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WindowsPhone: Official Directory of Apps for Windows mobile

13th November, 2009

WindowsPhone is a new online directory of free & paid applications for Widows Mobile. Infact it’s a web version of the Windows Mobile Marketplace which before was available only via mobile phone. The website has a clean interface and allows you to search for Windows Mobile apps, browse them by categories (books, business, communication, entertainment, travel, […]



13th November, 2009

If you eat out with your family often, KidsEatFor is definitely for you. It allows you to locate restaurants where kids get to eat for free. Just type in your address or zipcode (US only) and hit “search”, KidsEatFor will then give you a list of nearby restaurants that offer kids specials. In case you are aware […]

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Favicon Tool: Turn Image Into Favicon

13th November, 2009

Next time you need a favicon for you website or blog, try favicon generator tool from DagonDesign. It lets you upload an image (in JPG, PNG, or GIF format) and turn it into a standard 16×16 favicon icon. The application is free, simple to use and doesn’t require sign up. Features: Turn image file (JPG, GIF, […]


Mobile-OK-Checker: Check If Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

12th November, 2009

MobileOK Checker is a simple online tool for webmasters that tests mobile friendliness of any website. It runs a few tests checking website on variety of parameters including its page size, network, markup, page structure, layout, style sheets, images etc. It then generates a detailed report where each point is clearly explained. Features: Quickly check […]


Cool Websites and Tools [November 11, 2009]

12th November, 2009

Check out some of the latest MakeUseOf discoveries. All listed websites are FREE (or come with a decent free account option). No trials or buy-to-use craplets. For more cool websites and web app reviews subscribe to MakeUseOf Directory.   (1) The App Garden – Newly created section on Flickr which basically is a repository of […]


12th November, 2009

FluShot is a flu shot locator from Google, created especially for this flu season. It helps you find nearby locations for both seasonal and H1N1 vaccinations. Simply visit the site, click on the “Change location” link, type in your address, and Google will display the seasonal (red marker) and H1N1 (blue marker) vaccination locations in your […]


COL: Compare Cost Of Living Between US Cities

11th November, 2009

Here is a handy tool for those planning to move to another city. The COL (CostOfLiving) was developed by team behind BestPlaces.net and allows people to check and compare cost of living between US cities. Using the application easy, simply enter your current city and the city you are planning to move to and hit […]


Cool Websites and Tools [November 10, 2009]

11th November, 2009

Check out some of the latest MakeUseOf discoveries. All listed websites are FREE (or come with a decent free account option). No trials or buy-to-use craplets. For more cool websites and web app reviews subscribe to MakeUseOf Directory.   (1) CompareMyDocs – New web application that allows users to compare and merge text documents online. […]


DiscoveryNews: Cool Science And Technology News Site

10th November, 2009

DiscoveryNews is a recently launched science and technology news website from Discovery Communications. It features breaking news and in-depth articles related to the Earth, Space, Tech, Animals, Dinosaurs, Archaeology, Human and History. You can search the website, browse articles by categories, leave comments and subscribe to content of your interest. The site also includes regular […]


RouteRank: Finds The Fastest & Cheapest Travel Routes

10th November, 2009

RouteRank is an online trip planing service that lets you find the fastest and cheapest travel routes. Unlike other similar sites which take into account only one type of transport RouteRank queries many different traveling ways like airplane, bus, car or train and calculates the best way of traveling to any destination across the Europe. […]


GetDeb.net: Get Latest Ubuntu Applications

10th November, 2009

GetDeb is a constantly updated web directory where Ubuntu (Debian and Mint) users can get latest copies of Ubuntu applications not yet released in official repositories. It features lots of different apps nicely organized in respective categories. There are two ways to get latest apps from GetDeb: Search and find apps directly on GetDeb website. […]


WorldClock: Displays Interesting Real Time World Statistics

9th November, 2009

WorldClock is an online clock that along with the time shows real time statistical data of the world. The info includes things like world population, birth, death, divorce, abortion, HIV, cancer incidence… etc. You can view real time stats for one year, month, week and day. The stats presented on the site are averages of […]


UnitConverter.org: Free Embeddable Unit Converters

8th November, 2009

UnitConverter.org is a web resource that freely offers an extensive collection of free unit converters for converting almost anything to anything. It lists around 80 different converters organized in categories such as Common converters, Engineering converters, Heat converters, Fluids converters, Sound converters, Light converters, Electricity converters, Magnetism converters… etc. What makes UnitConverter stand out from […]



8th November, 2009

Unhid is a dead-simple online tool that does one simple thing, it reveals the actual URL behind any shortened link. This comes in handy if you received a suspicious short link and not sure whether it is safe or not. The tool provides a bookmarklet which you drag and drop onto your browser toolbar. Whenever […]


WhatTheMovie: Addictive Movie Quiz Site

7th November, 2009

If you ever wanted to test your movie knowledge, head straight to WhatTheMovie.com. It is an innovative and addicting movie quiz site where you guess the movie title by the snapshot, and collect points for the Hall of Fame. The site also provides movie ratings and reviews. Getting started is easy, the quiz begins as […]