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Christian Cawley is MakeUseOf's security editor, Android tinkerer, Windows Phone mentalist, and Doctor Who fan. Follow him as @thegadgetmonkey on Twitter.

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You Are The Law: Dredd vs Zombies For Windows Phone

3rd May, 2013

Although it is not an actual movie tie-in, Dredd vs Zombies was released for several gaming platforms in 2012 and has recently become available for Windows Phone. While there are similarities between the game and the movie (the single-word reference to the character’s name, the “clean-up” of enemies and the persistent progress through locations), this isn’t a tie-in. It’s something else entirely!


Action/Strategy Intensity Makes Extraction: Project Outbreak For Windows Phone Unmissable

2nd May, 2013

Those pesky zombies – even when they’re not described as such, have become the de facto earthbound opponent in many video games, and that’s the case in Extraction: Project Outbreak for Windows Phone in which a bunch of “bio-engineered weapons” have gone rogue and escaped. The result is that you take charge of a military contractor who drops in to exterminate the zombies, in a sort of action/strategy game combo.


Turn Your Friends Into Freaks With Morfo

1st May, 2013

Photos are fun – the rise of successful snap-and-filter apps and services such as Instagram and its “fake Polaroid junkies” are proof of this – but sometimes it’s possible that we don’t fully realise the potential of the images we snap, particularly on digital cameras and smartphones. I stumbled across Morfo back in 2010, shortly after the release of Windows Phone 7.


Be a Deity With Doodle God On Windows Phone

26th April, 2013

Despite being considered a platform with “hardly any apps”, Windows Phone has a remarkable amount of good games available. Among these is Doodle God, a quirky little title that originally found life on the iPhone in June 2010 before quickly spreading to Windows Phone in November of that year. Sticking the word “god” into the title of a game adds a certain element of power, quality and all-round awesomeness, things that aren’t always well-deserved.


3 Ways to Display Your Raspberry Pi On a Monitor Or TV

25th April, 2013

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, home computers didn’t rely on dedicated monitors to display operating systems, applications and games. In those days, things were far simpler. Instead of paying extra for a monitor, the majority of home computer and console owners were happy to use their televisions. It might seem odd now, but 30 years ago people thought little of ignoring TV programs to play video games.


Metro/Modern Apps Unstable? Try These Tricks

24th April, 2013

Over the past few months I’ve been getting to grips with Windows 8 in its most ideal format, on a touchscreen device. The experience has been largely favorable, although as far as the new Metro/Modern UI goes, I tend to restrict its use to the tablet display while enjoying traditional computing through an external monitor. This setup works for me, enabling me to get on with work while able to quickly check news, weather or listen to the radio.


Is Rowi The Best Twitter App For Windows Phone?

19th April, 2013

I was made aware of a new app, Rowi, which has been attracting great reviews. It seemed sensible to check it out and compare with what I was already using. Initially I was skeptical After all, even if the native Twitter integration on Windows Phone wasn’t meeting my needs, I could still use the third party app, which has recently had a visual overhaul to bring it into line with the Android and iOS versions. What exactly could Rowi bring to the table?


What Are Your Favourite Windows 8 Metro/Modern Apps?

19th April, 2013

With Windows 8 comes a whole host of new apps for Microsoft’s veteran operating system, but which of these new, tile-based “Metro-or-Modern” apps would you like to see on our list of the best? One lucky MakeUseOf reader will receive 150 MakeUseOf points (valued at $15) for the most useful suggestions, so if you’re using Windows 8 and have some favourite apps you wish to share, start by leaving your comments!


3 Ways You Can Improve Smartphone Reception

18th April, 2013

Whenever I’m at my favourite pub (admittedly not often) or at my mother-in-law’s (sadly more often than I would like) I find that I have considerable trouble making a phone call. How can mobile phone networks claim such high coverage when the majority of people can easily recall occasions when making a connection has been a trial? We’ve all stood on chairs with our phones held aloft, trying to “hook” onto a stray signal, but surely there is a better way?


How to Install Flash On Your Android Jelly Bean Tablet or Phone

17th April, 2013

For the past few years, Adobe Flash has proved quite controversial. Ever since Apple opted to block support for it on iOS – thereby forcing anyone who wanted to use the iPhone or iPad to rely on other solutions (usually HTML5) its future has remained in doubt, with only traditional desktop and laptop users still regularly using it. Despite the lack of native support for Flash or the ability to easily install it through Google Play, it is actually possible to install the software on a modern Android device and reap the media streaming and gaming benefits.


Raspberry Pi Projects: A Car With Night Vision, Google Glass-like Translation, And More

12th April, 2013

We’ve previously looked at some excellent uses for this British minicomputer, but the fact is that it is just so versatile that there is always something amazing to talk about. Who would have thought that the Raspberry Pi could be used for so much more than its original purpose of educating, providing a platform for children to learn how to program?


Collect Little Acorns And Unlock Xbox Live Achievements On Windows Phone

11th April, 2013

As aims of games go, this one is pretty noble – guide Mr Nibbles through 80 different levels to collect nuts and fruit to put away for winter, thereby providing the family of squirrels with enough food. Spread across four years – with four seasons in each – this is a particularly long game for a mobile platform.


How Your Carrier Can Make Your Smartphone Dumb & What You Can Do

10th April, 2013

Looking for contacts on my wife’s Android phone this morning, I was astonished at how slow the process had become. After eventually creaking through the menu for the details I needed, I switched the device off and back on. A short wait ensued, followed by another. Ceri isn’t a habitual app user, and her phone remains unmodded, so what could have been causing these performance delays. And then it struck me. The problem wasn’t with Android.


Have Office 2010? Don’t Buy Office 2013 – Here’s Why

5th April, 2013

I’m coming to the end of my trial period with Microsoft Office 2013. Over the weeks it has been a reasonably solid experience with one or two quirks causing me no end of frustration. But do I want to upgrade? Do I want to pay for a subscription or full purchase or would I prefer to stick with Microsoft Office 2010, a suite that I’ve been using successfully for several years now? Indeed, should I even think of abandoning Microsoft in favour of an open source alternative?


How To Add MPEG 2 To Your Raspberry Pi Media Centre

4th April, 2013

Cueing up some videos to enjoy on my Raspberry Pi yesterday, I made a startling discovery – it wouldn’t play MPEG videos! Has this happened to you? Are you running a RaspBMC media centre on your Raspberry Pi computer, or enjoy viewing videos through the desktop? Have you noticed that certain video files cannot be played back? If so, you’re not alone.