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ValueJockey: Find Out What Things Are Worth

29th October, 2009

If you want to sell an item and don’t have a slightest idea about it’s value head to ValueJockey.com. It is a community driven website where anyone can list things (products and services) and get price suggestions along with tips for selling. Using the site is simple, you can search and browse the site for […]


ASCIIPaint: Draw ASCII Art Online

29th October, 2009

ASCIIPaint.com is a brand new application that lets you create ASCII art online. Unlike recently profiled ASCII art generator, ASCIIPaint lets you do it by drawing. ASCIIPaint provides you with an editor where you can pick a character and then easily draw lines, boxes and fill selected areas. Once ther ASCII is ready it can […]


SpecialGourmets: Find restaurants for people with food allergies

28th October, 2009

SpecialGourmets is a community driven web resource that acts as a global guide to hotels, shops and restaurants specifically catering for people with food allergies, dietary restrictions and celiac disease. It currently lists over 15,000 restaurants and shops all over the world. Users can search by location and filter results by service type (restaurant, hotel […]


TwiBack: Rotates Your Twitter Background & Profile Pictures

28th October, 2009

TwiBack is a new Twitter tool that lets you upload photos, set times and automatically rotate them as your background or profile pictures on Twitter. You can upload all sorts of photos, icons, avatars, patterns, designs, background wallpapers, even advertisements and they will change automatically. The site has simple interface and getting started is easy. Simply sign […]


CreateAgif: Free Online Animated Gif Creator

27th October, 2009

CreateAgif is a free online animated GIF creator that lets you select images on your computer and turn them into GIF animations. The animation size and speed can be customized according to your needs. Once the GIF is ready you can save it onto your computer, share it online or post it on your web page […]

AllMyApps: Install Multiple Programs At Once

27th October, 2009

If you have reformated your computer in the past, you would know that the process requires considerable amount of time and effort. Apart from the usual OS installation, you also need to reinstall a dozen of software programs. In an effort to make program installation process quicker and easier, a team of geeks came up […]


Ibizaah!: YouTube Video Mixer & Playlist Creator

27th October, 2009

Ibizaah! is a cool online YouTube video mixer and playlist creator that lets you play and browse YouTube videos at the same time. You can add videos to your playlists and fade sound between songs on the fly. It also has a really cool and addictive air raid siren that goes perfect with any techno, […]


Flags by Colour: View Flag Colors As Piecharts

26th October, 2009

Flags by Colours is an interesting web project (by Shahee Ilyas) that shows flags of over 200 nations as color piecharts. All of the flag piecharts are listed on one page, hovering mouse over particular chart presents the name of the country, clicking the charts shows the actual flag. There is also a big piechart […]


SeeNow: Have Fun With Your Photos Online

23rd October, 2009

SeeNow is another website that lets you have fun with your photos by morphing them into a series of popular image templates from movies, shows, magazines, music albums, sports… etc. The site currently has around 350 different templates, nicely sorted in various categories. The process is simple, just choose a template you like, upload your […]


ColorJive: Choose The Right Paint Color By Painting Your Room Online

22nd October, 2009

If you are planning to paint your room and not sure what colors to use, ColorJive can help. Using this website you may upload an image of your room and apply desired colors to the walls to see how the room looks with that color. The application is simple to use, just launch the editor […]


Icones.pro: 15000+ Free Downloadable Icons

21st October, 2009

Next time you need an icon for you website or design project make sure to check out Icones.pro. It offers a huge collection of free downloadable icons. There are currently more then 15,000 high quality icons available in PNG and ICO formats in several sizes. The site is only in French, however it’s really easy […]


SafeMess: Browser Based Text Encryption Tool

20th October, 2009

SafeMess is a new browser based text encryption tool that lets you quickly encrypt your text. It uses secure XXTEA 128-bit block cipher algorithm and the encryption is done with JavaScript locally inside your browser, no text or password is stored online. To encrypt, simply enter your text and password into provided fields and then click […]


Xm.my: Create Short Map Links for Any Location

19th October, 2009

Xm.my is a simple web tool that lets you create short map links for any location on Google Maps and easily share them online (Twitter, Facebook, Delicious… etc.) From the page: Map URLs are long. For example, the actual Google Maps link to San Diego looks like this: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=San+Diego&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=30.957823,56.513672&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=San+Diego,+California&ll=32.730108,-117.170563&spn=0.128233,0.220757&z=12 Try tweeting or texting this – […]

JacksonPollock.org: Create Jackson Pollock Style Paintings Online

18th October, 2009

JacksonPollock.org is a Webby Awards winner website (also an iphone app) that lets you create Jackson Pollock style paintings online. For those who never heard of Jackson Pollock before, he was an influential American painter and a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. Some of his paintings were sold for millions. To create your […]


Linkli.st: Create List Of Links & Easily Share Them

18th October, 2009

Linkli.st is a new web tool that makes it easy to create lists of links and share them with others. It provides a browser bookmarklet for quickly adding links to your list. You can create as many lists as you like and keep them organized in one place online. Created lists can be shared by forwarding […]