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Bakari is a freelance writer and photographer. He‘s a long-time Mac user, jazz music fan, and family man. Bakari‘s Business Blog; Twitterme: @bakarichavanu; Google+

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Apple Retail Store - One to One

8 Troubleshooting Resources to Help You Fix Your Mac Problems

29th December, 2009

We Apple fans boast about our “trouble-free Macs”, and if you view past Macworld Keynotes you rarely witness problems with Apple software. Steve Jobs and his Apple staff make all their products seem cool and flawless. But we all know that’s not true. Mac hardware and software have countless bugs and issues like any other […]


How To Create A Logo Using Custom Shapes In Photoshop

26th December, 2009

First off, a warning. This how-to article is about graphic design written by a non-designer, for non-designers. I only claim to be someone who appreciates the art and work that real graphic designers do. But I also know that just like you don’t have to be a professional photographer to make great photos, you don’t […]


How To Use The Amazon Kindle Reader For The iPhone & iPod Touch

23rd December, 2009

If you’re an avid reader of books and an iPhone and iPod touch user, you owe it to yourself to download Amazon’s free Kindle reader for your iPhone. The biggest advantage in my view in using the Kindle reader is that you can download sample chapters of a books from the site for free. Being […]


3 Tips To Easily Add Images To Your iPhone

21st December, 2009

It’s easy enough to snap photos using your iPhone camera and in turn use the Photo Library application to view them. But how do you add images to your iPhone that were not taken with the built-in camera? Well there are a few free ways to do so. The iPhoto and Aperture Way The way […]


10 Must-know Introductory Photoshop Skills For Beginner Photographer

19th December, 2009

For many beginning photographers, any version of the image editor, Photoshop, can look quite daunting to use. With all the menu options, palettes, tools, filters, layer styles and various changes you can make to an image, it’s difficult to know where to start. This article provides some ways to get started with the most popular […]


Five Essential Smart Mailboxes For Apple Mail [Mac]

16th December, 2009

Next to haggling with dozens of web browsing pages scattered all over my desktops, managing several dozen emails per day used to be the bane of my computer-using life. But not much anymore after I started using Smart Mailboxes in Apple’s Mail. Smart Mailboxes work like smart albums in iTunes. They manage files according to […]


10 Simple Tips To Make Home Videos Look Professional

9th December, 2009

In the era of YouTube, home videos are as popular as family photos. Even if all you have is a video camera on your phone or digital camera, you still can create good videos. However, a dedicated video camcorder, such as a Flip Camcorder is a much better option. No matter which video camera you […]

Essential Video Tutorials For Shooting & Editing Video

Essential Video Tutorials For Shooting & Editing Video

5th December, 2009

Over the last several years I have shot about three dozen weddings using a Canon GL2 and various versions of Apple’s iMovie. When I first started out, I paid for a couple of video tutorials to help learn the craft, but nowadays you can learn all the basics by watching (and practicing!) free online video […]

_MG_6322 (1)

Basics: Aperture and Shutter Speeds for Beginning Photographers

2nd December, 2009

When you have an advanced compact or 35mm digital camera, the only way you can take full advantage of its advance features is to practice taking shots beyond the camera”˜s automatic mode. When you shoot in automatic mode, you’re telling the camera that you want it to figure out everything out for you. And in […]

Start The New Year With A Flickr Self-Portrait Project

Start The New Year With A Flickr Self-Portrait Project

28th November, 2009

One of the most popular groups on Flickr is one aptly called “365 Days“ , a year-long creative Flickr self portrait project started by Flickr member, Chris Maverick. Chris was inspired by another member, Stephen Poff, who was doing the project before Chris started the group, which has grown tremendously over the last several years. […]


12 Ideas On How To Take Better Photographs

20th November, 2009

Although I primarily photograph weddings and other special events, as a photographer who loves the craft of making photos I still need to get beyond my paying gigs and everyday family photos and explore other subjects to photograph. More-so, it’s important to tear myself away from browsing  and admiring wonderful and powerful travel photos posted […]


How To Create New Design Projects Using Avery DesignPro

19th November, 2009

To save money on digital printing costs, I use Avery media resources for doing small or short run print jobs, such as business cards, name badges, CD labels, and binder materials. The card stock for Avery resources has greatly improved over the years, and while its Matte White business card stock for ink jet printers […]


3 Inspiring Virtual Libraries for Avid Readers & Book Lovers

16th November, 2009

If you’re an avid reader of books like I am (though I don’t read nearly as many books as I used to, thanks to the Internet), there are a handful of useful social networking sites where readers can share and discuss what they reading. The best part about each of these sites is they provide […]


Chipotle – A Free iPhone Food Ordering App Done Right

12th November, 2009

I don’t want this article to sound like a PR piece for the Mexican grill restaurant, Chipotle, but writing as regular customer of the eatery, I want to share how well designed the company’s iPhone and iPod touch app (App Store link) is and why it should be a model for other eateries looking to […]


Browse Nikon Images on Your iPhone with Nikon’s Learn & Explore

8th November, 2009

If you’re a Nikon camera user and the owner of an iPhone or iPod touch, you’ll want to download the company’s recently released free application, Nikon: Learn and Explore (iTunes app store link.) The app is a multimedia magazine, featuring professional images and how-to articles by and about professional photographers. It doesn’t replace a well […]