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The A-Z Audio Cheat Sheet

9th May, 2012

This is a must-have cheat sheet for pretty much everyone. The cheat sheet briefly expains the difference between various audio formats, lists a bunch of free audio recording and editing apps, a couple of free audio converters, and outlines the best free CD ripping tools available online. Towards the end you will also find some […]


uTorrent Tips & Tricks

9th May, 2012

µTorrent is a lightweight and extremely popular torrent client for Windows or Mac with many outstanding features. This cheat sheet highlights some of the most useful uTorrent features that every downloader should know about. Enjoy and share with friends!


Wikipedia Cheat Sheet

16th April, 2012

Are you a Wikipedia fan? Make sure to download this printable cheat sheet that inlcudes: – keyboard shortcuts for faster navigation – browser addons for Google Chrome and Firefox users – a number of interesting websites to find out some of the coolest stuff available on the Wikipedia. Enjoy and share!


Google Docs Cheat Sheet

16th April, 2012

Google Docs is a free online office suite by Google. It allows users to create, edit and store on office documents online. In addition it allows real-time collaboration on documents with other users. This cheat includes handy keyboard shortcuts, web browser addons aimed at Google Docs users and a number of useful third-party sites that […]


Dropbox Tips

26th February, 2012

Dropbox is an extremely popular, easy-to-use online file hosting and sharing service that was founded by two MIT graduates. It lets anyone easily backup important files and also synchronize those files across multiple computers as well as mobile devices. This cheat sheet outlines handy Dropbox keyboard shortcuts, some of its useful features and third-party websites […]


YouTube Tips

11th February, 2012

Youtube is a most popular video portal and also ranks in top 10 most popular websites overall. A majority of MakeUseOf readers visit the website on a regular basis. There are plenty of cool things that are out there which make Youtube even better; starting from helpful Youtube setting to handy thierd-party sites. This cheat […]


Opera Shortcuts

29th November, 2011

Opera is often referred as the fastest browser around. Apparently, it’s also only browser that comes with everything you need to be productive, safe and speedy online. This cheat sheet highlights a bunch of useful Opera features and shorcuts for speedy and productive browsing experience. You are able to browse considerably faster using the keyboard […]


Skype Shortcuts

29th November, 2011

As you probably know, Skype is one of the most popular online chat tools out there. Most of us use Skype rather a lot. This cheat sheet outlines some of the most useful shortcuts and features (like hidden emoticons) available on Skype. These little shortcuts will help you save time, manage conversations better and generally […]


Outlook Shortcuts

29th November, 2011

Outlook is big, powerful and flexible email client. That being said, with wide range of features it offers it can also be pretty confusing. And that’s exactly what wer are trying to fix with this Outlook Shortcuts cheat sheet. This cheat sheet lists pretty much all useful shortucts that Outlook users should know about for […]


The iPhone Cheat Sheet

14th November, 2011

This cheat sheet lists about a dozen of useful, simple and often neglected tips for iPhone users. It’s by no means a complete list of all iPhone shortcuts, we excluded the obvious and only included those that are not easily noticeable. Check it out. It’s completely free.


Windows CMD Commands

13th October, 2011

This cheat contains nearly complete list of command prompt commands available on Windows 7 and Vista. Most of the commands are version-independent and will work on pretty much all Windows systems regardless of its version.


iTunes Shortcuts (Windows)

13th October, 2011

You may use keyboard shortcuts to quickly accomplish lots of actions in iTunes. While the shortcuts for most of the common commands available in the iTunes menus we thought it might be easier for you to get them on a printable single A4 sheet. This cheat sheet lists iTunes keyboard controls for Windows. It covers […]


iTunes Cheat Sheet (Mac)

13th October, 2011

You may use keyboard shortcuts to quickly accomplish most of the tasks in iTunes. While the shortcuts for most of the common commands available in the iTunes menus (as well as context menus) we thought it might be easier for you to get them on a printable single A4 sheet. Let me highlight a few […]


Photoshop CS5 CheatSheet

13th October, 2011

Photoshop is a popular and very powerful image editing program. If you’re a Photoshop user you should find this cheat sheet of Photoshop shortcuts very helpful. While it lists shortcuts specifically for CS5 version most of the given shortucts should work on other Photoshop versions as well. Enjoy and make sure to share it with […]


Twitter CheatSheet

13th October, 2011

Did you even know that Twitter supported keyboard shortcuts? Many people don’t, but ever since Twitter redesigned its website they have a dded a bunch of handy features including support for keyboard shortcuts. This cheat sheet lists all shortcuts that you can use to navigate Twitter faster. Enjoy! Let us know your thoughts in comments.