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Bakari is a freelance writer and photographer. He‘s a long-time Mac user, jazz music fan, and family man. Bakari‘s Business Blog; Twitterme: @bakarichavanu; Google+

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Annotate & Link PDFs Side-By-Side with Easy Annotate for iPad

28th November, 2013

There’s no shortage of PDF handlers for iOS, including iAnnotate and Apple’s recently spruced up iBooks app. It’s time to see how Easy Annotate keeps up with the competition.


Narrato Journal App Expands Services to Include Facebook Integration and Web Publishing

25th November, 2013

The iOS journaling app, Narrato, recently received an update that includes Facebook and integration through it’s Lifestream, and the ability for users to publish selected journals to the web.


Apple Store for iPad Arrives in Time for the Holidays

23rd November, 2013

Apple finally released on Wednesday an iPad version of its Apple Store app, which allows users to browse and order products, and make appointments at Apple retail stores.


Stay Connected With Google+ & Google Hangouts On Your iOS Device

22nd November, 2013

If you’re an active Google+ member and iOS user, you may find the official Google+ app easier to navigate on the iPhone or iPad than using the mobile website.


Use Vine to Shoot and View Looping Videos on Your iPhone

20th November, 2013

Vine is a popular free app from Twitter that allows you to shoot and share seven-second looping videos online.


Apple Adds Collaboration Features to iWork for iCloud and iOS 7 Redesign of iBooks

19th November, 2013

Apple has released updates to its online office suite of services, iWork for iCloud Beta. The updates include new real-time collaboration tools across all its devices, including the web platform.


Rdio: One of the Best Music Streaming Apps for iPhone

18th November, 2013

Rdio provides a free limited music streaming service and an inexpensive unlimited streaming service for $5 monthly. For an extra $5 per month, you can also stream Rdio to your iPhone using this app.


Evernote Releases New Safari Web Clipper Featuring Annotation Tools and Reader View

18th November, 2013

If you like reading, annotating and clipping web content, you might be interested to know that Evernote has just released a new update to their Web Clipper for Safari.


Day One Journal App Gets iOS 7 Update, Music and Activities Tracking, and 64-Bit Support

17th November, 2013

iOS journaling app, Day One, has had an iOS 7 redesign, including 64-bit support, and special features for iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and the new iPad Mini.


Let 1Password for Mac Manage Your Passwords & Secure Data

14th November, 2013

Despite the new iCloud Keychain feature in OS X Mavericks, I still prefer the power of managing my passwords in AgileBits’s classic and popular 1Password, now in its 4th version.


Aperture 3.5 Offers the Best Range of Photo and Editing Tools for the Mac

12th November, 2013

Despite being intended for professionals, any Mac user who shoots and edits lots of photos would do well to upgrade to Apple’s professional photo editor, Aperture.


Go Beyond Keyboard Shortcuts by Using Contextual Menus On Your Mac

10th November, 2013

Using assigned keyboard shortcuts is all well and good, but advanced Mac users know about the power of contextual menus when getting things done in OS X.


Apple Posts Update for Mail Client Fixing Compatibility Issues With Gmail

8th November, 2013

On Thursday afternoon, Apple finally issued an update for its OS X 10.9 Mail client, which was having stability and compatibility issues for users with custom Gmail account settings.


Use Puffin Browser To Play Flash Content On Your iPhone & iPad

7th November, 2013

Whenever someone asks me to recommend an app that supports Flash videos on their iPad, I recommend Puffin Web Browser.


Viddy Developers Release Two New iOS Apps and Rebrand As Supernova

6th November, 2013

Viddy have rebranded as Supernova, and have released two new iOS apps, Epic and Clique. Viddy allows users to shoot, post, and edit 15-second videos complete with background music, and special effect filters.