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Bakari is a freelance writer and photographer. He‘s a long-time Mac user, jazz music fan, and family man. Bakari‘s Business Blog; Twitterme: @bakarichavanu; Google+

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Ditch The Dock To Speed Up Your Mac Workflow

2 weeks ago

While the dock can’t be entirely eliminated, there are many powerful alternatives that can reduce your dependence on using the dock as an app launcher.


Time To Ditch Evernote? Letterspace & Fetch Are Compelling Alternatives

11th March, 2015

If you’re looking for a supplement or an alternative to Evernote, let me — a notebook junkie — suggest Letterspace or Fetchnotes for pure simplicity and ease of use.


Power Up Your Mac Workflow With Alfred’s New Remote App

18th February, 2015

When it comes to getting more done on your Mac, Alfred Remote puts many common tasks quite literally at your fingertips via your iPhone or iPad.


How To Hold A Successful Conference Call On Your iPhone

11th February, 2015

Conference calling on your iPhone is basically a single-tap process, but there are other features you should know about to make the process easier to manage.


Make The Best Use of Evernote with Automated Note Reviews

4th February, 2015

Evernote is useful as a brain dump. But it doesn’t have a useful process for reviewing your content, which means lots of valuable information can be forgotten. Now, there’s a solution.


Create Attractive Graphics Without A Design Background On Canva

28th January, 2015

When it comes to giving your website and social network content an attractive edge, Canva is the online graphic design application and resource that can make it happen. I started a new blog site this year, and nearly all my designs for the site originate from Canva. I use Canva because it allows me, a […]


Is Apple Maps a Reliable Navigator Yet?

26th January, 2015

After replacing Google’s navigation, Apple Maps endured a rocky start, heaps of criticism and some very funny jokes – but has all been forgiven?


Get Some Work Done: The Best Writing Environments for Mac OS X

6th January, 2015

When tackling writing projects, you need the best writing environment possible to get the job done. Here are seven of them.


Put iPhone Reminders To Better Use With The Right Apps & Tips

5th January, 2015

Adding reminders and calendar events to your iPhone should be a painless process – and it can be if you use the right time-saving apps and tricks.


5 More iOS 8 Keyboards That Support GIFs, Fancy Fonts & Themes

1st December, 2014

You will be amazed by what features can be packed into simple keyboard.


Create Powerful Custom Mac Voice Commands With Yosemite & Automator

27th November, 2014

Here’s a Yosemite feature you might have missed: Apple has made it easier to create custom voice commands using Automator.


Control Your Mac With Voice Commands & Better Dictation In OS X Yosemite

26th November, 2014

You once needed expensive software and a lesson in patience to control your Mac with your voice, but now you can do it with little more than Apple’s latest free upgrade to OS X.


5 Basic Principles Of Graphic Design You Take For Granted Everyday

25th November, 2014

In the visual age of the Internet it’s relatively easy to create your own graphic designs, but they don’t have to look homemade.


How To Use Apple Pay To Buy Things With Your iPhone

22nd November, 2014

Your iPhone may some day be the only device you need to purchase products and services, but first you need to start using Apple Pay.


Solve Your Mac OS X Clipboard Management Problems With iClip

21st November, 2014

If you want to reduce the hassles of copying and pasting text or managing clippings, you should take iClip for a test drive.