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Armed! Futuristic Real Time Strategy for Windows Phone 7

5th September, 2012

Gaming for Windows Phone is an interesting experience. While there are a whole host of great independent titles that don’t have Xbox Live integration, those that do are the ones that tend to be the most popular – for obvious reasons. One game that remains fascinating despite the lack of Xbox Live integration, however, is Armed!, a sci-fi themed RTS with three modes of play and an armada of futuristic weaponry.


Civilization Revolution For Windows Phone: Conquer The World

31st August, 2012

Thanks to the release of successive versions that take advantage of improvements in computing technology, Civilization has been a part of my life for years, so to finally get the chance to play it wherever I happened to be was something I was hardly going to pass up. As a result, I’ve had the mobile version of the game, Civilization Revolution, on my Windows Phone since April 4th, 2012 – the day of release.


A Day in the Life of a Videogame Scriptwriter [Feature]

31st August, 2012

If you’ve ever played a videogame that you really enjoyed, chances are you haven’t noticed the characters or any speech in the game – or if you have, you probably won’t have considered that they’ve been created, fleshed out and given dialogue by a videogame scriptwriter. One such writer whose stock is pretty high right now is Dean Wilkinson, responsible for the wonderful instructional dialogue spoken by Stephen Fry in LittleBigPlanet and more recently the pen behind the words of Matt Berry’s Don Keystone in the forthcoming Worms: Revolution. We went out to meet Dean at his office, and see what it’s really like to write scripts and content for high-profile videogames.


Why Won’t My Windows 7 Updates Install?

30th August, 2012

Windows Update is one of the key elements of Microsoft’s operating system for keeping your computer working and up to date. Without it, your computer would freely collect malware, unpatched security holes would be exploited and generally things would run pretty slowly. Fortunately, your computer does have Windows Update, capable of adding new functionality, fixes, service packs and device drivers to your Windows 7 PC or laptop. But what happens when Windows Update goes wrong?


How To Save A Wet Cell Phone Or Tablet

29th August, 2012

I’ve got bad news for you. Dropping your phone in a puddle of water, bath, sink, toilet – even getting caught in a heavy shower – will leave it irreparably damaged. The same goes for tablet computers. No more apps, games, Facebook, phonecalls or browsing. All gone. That is, if you leave it switched on. Switching it off right away is probably the best solution, but it’s not all bad news. In fact, there are a number of ways in which you can stop your phone or tablet computer from being left as nothing more than an expensive brick following prolonged contact with water.


How To Make Your Phone’s Battery Last Longer And Hold More Juice

24th August, 2012

In a society where energy costs are rising, brownouts and blackouts are more common and the urge to stay connected is ever-greater, knowing how to manage your mobile phone’s battery as effectively as possible is increasingly important. This isn’t only to keep costs down – it’s also about staying in communication with emails and social networking services as well as text messaging and phone calls.


How To Get Windows 8 For The Lowest Possible Price

23rd August, 2012

Whether the mixed reviews of the preview releases of Windows 8 have influenced pricing or Microsoft are simply taking a leaf out of Apple’s book isn’t quite clear, but the price of a new copy of Windows 8 will be noticeably lower than a comparative copy of Windows Vista or Windows 7. Indeed, there is a chance of purchasing Windows 8 for under $15!


What You Need to Know About Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

22nd August, 2012

The Raspberry Pi computer is the latest in a line of compact, multi-function devices, shipped as a barebones package so that end users can use the hardware for virtually any computing project that comes to mind. For instance, the device – designed originally to aid school children learn programming skills – is ideal for media streaming, or using as the key element in a MAME gaming unit.


Hotmail Account Blocked? Here Is How to Fix It

17th August, 2012

Over the last few years, Microsoft has expanded the Hotmail/Windows Live services to include a dazzling array of browser-based services. With so many features offered for free you might think that this is a pretty good deal – and it is. But what happens to your emails and data when your account is blocked? How might this happen, and is there a way of overcoming it?


The Top 5 Amazing Uses For Your Raspberry Pi Computer

16th August, 2012

I’ve recently received my Raspberry Pi after a long wait – and I’ve got quite a few plans for it. The problem is, I’m not totally sure which project I want to attempt first. While the idea of a carputer is a compelling one, my mobile phone and GPS unit seem to fulfill this purpose already. Meanwhile, I’ve long had ambitions to build a MAME arcade machine unit, but never quite got around to it.


How Does Windows Phone 8 Improve On Windows Phone 7?

15th August, 2012

Since its release in October 2010, Windows Phone 7 has improved considerably, entering a market dominated by Apple and Android while doing its best to overcome the shrinking market share left by its precursor, Windows Mobile. The initial launch wasn’t perfect; certain vital aspects were omitted, such as copy and paste and threaded message conversations, […]


How To Prevent Updates On Your Rooted Kindle Fire

10th August, 2012

If you’re one of the many Kindle Fire owners that have rooted their device in order to add functionality (such as access to Google Play) then you will want to prevent the update being sent to your Kindle Fire. Once an update is applied, it undoes the root! Fortunately, several apps can be installed on your Kindle Fire that can be used to prevent future Kindle Fire updates.


The Secret Of Designing & Building Custom Paper & Card Models With Pepakura

9th August, 2012

Recently on MakeUseOf we showed you how to find, download, print and build your own card models. This got me thinking about just what card models I would enjoy printing out and building. After all, when you’re downloading templates, you’re accepting a prescribed design and method of construction. Like me, you might prefer to create different models, preferably with a better focus on building rather than a heavy bias on the end product.


How To Connect Your Wiimote To Your PC

8th August, 2012

How do you prefer to interact with your computer? Sometimes a mouse and keyboard just isn’t enough. Depending on what you’re doing, a completely different interface method is required for you to get the most out of your computer. Personally, I use a trackball and keyboard, for gaming as well as standard use, and there are many Windows computer owners who prefer to do the majority of their work using a graphical tablet and stylus.


How To Fix A Windows 7 Infinite Reboot Loop

3rd August, 2012

Have you ever encountered an infinite reboot loop? It is instantly recognisable by the failure of Windows to correctly load up after switching on your PC or laptop. Fortunately thanks to the way in which Windows 7 was designed it is possible to resolve a reboot loop in a relatively short space of time.