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Bakari is a freelance writer and photographer. He‘s a long-time Mac user, jazz music fan, and family man. Bakari‘s Business Blog; Twitterme: @bakarichavanu; Google+

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MarginNote Offers Unique Approach To Annotating & Reviewing Documents

12th March, 2014

MarginNote provides a unique way to view a document and your notes at the same time.


Amazon Launches Seller App for iPhone With Barcode Scanner

11th March, 2014

Amazon now makes it easier for vendors and customers to sell books and other items using its Amazon Seller app for the iPhone, released leased week, and available for free download.


Alfred Or Keyboard Maestro: Which Works Best For You?

10th March, 2014

Keyboard Maestro and Alfred have saved me hours of time, and reduce hundreds of clicks and keyboard shortcuts on a daily basis to get things done.


Getty Images Makes 35 Million Images Available for Free Use With Embed Code

9th March, 2014

The leading stock photo agency, Getty Images, has made a bold decision to allow photos in its vast image library available for free use and posting, as long as they include the accompanying embedding code.


Send Content To Evernote In Record Time Using Drafts For iOS

6th March, 2014

If you’re a frequent Evernote user then note-taking app Drafts could save you quite a few taps and little hassle when adding new content from your iPhone or iPad.


MailMate: The Smart Solution for Getting Your Inbox to Zero

5th March, 2014

Your mail client should work for you, not against you. If your mailbox is cluttered with unread and unfiltered messages, you need to check out the IMAP mail client, MailMate.


Slack Makes Group Communication Faster and Easier

4th March, 2014

Group emails can really kill productivity. It’s time to put mail clients to rest and use collaboration services like newly launched Slack.


FCC Speed Test App to Measure Broadband Performance in the US

3rd March, 2014

The U.S. Federal Communication Commission (FCC) released this week an iPhone and Android Speed Test app which measures your mobile broadband performance, and displays results of download and upload speeds, latency, and packet loss.


SuperTab Launches Apps, Pastes Text, Takes Screenshots and Lots More

26th February, 2014

If you want quick access to nearly everything on your Mac, without opening Finder windows or remembering dozens of keyboard shortcuts, then you need SpriTec’s SuperTab for Mac.


What Makes OmniWeb 6 Better Than Safari, Chrome, and Firefox?

25th February, 2014

The Internet delivers information super-fast but cluttered web browsers don’t always handle this information in the most elegant of ways. This is why I recently started using OmniWeb again.


MacPilot Makes Changes To Your Mac You Thought Couldn’t Be Made

20th February, 2014

If you want more control over your Mac, Koingo’s powerful and easy to use MacPilot puts over one thousand tweaks at your command.


Clockwise Triggers Mac Actions So You Don’t Have To

18th February, 2014

A new minimalist program called Clockwise for OS X provides access to automated tasks right from your Mac’s menu bar.


Why And How You Should Self-Publish Your Diary Or Journal

17th February, 2014

Do you keep a journal or diary on one of the several online life logs? You might be interested in publishing your thoughts in form of a book. Self-publishing is easier than you think


Filmmaker Ken Burns Launches iPad App of Legendary Documentaries

15th February, 2014

Documentary filmmaker, Ken Burns, just released an iPad app, also called Ken Burns. The application is a collection of short streaming videos, spanning the history of the U.S., from 1776 to 2000.


Apple Releases 13 Remastered Beatles Albums for 50th US Anniversary

15th February, 2014

In celebration of the of the 50th anniversary of the The Beatles’ arrival in the U.S., Apple just released the North American editions of over a dozen albums available digitally for the first time.