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RouteRank: Finds The Fastest & Cheapest Travel Routes

10th November, 2009

RouteRank is an online trip planing service that lets you find the fastest and cheapest travel routes. Unlike other similar sites which take into account only one type of transport RouteRank queries many different traveling ways like airplane, bus, car or train and calculates the best way of traveling to any destination across the Europe. […]


GetDeb.net: Get Latest Ubuntu Applications

10th November, 2009

GetDeb is a constantly updated web directory where Ubuntu (Debian and Mint) users can get latest copies of Ubuntu applications not yet released in official repositories. It features lots of different apps nicely organized in respective categories. There are two ways to get latest apps from GetDeb: Search and find apps directly on GetDeb website. […]


WorldClock: Displays Interesting Real Time World Statistics

9th November, 2009

WorldClock is an online clock that along with the time shows real time statistical data of the world. The info includes things like world population, birth, death, divorce, abortion, HIV, cancer incidence… etc. You can view real time stats for one year, month, week and day. The stats presented on the site are averages of […]


UnitConverter.org: Free Embeddable Unit Converters

8th November, 2009

UnitConverter.org is a web resource that freely offers an extensive collection of free unit converters for converting almost anything to anything. It lists around 80 different converters organized in categories such as Common converters, Engineering converters, Heat converters, Fluids converters, Sound converters, Light converters, Electricity converters, Magnetism converters… etc. What makes UnitConverter stand out from […]


WhatTheMovie: Addictive Movie Quiz Site

7th November, 2009

If you ever wanted to test your movie knowledge, head straight to WhatTheMovie.com. It is an innovative and addicting movie quiz site where you guess the movie title by the snapshot, and collect points for the Hall of Fame. The site also provides movie ratings and reviews. Getting started is easy, the quiz begins as […]


Obama-Weather: Fun Weather Forecast Application

7th November, 2009

Obama-Weather is a new and fun online weather forecast application. When you visit the site it automatically detects your location and gives 5 day weather report with president Obama demonstrating to you what you need to wear. You can also search and get weather forecast for any location world wide. If you do not like […]


GroupBoard: Cool Embeddable Whiteboard For Groups

6th November, 2009

GroupBoard is a website that provides embeddable and multifunctional group-boards which come with online drawing, chatting, messaging tools and games. You can easily integrate these group-boards onto your site or personal webpage and let participants collaboratively interact, chat and play games together. The app can come in very handy for things like distance tutoring or […]

VeoProject: Effective Project Management Tool Online

5th November, 2009

VeoProject is a new and powerful web tool that lets you setup and manage projects online. Your projects will be hosted online and you can easily collaborate and share them with your team members. The application has a spreadsheet like interface where projects are organized in rows, with individual project parts and tasks hierarchically listed […]


The App Garden: Great Flickr Tools Collection

5th November, 2009

The App Garden is a newly created section on Flickr which basically is a repository of Flickr apps. It lists all sorts of handy tools for Flickr i.e. stats counters, download/upload tools, slideshow generators, mobile browsers and so on. You can search for apps, browse by tags, and discover new tools. Clicking on particular app […]

CompareMyDocs: Compare And Merge Documents Online

3rd November, 2009

CompareMyDocs is a new web application that allows users to compare and merge text documents online. You can upload different versions of the same text document and see what has been changed. It automatically color codes changes it finds between the different revisions of a document and provides user with an easy way to approve, […]


Shape Collage: Online Shape Collage Maker

1st November, 2009

Not so long ago we reviewed a shape collage maker tool using which you could create photo collages on your computer. Few days ago the same team that made shape collage launched an online version for the program. Now users can crate shape collages right inside their browser without the need to download or install […]

Octopart: Electronic Parts Search Engine

1st November, 2009

Octopart is an electronic parts search engine that helps engineers and enthusiasts of electronics find the best deals on gadget components. It receives product data feeds from major electronic part retailers (Newark, Avnet, Arrow, Future, and Premier Farnell), organizes it, and presents them on easy to browse interface. Users can search for products and browse […]

SimpleDesktops: Original & Simple Desktop Wallpapers

1st November, 2009

SimpleDesktops is a recently launched website where you can download and share original and simple desktop wallpapers. All wallpapers are flare, shadow and gradient free, and provide just enough eye candy to not be bored. Great for people who want to spice up their desktops and at the same time stay focused. The site is […]


DeadCellZones: Find A Carrier With The Best Cellphone Coverage in Area

30th October, 2009

DeadCellZones is a consumer generated map of locations with cellphone coverage problems across US. It maps over 100,000 cell phone complaints submitted by customers of major cellphone carriers such as AT&T, Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless… etc. The site comes in handy if you want to find out which cellphone carrier provides the best cellphone […]

ValueJockey: Find Out What Things Are Worth

29th October, 2009

If you want to sell an item and don’t have a slightest idea about it’s value head to ValueJockey.com. It is a community driven website where anyone can list things (products and services) and get price suggestions along with tips for selling. Using the site is simple, you can search and browse the site for […]