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Ange is an Internet Studies & Journalism graduate who advocates the freedom to work as you please, sharing useful tips about working online, writing and social media. See and come join the Online Careerists Slack community for remote workers.

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Boost Your Pins & Get Free Pinterest Followers Using Pinwoot

30th October, 2013

Do you have great content on Pinterest and wish other people would see it? Well, there is a way to give your Pinterest content a quick boost. Here’s how.


Missing Child: How Sharing That Picture Can Put Lives At Risk [Weekly Facebook Tips]

29th October, 2013

No doubt you’ve seen these pleas on Facebook before: Share this photo to help find my missing child. But you could actually be putting the child in danger. Have you ever thought of that?


How To Manage Your Household Using Just One Simple App: Famjama & Cozi Compared

28th October, 2013

If you’re in charge of organising your family, you’ve probably realised that having great tools at your disposal goes a long way. Calendars, to-do lists, shopping lists, project planning: all of these need to be managed well so that you can co-ordinate the needs of each and every family member. And that’s a tough ask […]


Suddenly In The Spotlight: A Guide To Teenage Accounts [Weekly Facebook Tips]

23rd October, 2013

Facebook recently decided to allow teens to share posts publicly and allow following. You might be wondering what the implications of this are. Here’s what you need to know.


Hire A Car In Most Major Cities Worldwide With Uber And MyTaxi

23rd October, 2013

You’d expect by now that hiring taxis with an app on your fancy GPS-enabled device to tell the drive your location would be an everyday event, right? Wrong.


Letting People Find Your Timeline Is Actually Good For Privacy: Here’s Why [Weekly Facebook Tips]

15th October, 2013

A recent move by Facebook to remove a prominent privacy option has been slammed by privacy advocates. However, it may be in your best interests as long as you know what to do about it.


Don’t Forget That Food! Three Great Android Apps To Get Food From Your Fridge To Your Belly

11th October, 2013

It’s funny how sometimes you see an app and realize that it would be the most useful thing you can imagine.


6 Cool Things You Can Find With Facebook’s New Graph Search Features [Weekly Facebook Tips]

8th October, 2013

Facebook has just given its graph search another boost, and those who have been upgraded are now able to search post history as well as photo history. What is it good for?


4 Great Windows 8 Apps For Entertaining Little Kids

29th September, 2013

Bored kids are a nightmare, and that’s why tablets were invented. Weren’t they? If there are kids around you know sometimes your tablet is going to wind up in their hands.


7 Ways To Make A Google Map Using Google Spreadsheet Data

26th September, 2013

If you maintain a lot of data in Google spreadsheets, you’ve probably considered plotting them in a Google Map. Well, you can, but doing this is not quite as obvious as you might expect.


How To Make Sure Your Fans Know Your Facebook Page Is Real [Weekly Facebook Tips]

24th September, 2013

How do you prove to your Facebook fans that you are who you say you are? Have you been thinking about verified pages? Here’s what you need to know.


How To Import Data From Other Google Spreadsheets

19th September, 2013

Most users only use a small fraction of Google Spreadsheet’s potential. Do you know how to get information from one Google Spreadsheet into another? Here’s a cell function to do the job.


Stop The Spam: You Can Control The Facebook Ads You See [Weekly Facebook Tips]

17th September, 2013

Are you seeing irrelevant ads from Facebook? Here’s why Facebook is showing you these ads and what you can do to influence them.


5 Great Official Windows 8 & RT Apps You May Not Have Seen Yet

17th September, 2013

Guess what? The Windows 8 App Store actually has some great official apps. It’s just that nobody knows they’re there. We’re here to fix that – for you at least.


3 Android Apps Full Of Great Parenting Advice

13th September, 2013

Install some great parenting apps on your Android device: get information on hand when you need it and when you’ve got time to browse. It doesn’t get much more useful than that!