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Christian Cawley is MakeUseOf's security editor, Android tinkerer, Windows Phone mentalist, and Doctor Who fan. Follow him as @thegadgetmonkey on Twitter.

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8 Awesome Free Games for Windows 8

30th October, 2013

There are some superb games available for Windows 8, but most of these aren’t free. So what do you do if you want some no budget gaming – and is it possible to top up your Gamerscore without paying for a Xbox Live title?


How to Get Digital DAB Radio in Your Car

29th October, 2013

How do you get digital DAB radio in your car, maintain signal strength and, ultimately, enjoy trouble-free digital audio broadcasts while you travel from A to B?


How To Find Your Lost or Stolen Windows Phone

25th October, 2013

Did you enable Find My Phone, yet? One day, this native Windows Phone feature may re-unite you with your device. Better check whether it’s turned on before it’s too late!


Windows Phone 8 Voice Recognition Tips and Tricks

23rd October, 2013

Why would you pick up your phone if you could just tell it what to do? Windows Phone 8 has several very good speech recognition options. Give laziness and productivity a boost with our tips & tricks.


This Is What’s Missing From Windows Phone 8

22nd October, 2013

Are you thinking about getting a Windows Phone 8? Although touted a next generation platform by Microsoft, Windows Phone 8 is missing several features considered standard by its competitors. Can you do without them?


Windows Phone 8 Lock Screen Options: Calendar, Email and Weather

21st October, 2013

It might not look like much, but your Windows Phone lock screen can provide all manner of interesting and important information to you – and it can do this natively, without third party apps.


Press Play: The DVDFab Media Player 2 Manual

17th October, 2013

In an age when computer operating systems no longer ship with the right software to playback video DVDs and Blu-rays, what you need is an app that will do it for you.


6 Reasons You Should Be Using LinkedIn: How It Helped Me

15th October, 2013

You’ve seen the word “LinkedIn”. What is this social network for professionals actually for? Could it be that you’re missing out?


How to Make Your Own Dashcam For Your Car or Bike

14th October, 2013

There are so many awesome uses for an old smartphone – but have you considered setting it up as a dashcam?


Make The Most Out Of Your MicroSD Cards

13th October, 2013

Have you got microSD cards lying around that you’re not really using? Make better use of them with adaptors, tablet storage and more. How many microSD cards do you have in your drawers, desk tidy or cluttering up shelves? Easily lost, these small storage devices have capacity seemingly beyond their physical dimensions, but there is […]


Build a Motion Capture Security System Using a Raspberry Pi

11th October, 2013

Of the many projects that you can build with the Raspberry Pi, one of the most interesting and permanently useful is the motion capture security system.


Track Your Website’s SEO Performance with Positionly [Giveaway]

9th October, 2013

We’re giving away 10 Premium accounts valid for 6 months! Read on to find out more about Position and join the competition to win an account.


How To Monitor Storage Space & Remove Data On Windows Phone 8

7th October, 2013

Your Windows Phone 8 is down to only a few MBs of storage space. Time to make a backup and purge files you no longer need. Storage space management is now easier than ever before.


Great New Features For Windows Phone 8 Handsets With GDR2 Update

7th October, 2013

Do you depend on Google services on your Windows Phone? The latest updates not only fix bugs, but also add long awaited support for standard tools and introduce novel features, especially on Nokia Lumia phones.


How I Self-Published My Magazine Online And In Print

1st October, 2013

In August 2013 I reached the end of a project that had its origins over two and a half years earlier. I finally self-published my magazine online, but how did I manage it?