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NeedASig: Generate Cool Email Signatures & Icons

21st November, 2009

NeedASig is a web application that lets you generate cool email signatures and icons. These signatures are great for spicing up your emails, and can also be used as protection from email spam bots. There are two ways to create signatures, you can either use one of provided image templates or upload you own background […]


Cool Websites and Tools [November 20, 2009]

21st November, 2009

Check out some of the latest MakeUseOf discoveries. All listed websites are FREE (or come with a decent free account option). No trials or buy-to-use craplets. For more cool websites and web app reviews subscribe to MakeUseOf Directory.   (1) The Inflation Calculator – Nowadays, the dollar don’t have the same buying power as it […]

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AceFreeFonts: Free Font Archive

19th November, 2009

AceFreeFonts is a free font archive that provides you with a huge collection (over 20,000) of downloadable fonts. All fonts are nicely organized into categories and searchable by name or tags. Clicking on a particular font takes you to a page where you can preview the font with your own text and rate. The additional […]

Theme Park Maps: Download Theme Park Maps Online

19th November, 2009

If you’re planning to take your kids to a theme park anytime soon then ThemeParkMaps can come in very handy. As the name suggests it is a website that hosts over 300 scanned theme park maps dating back as far as 1930 (though most maps are recent and were taken within the last ten years). […]

WhatBlocked: See Which Popular Sites Are Blocked in China

18th November, 2009

WhatBlocked is a simple web page where you can quickly find out which popular websites are blocked in China. It presents sites on a dashboard organized in different categories such as News & Information, Social & Communication, Photos & Videos and Tools & Sharing. The status of each site showed in one of following colors: Red – […]


CutMyPic: Online Picture Cutter

18th November, 2009

CutMyPic is a simple online picture cutter online where you may upload an image from your computer and crop out any section. You can also rotate images, add shadows and rounded corners. When changes are completed, the image can be shared via email or saved back onto computer. Features: East to use online photo cropper. […]


FeedSweep: Turn RSS To Widget

17th November, 2009

FeedSweep is a web application that allows you to turn RSS feed to a widget that you can later embed onto your website, blog or personal web page. You can customize your widget in terms of size, layout, color, font, code output, alignment, effects… etc. There is also an option to add case-insensitive keywords and […]

ClickCutter AutoCopy: The Easiest Way To Copy/Paste Text

17th November, 2009

ClickCutter AutoCopy is a simple and useful Firefox add-on that allows you to copy any text to a clipboard without using context menus or keyboard. All you do is highlight a text and it will be automatically copied to the clipboard. You can also quickly paste the copied text, by clicking on the middle button […]


EmailMeForm: Get Custom Contact Form For Your Site

17th November, 2009

EmailMeForm is a free service for those who need custom contact form for their website (s). The site is simple to use and doesn’t require any programming skills. Just register on the site first and spend a couple of minutes customizing your form in terms of content, dimensions and color. Finally copy the code and […]


RSSMix: Merging Multiple RSS Feeds Into One Online

16th November, 2009

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to combine multiple RSS feeds into one, RSSMix is the tool you need. It is free online tool for merging multiple RSS feeds into one RSS feed. You basically need to enter the URLs of the RSS feeds you want to merge and click “Create” […]


Kanakku: Online Spreadsheet Calculator

16th November, 2009

Kanakku is a new online spreadsheet calculator that combines calculator with spreadsheet. It can easily handle multiple arithmetic, trigonometric and statistical calculations. Like in spreadsheet, math formulas can be typed in each cell and evaluated by pressing the enter key, the corresponding answer will be displayed in both, console and spreadsheet. The type of the […]

LiftMagic: See How You Would Look Like After Cosmetic Surgery

15th November, 2009

This fun online tool can take your photo, do some magic with it, and then show how you would look like after a massive plastic surgery face lift. While the result are questionable, it’s still an interesting app for those contemplating about plastic surgery on their face. Users may apply a variety of face-lifting enhancements […]

Apostrophe.me: Shows How To Use an Apostrophe

15th November, 2009

Apostrophe.me is a simple how to use an apostrophe website that provides a quick online “how to” flowchart for using the apostrophe sign. It asks basic questions like “Is it plural?” or “Is it indicating possession? and gives example situations when you would use an apostrophe. The site is very useful for people who are […]

WindowsPhone: Official Directory of Apps for Windows mobile

13th November, 2009

WindowsPhone is a new online directory of free & paid applications for Widows Mobile. Infact it’s a web version of the Windows Mobile Marketplace which before was available only via mobile phone. The website has a clean interface and allows you to search for Windows Mobile apps, browse them by categories (books, business, communication, entertainment, travel, […]

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Favicon Tool: Turn Image Into Favicon

13th November, 2009

Next time you need a favicon for you website or blog, try favicon generator tool from DagonDesign. It lets you upload an image (in JPG, PNG, or GIF format) and turn it into a standard 16×16 favicon icon. The application is free, simple to use and doesn’t require sign up. Features: Turn image file (JPG, GIF, […]