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Bakari is a freelance writer and photographer. He‘s a long-time Mac user, jazz music fan, and family man. Bakari‘s Business Blog; Twitterme: @bakarichavanu; Google+

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Shazam Gets Continuous Listening in New iPhone and iPod Touch Update

22nd December, 2013

The recent update of the free iPhone and iPod touch app, Shazam, includes a feature for continuously recognizing popular songs and TV shows it hears.


iPad mini or iPad Air? Why & How I Use Them Both

22nd December, 2013

Recently I purchased the new iPad Air with the intention of selling or passing on my iPad mini. After spending time with both devices, I’ve realized that I use them both for different purposes.


Manage Your iCloud Storage Rather Than Paying for Yearly Upgrades

20th December, 2013

Having trouble keeping your iCloud account trim? Don’t pay for an upgrade, manage your free storage the smart way. Here’s how.


Dropbox Adds Support for PDF Annotations and iWork

18th December, 2013

Dropbox released another iOS app update that includes support for viewing annotations in PDF documents, support for exporting documents with more iWork formats, as well as assorted bug fixes.

From Food Menus to Photo Blogging: My 10 Favorite iOS Apps of 2013

16th December, 2013

My favorite apps of 2013 are those which I found most productive in helping me get things done, and here’s my roundup for iOS.


Twitter App Update Adds Photos in Direct Messages and Swipe Navigation for Timelines

15th December, 2013

Twitter released new phone apps, which can now share photos via direct message, adds a new single-finger swipe gesture for switching between Home, Discover, and Activity timelines, and support for Safari Reading List.


The Beginner’s Guide To Going Paperless With A Mac, iPad and iPhone

14th December, 2013

I don’t have the stats to prove it, but I think the money I save by going paperless practically pays for my Apple devices.


US-Based Doctor on Demand Launches Medical Consultation Service at $40/15 Minutes

13th December, 2013

A new medical service launched this week called Doctor on Demand connects consumers with a US-licensed physician, via a computer, smartphone or tablet. Service calls are $40 for each 15 minutes of consultation.

Stay Productive: My Top 10 Mac OS X Applications for 2013

11th December, 2013

Each year I look forward to rounding-up my top list of applications used throughout the year, and today I’ll start by listing my OS X picks.


Take Photo Notes On Your iPhone With Notograph, Meteor & Notica

10th December, 2013

One of the quickest way to take notes on your iPhone is by snapping photos with a photo note app like Notograph, Meteor, or Notica.


Save Or Share Everyday Moments With Lifelog Bokeh For iPhone & Web

6th December, 2013

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds are filled with photos of your friends’ daily activities and adventures, but a new lifelogging service called Bokeh offers a slightly different and more personal or private approach.


Stylize Your Markdown Documents With Marked for OS X

5th December, 2013

If you’re a recent convert to markup language Markdown, OS X application Marked ($3.99) provides a way to preview and output plain text Markdown documents in stylized formats not available in Markdown editors.


Access Your Computer Files Remotely From iOS Devices Using Younity

4th December, 2013

If you want to access all of your media files and large documents stored directly on your computer, you should check out iOS streaming app and service, Younity.


VMWare Fusion 6 Opens Windows On Your Mac

29th November, 2013

While Apple provides Bootcamp, a built-in OS X application for installing Windows on your Mac, virtualization program VMWare Fusion 6 allows users to run Windows without restarting their Mac first.


Annotate & Link PDFs Side-By-Side with Easy Annotate for iPad

28th November, 2013

There’s no shortage of PDF handlers for iOS, including iAnnotate and Apple’s recently spruced up iBooks app. It’s time to see how Easy Annotate keeps up with the competition.