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How To Avoid Appearing In Social Ads In Facebook & LinkedIn

3rd October, 2011

A social advertisement works in a very straightforward way: if you, by a coincidence or whatever reason, have liked a Facebook page or ad, your friends will see your “like” next time they see the same advertisement. Here’s a quick guide for those who feel they don’t want to participate in social advertising at LinkedIn and Facebook.


2 Tools To Load The Lyrics Next To Music Clips On YouTube [Chrome]

2nd October, 2011

Do you love watching music clips on YouTube? More and more pop stars and groups have been creating official YouTube channels where you can find their latest music clips. If you love listening to music, the chances are you love singing as well. While you can find millions of music clips on YouTube that you can watch, very often it’s hard to make out the exact lyrics.


3 Easy-to-Use Online Color-Blindness Simulators

27th September, 2011

“Color blindness” is defined as the inability to see certain colors the way most human beings do. It is impossible to quickly and clearly explain what color blindness feels like and how color blind people may perceive your website, but luckily it is possible to see it with your own eyes. Here are a few very easy tools to visualize color blindness for you.


3 Fun Tools To Remind You How You Started On Twitter

25th September, 2011

Twitter has been a part of our lives for a long time. You may love it or hate it but nevertheless it has been tightly integrated into our lives. We have been talking so much on Twitter, but do you remember how all that started? Would you like to remember how you first discovered Twitter? Here are a few fun tools for you to do that!


Find Duplicate & Similar Images On Your Hard Drive With SimilarImages [Windows]

20th September, 2011

The main reason why you would want to delete similar images is to save some space on your hard drive. Going through your image folder deleting extra images is too time consuming. Besides, many of the similar images can have different names which makes identifying them almost impossible. Luckily, there’s a free tool to semi-automate the process.


5 Cool Twitter Search Tricks To Monitor What People Are Saying About You

18th September, 2011

If you own a website or are just trying to earn money online as a freelancer, it is always good to know what people are saying about you over the Internet. People may be citing you, sharing experiences about your services or recommending you. In any case, you may want to be there to answer any questions, make contacts, and so on.


10 Free Resources For Garden DIY & Upcycling Inspiration

13th September, 2011

If you love gardening and like making things with your own hands, today’s collection is right for you! This post shares ten most useful resources that will get you inspired and your creativity flowing: they share fun and unique ideas on how to turn trash into gardening gold!


3 Photo Editing Tools To Make Fun Of Your Face

11th September, 2011

We have already covered at least 5 sites that will change the way you work with digital photos as well as more than 10 sites to add amazing effects to your photos. Today’s collection is only about making fun of your face to create cool fake photos and arrange funny pranks or create humorous greeting cards for your friends and relatives.


2 Tools To Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into A Neat-Looking Resume

6th September, 2011

LinkedIn isn’t only good for networking. Those who maintain detailed LinkedIn profiles can turn them into informative online resumes to jump start their job search. There are a few handy tools that will both allow you quickly import your LinkedIn professional summary, help make it look neat and professional and even let you host your resume for free.


2 Firefox Addons To Show You The Invisible Web

3rd September, 2011

We at MakeUseOf cover a lot of browsing privacy tips and tools. Here are a few useful addons for privacy and security as well as essential steps to regain your privacy in Google Chrome and some uses for browsing in privacy mode (that isn’t porn). This post is another addition to your privacy and security arsenal. […]


How To Hide Google Plus Message Count Icon From All Google Services

30th August, 2011

Google has been introducing new and new features for ages and it has started changing actively especially recently. Google is well-known for pushing their new features too hard. And the worst thing about that is that Google never makes it easy to opt out of its new features. The same goes about the actively promoted Google Plus platform.


How To Simplify Google Search Results To Bring Back Old-Style Google

28th August, 2011

While I am sure Google always has good intentions behind their new projects and features, you can’t please everyone. Many of the tweaks that have been introduced to search results pages have been found annoying by many users. The search preview (working from the magnifying glass icon) keeps getting in the users’ way when they […]


3 Different Ways To Control The YouTube Video Volume

23rd August, 2011

There are ways to quickly mute sound (or prevent flash from auto-playing) in different browsers. This week we follow up with a few more interesting tips on getting more control over YouTube video volume (Google Chrome, FireFox and Internet Explorer). Here are a few ways to easily make a YouTube video play louder or quieter:


3 Tools To Monitor Google’s “Past 24 Hours” Search Results

21st August, 2011

Google offers quite a few options to monitor recent news and updates. We have Google Alerts, Google News and Google Blog Search. However, sadly, none of these options are perfect and so therefore the best way to monitor recent pages indexed by Google around your search term is to scan daily through “Past 24 hours” results.


How To Optimize FireFox Addons Bar To Claim More Space

15th August, 2011

The Add-on Bar was introduced in FireFox 4 and replaced the Status bar. The status bar was primarily removed to make the most of the browser real estate- which makes many of us wonder why the newly introduced Add-on bar is absolutely un-optimized in terms of saving the browser screen space. Three addons attempt to fix that shortcoming.