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Linux Commands Reference

11th October, 2011

In this cheat sheet yo will find a bunch of the most common Linux commands that you’re likely to use on a regular basis. On most systems you can lookup detailed information about any command by typing man comannd_name. You will need to be root user in order to use some of these commands. Be […]


Mac OSX Shortcuts

11th October, 2011

This cheat sheet will help you master Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts and get the work done faster. Learn these shortcuts to become more productive. If you’re aware of any other shortcuts that are missing from the cheat sheet please let us know about them in the comments below.


Windows Shortcuts

10th October, 2011

Getting to know Windows keyboard shortcuts not only will help you getting the work done faster, but also become more efficient. If you spend on Windows computer considerbale amount of time daily then this cheat sheet is a must-have for you. It contains 100+ Windows Keyboard Shortcuts. If you’re aware of some of the shortcuts […]


ShelfLifeAdvice: Food Shelf Life Guidelines & Recommendations

28th June, 2010

ShelfLifeAdvice is a free food reference site that gives advice on how long hundreds of different foods and beverages remain safe to eat in the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. It also provides food shelf life recommendations and handling techniques to get the maximum of foods, and clarifies how to interpret confusing packaging dates. If you’re […]


How To Create Professional Reports & Docs on Word

20th May, 2010

This guide looks at the elements of a good report, as well as review the structuring, styling, and finalizing of your document.


Browsera: Test Your Site in Different Browsers

30th November, 2009

Ensuring that your new website looks and behaves the same way on different browsers is a task that requires considerable amount of time and effort. Browsera is an online tool that can help you out. It can automatically compare the output of each browser and find inconsistencies in your pages, so that you can quickly […]

Virtual Museum: Browse European Museums Online

30th November, 2009

Virtual Museum is a website that lets you browse a number of European museums online, and explore the most remarkable items of European prehistoric culture and heritage. You may browse and view items by country, museum, time period BC and categories. Each item has it is own page with related historical & archeological information and […]


WebPrivacyCheck: Check Proxy Effectiveness In Hiding Your Identity

29th November, 2009

WebPrivacyCheck is a web tool that allows you to check what security related data is exposed by your browser when you surf the web. You can use this site to measure the effectiveness of proxy or any other privacy solution in keeping your identity hidden. Works easy, simply visit the website though your privacy solution […]


MailCounter: Get ‘Email This’ Button/Counter For Your Site

29th November, 2009

MailCounter is web service that provides an embeddable “Email This” counter/button for your website. It offers your website visitors an easy way to share articles on your websites with others via email. Adding the button to your site is very easy, no registration is needed, just copy provided lines of code to your website and […]


FreeMyPDF: Unlock Restricted PDF Files

28th November, 2009

If you ever need to unlock restricted PDF file that prevents you from copying, editing or printing the contents then FreeMyPDF can help. It is a simple online utility where you can upload a PDF file and quickly remove its restrictions. The application only supports PDFs that you can open and read, PDFs that require […]


Chimply: Generate Loading Indicators Online

28th November, 2009

Chimply allows you to generate those loading indicators and animated bars that you see on many websites these days. These indicators are often used by web developers to let the users know when the page is loading or application is doing something. Buttons and badges can be generated as well. Works simple, just select one […]

Calendarika: Create Personal Calendar Online

23rd November, 2009

Calendarica is a new web app that lets you create personal calendars online. It has a number of ready made templates to which you can add images, text and customize month and year. The images can be uploaded from both your computer and the web. The whole process involves three simple steps: Select template. Upload […]

RSS2PDF.org: RSS Feed To PDF converter

22nd November, 2009

RSS2PDF is a free web utility that lets you convert OPML or RSS feed to a PDF file. It’s very quick and created PDFs are nicely formatted for your offline reading pleasure. To get an idea you may check out the converted MakeUseOf feed here. The link prompts you directly with a download option of […]


Just-DNSLookup: Remote DNS Lookup Tool

22nd November, 2009

Just-DNSLookup is a simple web application for webmasters that lets you perform remote DNS lookup for any given host or domain name. It checks the host from 30+ locations worldwide. This comes in handy when your site is slow or inaccessible, and you are not sure what causing it, your host or the network in […]


Numbeo: Compare Cost Of Living Between ANY Major Two Cities

22nd November, 2009

Recently, we told you an app that lets you compare cost of living between two cities in US. This time we are introducing a similar site, but unlike the pearlier one it can compare cost of living between any two cities worldwide. The Numbeo was created by Google Ireland ex employee Banja Luka. The site […]