devices will result in a fully functioning Ice Cream Sandwich for the HP TouchPad; but how can you easily upgrade your existing Android installation?


Strip Down & Recycle Old Garden Solar Lamps For Tech Projects

11th July, 2012

Costing just a few dollars each, garden solar lamps are a low-cost solution to night-time illumination – and they might just give you a useful piece of equipment for completing a tech project. Whether you’re looking for a rechargeable battery, an LED or even the solar panel itself, these devices contain a wealth of components that can be repurposed.


Some Great Pinhole Camera Projects You Can Try At Home

6th July, 2012

Can you imagine life without cameras, with no way to record memories of faces and places? Modern photography has been with us since 1839, and in that time has become increasingly sophisticated, moving away from special chemicals and paper in favour of digital technology. We no longer need to carry around Polaroid instant cameras, yet we still try to recreate the look and feel of these images using filter tools for desktop and mobile apps.


Creative and Interesting Do-It-Yourself PC Cases: You Can Build One Too

5th July, 2012

In the early days of Google, the vast amount of storage that was required to analyse the structure of the World Wide Web was stored in a custom PC case made from Lego! It’s been 16 years since that device was in use, yet PC builders still throw money at new cases when it is pretty […]


How To Build Your Own Smartphone Document Scanner

4th July, 2012

Have you ever tried to take a photo of a document with your smartphone camera, hoping to convert it using OCR software into a PDF or Word document later on? Perhaps you’ve attempted to take a photo of an existing photograph, only to find your angle was slightly out. No matter how hard we try, it seems you can never take the perfectly-aligned photograph with a smartphone.