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Christian Cawley is MakeUseOf's security editor, Android tinkerer, Windows Phone mentalist, and Doctor Who fan. Follow him as @thegadgetmonkey on Twitter.

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10 Cool Accessories To Help Organize Your Desk

8th December, 2013

Living in a tangle of cables and gadgets? Looking for the best way to organize your desk to keep things nice and tidy?


Build A Custom Windows 8 Start Menu Using Toolbars

5th December, 2013

You’re using Windows 8. You want the Start Menu back – but do you really need it? Instead of relying on a third party substitute, build a custom Windows 8 Start Menu with a few clicks.


Expecting Skype To Be Perfect On Windows Phone? Think Again…

4th December, 2013

Owned by Microsoft since 2011, Skype would seem to be a perfect app for Windows Phone 8. But does it deliver free Skype to Skype video calls, instant messaging and voice calls as effortlessly as it should?


Top 6 Video Games With A Fun Foody Flavour

3rd December, 2013

Do you ever get hungry playing video games? One way to guarantee hunger pangs is to engage in some food-related titles – the more creative the game’s aim, the better!


Awesome Space Invaders-Style Action On Your Smartphone With Radiant

1st December, 2013

Looking for a decent Space Invaders clone for your smartphone? Radiant is a great choice that successfully evokes the pioneering spirit of classic gaming while updating the genre. Available for Windows Phone, iOS and Android.


How NOOBS For Raspberry Pi Can Help First Time Users

27th November, 2013

There is something about the Raspberry Pi that might just put people off: until now, setting it up has not been particularly user friendly. NOOBS aims to change that!


5 Ways to Ruggedise Your Raspberry Pi

26th November, 2013

Your Raspberry Pi might have only cost $40 or so, but it is remarkably precious. With many different projects underway, you need to keep it safe. A ruggedized case would be a good option, particularly for transporting your Pi or using it in outdoor projects. Why Ruggedize? There are many reasons to ruggedize your Raspberry […]


Navigate From A To B Fast With HERE Drive+ For Windows Phone 8

25th November, 2013

Your GPS-enabled smartphone can replace a SatNav! Equip your handset with turn-by-turn navigation app and you’re ready to go. HERE Drive+ is an excellent navigation aid for Nokia Windows Phone 8.


Action Cam – A Dashboard Camera For Windows Phone 8

21st November, 2013

Need to keep a video record of journeys in case of an accident and subsequent insurance claim? For Windows Phone users, Action Cam is a strong choice, but will it do the job reliably?


How Can I Tell If My New (Used) Smartphone Is Stolen?

20th November, 2013

If a brand new iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Nokia Lumia is beyond your budget and you don’t want to tie yourself to a contract, buying a used handset is often the popular – and obvious – choice. However, buying a phone this way can be laced with risk and danger. You might end up with […]


Why A Windows 8 Tablet Cannot Completely Replace A PC

15th November, 2013

A Windows 8 tablet can theoretically replace your beefy desktop computer, cut your electricity bill, and let you work from anywhere; except that it can’t. Hear the pros and cons from someone who tried it.


10 Best Resources for Raspberry Pi Owners

14th November, 2013

What can you do with a Raspberry Pi? If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s time to check the best online and offline resources.


How To Install Multiple OSes On A Single SD Card For Raspberry Pi

13th November, 2013

Running multiple projects on your Raspberry Pi usually requires a different operating system or configuration for each, best achieved with multiple SD cards. But is there a way to “dual-boot” the OS?


Easily Share Microsoft Office Documents on Windows Phone with SkyDrive

10th November, 2013

SkyDrive turns Microsoft Office Mobile into a powerful application. Start a project on your phone, pick it up in the browser, and finish it off on the desktop. Seamless integration and great Windows Phone options.


How To Best Use Or Disable The Windows 8 Touch Keyboard

8th November, 2013

Typing on a touchscreen is much easier if you know all the tricks! If you frequently type on your Windows 8 tablet, consider upgrading to Windows 8.1! It comes with many improved features as this article demonstrates.