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Christian Cawley is MakeUseOf's security editor, Android tinkerer, Windows Phone mentalist, and Doctor Who fan. Follow him as @thegadgetmonkey on Twitter.

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It’s More Expensive Than Blood: How To Squeeze More Ink Out Of Your Printer

7th December, 2012

Although things are getting better (some printer manufacturers have radically reduced the cost of ink) as far as the owners of many sub-$100 printers are concerned, the price of ink is staggeringly close to the price of the printer. This underlines the manufacturers’ attitude to the devices – that they’re consumables, intended to last just a couple of years before being replaced. There are several ways in which you can force your printer into sharing a bit more ink with you.


Ways To Watch TV On Your Nintendo Wii

6th December, 2012

As you’re probably aware, the new Nintendo Wii U has just been launched, which pushes the already low cost of the Nintendo Wii even further down. The result of this is a games console that can be used as the main interface for your home theatre system that can be picked up for under $50 and has access to a wide selection of TV playback services.


HP TouchPad Not Charging? Don’t Worry, It’s Probably Not Bricked!

5th December, 2012

The HP TouchPad is a remarkable piece of kit. This tablet computer with its dual core CPU was released with a buggy version of the webOS operating system back in mid-2011 and failed to capture the imagination of app developers, leading to HP dropping the device within weeks of its launch. The ensuing firesale resulted in tablets being picked up brand new for under $100 on both sides of the Atlantic.


Email Goes Modern: Three Windows 8 Email Apps

30th November, 2012

With your shiny new Windows 8 device or upgrade booted up, tiles gleaming at you and winking with useful information, you might take a few moments having a look around before you get the chance to look at the email client. I should add here that not all versions of Windows 8 come with the Microsoft Mail client pre-installed. It really depends on the version and the manufacturer of your Windows 8 computer.


3 Skype Security Issues and Threats You Should Know About

29th November, 2012

The world’s favourite voice over IP, text, voice and video chat system, Skype is one of those rare things, an app that has found a place in the hearts and minds of computer and smartphone users regardless of what operating system and manufacturer they have allegiance to. Of course, as any scam-aware users (and indeed, scammers) know, where there is widespread use of a piece of software, there is an opportunity to rip someone off, usually with malware.


Windows Phone 8: The Complete Review

28th November, 2012

Question: how do you improve on perfection? Answer: you wait for someone else to have a go. A quick look around the smartphone market reveals that Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems are top dog, while Nokia’s Symbian, RIM’s BlackBerry and Microsoft’s Windows Phone are eager for scraps thrown from the table.


Internet Explorer 10 Tips and Tricks: It Can Do More Than You Think

23rd November, 2012

When Microsoft unveiled Windows 8, one of the most interesting things about it was the new iteration of Internet Explorer. If viewed via the Start screen, the slimmed-down browser offers maximum space for viewing web pages thanks to the position of buttons and the address bar striped across the bottom of the screen (where people don’t usually read). It’s a fascinating new approach, but Internet Explorer 10 is apparently low on features and options.


The Top 5 Cool Hidden Features In Windows 8

22nd November, 2012

It’s very square, Windows 8, don’t you think? Those tiles have such defined lines – edges you could almost cut yourself on – and impressions of the whole user experience seem to change from person to person. Depending on your needs and requirements, Windows 8 is either a white elephant or a superb piece of finger-focused modern UI design. However, it remains as tweakable as previous versions of Windows, just in other ways.


Killing the Man: Making A Living As an Artist Online [Feature]

22nd November, 2012

Can you really “kill the man” and make a living on the Internet as a creative professional? I spoke to a quartet of creatives recently, each proudly working for themselves in different ways. Read on to find out more about a freelance writer forced into his dream career through redundancy, a photographer who stumbled upon a means of making money through her ability with Photoshop, an artist who followed her dream instead of processing card payments and a journalist who found himself offered a six book deal by a major publisher!


Word 2013: An In-Depth Review Of What You Should Expect

21st November, 2012

It’s been three years since Microsoft launched Office 2010. Released alongside online versions (Microsoft Office Web Apps) of its popular applications, the jewel in the crown of the suite was, of course, Microsoft Word. Offering some minor improvements to the user interface following the introduction of the ribbon menu in Word 2007, the 2010 release looks very much like its predecessor. With Word 2013, however, things are slightly different.


Setting Up Your Raspberry Pi For Headless Use With SSH

16th November, 2012

The Raspberry Pi can accept SSH commands when connected to a local network (either by Ethernet or Wi-Fi), enabling you to easily set it up. The benefits of SSH go beyond upsetting the daily screening of The Simpsons or the latest celebrity news – using your Raspberry Pi without a dedicated display (also known as “headless”) can allow you to leave the device set up in a particular configuration without the worry about anyone disrupting things.


Winter Is Coming: Using A Smartphone Or Tablet In Extreme Weather Conditions

15th November, 2012

From time to time I have to venture outside and this can mean using my phone, tablet or even (in rare cases) a laptop to get work done while in transit. Extremes of weather can wreak havoc on digital hardware, so it pays to be aware of just what you need to do to keep using your smartphone on extremely hot days, heavy rain and freezing cold weather.


How To Access Netflix On Almost Every Platform Known To Man

14th November, 2012

I don’t like horror movies. Classic horror I can cope with; I enjoy Alfred Hitchcock’s psychological horror, for instance, but I’m not a fan of scares and gore, as a rule. My wife, on the other hand watches such films with considerable regularity, often on Netflix. Now, Netflix has this really cool feature. Ideal for, say, viewing on your games console over breakfast and continuing on your smartphone on the train.


How To Find Virtually Any Mobile App For Free, Legally

9th November, 2012

I was recently looking for a new game to pass the time on my Android tablet; a quick browse through the Play Store yielded little of interest in terms of free titles. However, one game did catch my eye, but due to the situation (waiting in a local doctor’s surgery)  I didn’t want to go […]


How To Manage Your Website From Your Mobile Or Tablet

8th November, 2012

Around ten years ago I got hold of my first mobile device, a HP Pocket PC that enabled me – wireless networks provided – to get online and browse the web in a very basic version of Internet Explorer. It wasn’t long before I was more interested in accessing the backend of websites rather than […]