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Gazhoo: Sell & Buy Useful Documents Online

7th October, 2009

Gazhoo is a website that acts as an online marketplace for all sorts of document files, templates, legal forms, research papers, essays… etc. You can easily sell any document in any file format or search and purchase documents uploaded by others. Unlike traditional merchandise marketplaces ““ on Gazhoo you can sell multiple copies of the […]


PinkMirror: Remove Skin Spots from Your Portrait Photos

6th October, 2009

PinkMirror is a free online image enhancement tool that let you quickly remove skin spots, blemishes and marks from your portrait photos. The process is completely automated, you only need to upload your photo (minimum image resolution 500 x 600) and then click on “PINK MIRROR” button. Wait for 2 minutes and new enhanced image […]


iMapFlickr: Map Your Flickr Photos on Google Maps

5th October, 2009

iMapFlickr is a recently launched application that allows anyone to map Flickr photos on Google Maps and then easily share them online with others. It is free, easy to use, and the whole process requires three simple steps. 1 – Select Flickr photos. 2 – Customize map. 3 – Save and share it online. The […]


OnePageArtist: Get Information About Any Music Artist

5th October, 2009

OnePageArtist is a new mashup that aims to gather all relevant information about every music artist on a single webpage. It combines data from four hugely popular online resources: YouTube, Last.fm, Google Maps and Amazon.com. When you perform a search for a particular artist the information is nicely presented on a single page. The info […]


Tubillar: Play Virtual Pool Game Online

5th October, 2009

If you love pool and sometimes feel like playing a game or two online than Tubillar is for you. Tubillar is a website for pool enthusiasts where they play virtual pool game online and compete against each other. The site is free and allows users to play pool against computer without registration. However, if user […]


Cool Websites and Tools [October 4, 2009]

5th October, 2009

Check out some of the latest MakeUseOf discoveries. All listed websites are FREE (or come with a decent free account option). No trials or buy-to-use craplets. For more cool websites and web app reviews subscribe to MakeUseOf Directory.   (1) [NO LONGER WORKS] CleanScores – If you are planning to dine at a local restaurant, […]


Disciplanner: Long Term Goal Setting & Tracking Tool

4th October, 2009

Disciplanner is a web service for setting and tracking your long term goals along with your bad habits (doing nothing, watching TV etc). The app is really easy to use and doesn’t require detailed scheduling routines. Just register on the website, define your weekly commitments with the times you are going to spend on them […]


EXIFremover: Remove EXIF Data Online

4th October, 2009

The EXIFremover can help you when you intend to share some JPEG images/photos with the public and would like to remove all EXIF data from those files. The EXIF metadata tags can contain hidden information like camera make, date taken, resolution and in some cases even the location. By removing this information you are not […]

Urbanspoon Features/Restaurant Types Browsing

SnagFilms: Free Library Of Documentaries To Watch Online

2nd October, 2009

SnagFilms is another awesome web resource for watching documentaries online. It has a huge free library of documentaries that can be watched online. In the past we profiled a number of other documentary sites including 911docs, DocumentaryHeaven, TopDocumentaryFilms, MoviesFoundOnline, Bodocus and FreeDocumentaries. What makes SnagFilms different from all those websites is that it doesn’t aggregate […]


WildlifeFinder: Watch Wildlife Videos Online

29th September, 2009

If watching wildlife and natural world videos is your thing then make sure to add WildlifeFinder to your bookmarks. It is a new web resource form BBC where you can watch quality wildlife videos online for free. WildlifeFinder comprises a huge collection of high quality natural history videos extracted from its archive. The site currently […]

ezyZip: Zipping and Unzipping Files In Your Browser

29th September, 2009

ezyZip is a simple web application for easily zipping and unzipping files online. Unlike previously profiled online archive tools like Zip-Online, OnlineZip and Wobzip, ezyZip doesn’t require user to upload to be archived files to the server. It runs as a java applet inside your browser and archives files locally, making it much quicker and […]

NiceSharing: Combine Websites & Share As A Single Link

27th September, 2009

NiceSharing is an online tool for joining and sharing webpages. The application lets you combine two separate web pages and then share them as a single URL. It also provides options which allow to customize the way webpages are presented (columns, rows, or hidden). There are some cool ways to make use of the site […]


Toxic Water: Shows Water Pollution Sources Near You

25th September, 2009

Toxic Water is an interesting Google Maps mashup from New York Times, which lets you find out if there are any water polluters in your area. The application compiles data on more than 200,000 US facilities that have permits to discharge pollutants with the information on their compliance. You can search the site by a […]


ClipGenerator: Cool Personal Video Clip Creator

25th September, 2009

ClipGenerator is a web application which lets you create cool looking music video clips containing your images and videos. There is no download or registration and the whole process involves three simple steps. 1 – Chose one of the music themes. 2 – Customize it by adding images or videos. 3 – Generate cool video […]

SnapABug: Visual Feedback Widget For Your Site

24th September, 2009

SnapABug is a new visual feedback widget that can be easily installed on any website. The cool thing about this widget is that along with the feedback comments, it automatically takes a screenshot of a web page just like the user leaving the feedback sees it. This makes things a lot easier both for the feedback […]