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Bakari is a freelance writer and photographer. He‘s a long-time Mac user, jazz music fan, and family man. Bakari‘s Business Blog; Twitterme: @bakarichavanu; Google+

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iPad Browsers Compared: Which Is Best?

28th March, 2014

Safari is the iPad’s default web browser, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s automatically the best tool for the job.


Tag Journal Captures Thoughts, Photos, Videos & Voice Recordings

27th March, 2014

A clean iOS 7 design and Markdown syntax support make Tag Journal an attractive option for new and existing digital notebook users.


Drag, Drop, And Save Anything On The Web Easily With Dragdis

25th March, 2014

When it comes to bookmarking and saving content on the Web, there’s no shortage of solutions. But a new service aptly called Dragdis makes the process a simple drag and drop process.


Publishing Platform Medium Releases Free Read-Only App for iPhone

22nd March, 2014

Medium, the publishing platform, just released its Medium for iPhone (Free), for the sole purpose of reading and sharing content published on the site.


Perform Siri-Like Voice Commands on Your Mac With Sinus

21st March, 2014

Apple hasn’t yet brought Siri to the Mac so we’ll have to make do with Sinus, a free app that attempts to mimic the usefulness of Apple’s assistant.


Even More Powerful BetterTouchTool Actions You Should Know About

20th March, 2014

If you want more control over your Mac using your Magic Mouse or trackpad, BetterTouchTool puts hundreds of actions at your finger tips.


ScreenFlow: The Best Application for Recording Screencasts On Your Mac

19th March, 2014

Though QuickTime Player can also do screen recordings, it doesn’t hold a candle to ScreenFlow.


Learning Markdown: Write For The Web, Faster

18th March, 2014

Markdown is essentially a syntax language for formatting text as you write. It’s fast, and built for people who write for the web.


Day One Journal Now Includes Web and Social Network Publishing

13th March, 2014

The developer of popular Mac and iOS journal app, Day One, just released a much anticipated update feature called Publish, that allows users to post their journal entries directly to the web and social networks.


MarginNote Offers Unique Approach To Annotating & Reviewing Documents

12th March, 2014

MarginNote provides a unique way to view a document and your notes at the same time.


Amazon Launches Seller App for iPhone With Barcode Scanner

11th March, 2014

Amazon now makes it easier for vendors and customers to sell books and other items using its Amazon Seller app for the iPhone, released leased week, and available for free download.


Alfred Or Keyboard Maestro: Which Works Best For You?

10th March, 2014

Keyboard Maestro and Alfred have saved me hours of time, and reduce hundreds of clicks and keyboard shortcuts on a daily basis to get things done.


Getty Images Makes 35 Million Images Available for Free Use With Embed Code

9th March, 2014

The leading stock photo agency, Getty Images, has made a bold decision to allow photos in its vast image library available for free use and posting, as long as they include the accompanying embedding code.


Send Content To Evernote In Record Time Using Drafts For iOS

6th March, 2014

If you’re a frequent Evernote user then note-taking app Drafts could save you quite a few taps and little hassle when adding new content from your iPhone or iPad.


MailMate: The Smart Solution for Getting Your Inbox to Zero

5th March, 2014

Your mail client should work for you, not against you. If your mailbox is cluttered with unread and unfiltered messages, you need to check out the IMAP mail client, MailMate.