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Christian Cawley is MakeUseOf's security editor, Android tinkerer, Windows Phone mentalist, and Doctor Who fan. Follow him as @thegadgetmonkey on Twitter.

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How I Watch TV On My Smartphone

10th September, 2013

The tide is turning against the traditional TV model of schedules and weekly serials. Not only can you watch most TV shows online, either live or on your own schedule, it has also become easy to watch television on your smartphone. A handful of web services, mobile apps and the increasing availability of fast and affordable data connections enable you to stream your favorite videos whenever and wherever. Here is how I watch TV on my smartphone and what I have learned along the way.


3 Potential Raspberry Pi Successors

9th September, 2013

It’s a fantastic little device, a low-spec computer available for under $30 – but how long will the Raspberry Pi dominate the small PC hobbyist market? Are there any competitors ready to take its place?


Why Do Gmail Conversations Break in Windows Phone?

7th September, 2013

“For goodness sake, not again!” That’s me, after yet another Gmail conversation “broke” on my Windows Phone. I have multiple accounts grouped using linked inboxes, so that on my Start screen I have two icons for email messages, one for work, and one for personal. With one of my email accounts, I can’t reply to colleagues without breaking the email thread. The result displays HTML code in my response, making it difficult for my recipients to read the message; an appropriate word, as the result is a mess.


Help! My DVD Is Stuck in the Tray!

4th September, 2013

What happens when your DVD gets stuck in the tray? Can you remove it easily, or is it trapped in the drive until you can take your computer to an technician? Thankfully, the answer to that last question in most cases is no. Pretty much all that happens when your disc becomes stuck is that the tray will not open, likely due to a power or device driver issue. Several methods have been tried and tested to help you retrieve your stuck disc – so many, in fact, that they can be attempted in the order described below.


Fraudsters Still Clone Credit Cards: Keep Plastic In Your Pocket

3rd September, 2013

If you regularly pay by credit or debit/cheque card (and who doesn’t these days?) you should be aware that your card can be cloned. But how is this done, and what types of business are particularly vulnerable to criminals hanging around pinching your card details? Speaking personally, I had a credit card cloned back in 2007 at a popular pizza restaurant chain in the UK – by a member of the serving staff. When I next checked my balance I saw that I had been shopping in Liverpool later that day – a good 100 miles away from where I ate the pizza.


How To Remove Ads From Native Windows 8 Apps

1st September, 2013

In-app adverts have become a bit of a problem for Windows 8 users, particularly for those native Microsoft apps that you’ve already paid for. With third party apps you get the option of upgrading to remove the ads; this isn’t the case with apps like Bing News. Ads can be distracting and disruptive, and when found within apps that you’ve already paid for, their presence can become pretty galling. Fortunately, there is a very good chance that you are able to remove the adverts from native Microsoft apps.


No DVD Drive On Your Tablet Or Notebook? Use An Old Laptop Drive Instead!

28th August, 2013

More and more Windows computers are shipping without optical drives, and this is a phenomenon that exists beyond the tablet PC. The lack of a DVD drive might prevent you from installing your favourite apps or checking archive discs – even ripping your old CDs and DVDs. Fortunately, there are workarounds.


Use Your Raspberry Pi Like a Desktop PC

26th August, 2013

There are so many amazing things that you can do with a Raspberry Pi, from running your own space program to building a media centre. Although ostensibly intended as a compact computer that can be produced cheaply in order for students to learn programming basics, the Raspberry Pi has developed into something of a phenomenon. But what about using it as a desktop PC?


Kindle Giving You Trouble? Three Easy Fixes and Troubleshooting Steps

24th August, 2013

The Kindle range of e-readers from Amazon are excellent, lightweight devices that enable you to carry your library of books around wherever you go – but what happens when a Kindle goes wrong?


How Do I Convert My Blog from to

24th August, 2013

Take control over your site: move it from to your own servers. Your data can be migrated to a blog with considerable ease. I’ve been maintaining a diary since my children were born in 2011, which I intend to one day publish for them to read. The contents are pretty verbose and combine their […]


How to Replace or Upgrade the SSD in Your Windows 8 Tablet

22nd August, 2013

With less than 4 GB of storage remaining on my Windows 8 tablet – and the majority of useful applications, cloud storage and games installed on my external USB 3.0 drive – I decided that it was time to upgrade the tiny 64 GB mSATA SSD. Without the advantage of an SD card slot on my Acer Iconia W7 series tablet, opening the device and replacing the mSATA SSD with a high capacity replacement was really the only option, short of buying a new computer.


Game On: 10 Windows 8 Metro Games You Don’t Want To Miss

21st August, 2013

Gaming on Windows 8 has also proved a provocative talking point, with people such as Valve chief Gabe Newell declaring that the platform would be “a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space.” Naturally, the vast majority of games that run on Windows 7 will also run on Windows 8 in desktop mode – but what about games for the touchscreen, Modern/Metro mode? In fact, there is a good selection of titles, from platform-specific strategy games to titles ported from iOS and other platforms.


How The Next Web Was Born: A Talk With Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten

19th August, 2013

Part event, part website, The Next Web is among the most influential blogs and can easily be described as an online juggernaut. Founded in 2006 as a technology conference (which now runs annually), the popular TNW blog was launched in 2008. There are few overnight successes in business, but the positive reaction the then 24-year-old Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten and his colleagues Patrick de Laive and Arjen Schat experienced following the first conference showed them that they had created something.


Four More Superb Games from the Raspberry Pi Store!

16th August, 2013

If you thought gaming on the Raspberry Pi was limited to setting up emulators with RetroPie or watching other gamers on YouTube (perhaps via the RaspBMC media centre solution) then prepare to be surprised. While you won’t find Halo running on the Raspberry Pi you’ll certainly find some fascinating gaming alternatives.


Storing and Accessing Data Using Raspberry Pi: What Are Your Options?

9th August, 2013

We’re looking here at the different storage uses that your Raspberry Pi can be put to, from configuring it as a NAS box controller with an external hard disk drive connected to creating your own cloud storage system and using your Raspberry Pi as a web server. Each of these is easily achievable, straightforward to setup and can provide you with excellent storage benefits on your home network and beyond.