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Bakari is a freelance writer and photographer. He‘s a long-time Mac user, jazz music fan, and family man. Bakari‘s Business Blog; Twitterme: @bakarichavanu; Google+

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How To Use The Character Panel In Photoshop

17th March, 2010

If you admire the professional type designs on the titles of books and magazine covers, gift cards, product packages, and posters, and you wanted to learn how it’s done, well you might try learning some of the tools in the Character Panel of Photoshop (or Adobe InDesign). What you will learn in this article won’t […]


The Commentor- A Visual Online Collaboration & Annotation Tool

15th March, 2010

There are several tools on the net for written online collaboration. For example, MUO recently published an article about for writing collaboration. But for those working on and seeking feedback on visual media projects, The Commentor might be a useful online collaboration tool. This site is useful for web designers, photographers, advertising agencies, and […]


How To Create Essential Smart Albums for Your iPhoto Library

12th March, 2010

One of the best features of Mac OS X applications is the smart folder technology found in the Finder, iTunes, iPhoto, Mail, and Address Book. Smart folders collect files based on rules you set for them. In many cases, smart albums can be the most useful ways to manage your computer content, saving you the […]


Share Your Media and Screen Sessions with Screencast

10th March, 2010

A few of us writers here at MUO are pretty fond of the free screen capture application, Jing, because of its practical and time saving features and because, if you haven’t noticed, we use lots of screenshots in our articles. MUO has already published a few articles about how to use Jing for both image […]


How To Lighten Dark Photos In Photoshop

8th March, 2010

Often times when you take photos with your camera’s Automatic mode, the images might come out too dark or too bright. The best the way to avoid that problem is to learn how to use your exposure compensation settings in your digital camera, by opening your aperture, or sometimes raising your ISO to increase your […]


Viewing Recent Searches On Google & Why Would You Care?

5th March, 2010

Without doubt, Google is the premier search engine for the Internet world. So much so that its name is both a noun and verb. We not only link to Google, but we also “google” stuff. Many of us “google” something several times a day because of its speed and accuracy of search results. But as […]


How To Use Your Mac’s Preview Application To Edit Photos

3rd March, 2010

Every Mac comes installed with Apple”˜s simple and useful application, Preview. Typically this application is used as the default program for viewing PDF’s, but this application can also be used to preview and edit photos. That’s right, some of the same basic editing and adjustment tools that you find in iPhoto or Photoshop are present […]


The Best Free Audio Recorder For The iPhone

1st March, 2010

If Apple”˜s default audio recorder, Voice Memo, were in the boxing ring with Blue Microphone’s Blue FiRe [iTunes link] iPhone and iPod app recorder, Apple’s Memo would be TKOed in the first round. Even though you may not need a lot of advance features in an audio recorder for iPhone, when a company like Blue […]


The Basics of How to Properly Resize Images in Photoshop

26th February, 2010

As the megapixel size of cameras get larger (the standard size seems to be 8 megapixels and larger), it means that the photos from your camera will be larger in pixel and document dimension sizes. These larger sizes do matter when it comes to printing, emailing, or posting images on a website. Any version of […]


iFlipr: A Free Tool to Make Flash Cards Online

24th February, 2010

In my college days, using flash cards to prepare for foreign language and other related exams were essential to my memorization process. In my day, you bought a pack of 3×5 cards and performed the labor of writing a question on one side of the card and the answer on the other side. Today, this […]


Get Your IRS Tax Questions Answered at H&R Block For Free

22nd February, 2010

Here in the U.S., the deadline for filing our tax returns is a little less than two months away (April 15th, for those of you don’t know.) And the folks at H&R Block have set up a website and produced a free iPhone app to answer IRS tax questions. It’s similar to our own MakeUseOf […]


Dragon: Two Free Voice Recognition Software For The iPhone

19th February, 2010

Many advanced computer users have long used voice recognition programs to both voice navigate their computers and for dictating writing. Both Windows and Mac have voice commands programs installed in their software systems, and there are two popular programs on the market, Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking (for Windows), and the Mac version of the voice […]


Photoshop Tips For Black & White Photography

17th February, 2010

One of the great features of digital photography is the ability to convert color images to black-and-white, or what some photographers call monochrome conversion. There’s little or no need to shoot digital photos in black-and-white when color images can easily be converted to black-and-white in Photoshop or a similar image editor. In this article, I’ll […]


The Best Free iPhone Flickr App: Darkslide vs. Flickr

12th February, 2010

If you’re a fan of the photo sharing site, Flickr and an iPhone or iPod touch user, you will want to download at least one iPhone Flickr app for browsing Flickr from your device and uploading photos to your account. There are a few paid options for iPhone Flickr apps, such as Mobile Fotos [iTunes […]


Compare & Contrast The iPhone Versus The iPod Touch

11th February, 2010

Apple’s third-generation iPod Touch and iPhone 3G and 3GS are the leading contenders in the Wi-Fi media players and smartphones market. These popular devices are not only about playing music and games, making phone calls, and running applications, they’re about elegant style, ease of use, and speed. When you compare and contrast the iPhone and […]