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Ange is an Internet Studies & Journalism graduate who advocates the freedom to work as you please, sharing useful tips about working online, writing and social media. See and come join the Online Careerists Slack community for remote workers.

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FREE EBOOK: The Ultimate Netflix Guide: Everything You Wanted To Know About Netflix But Were Afraid To Ask

11th June, 2014

In this manual, we will be taking a closer look at Netflix, and its best features. You will see that cancelling that cable contract and taking your programming viewing online could be well worth it.


How To Build A Professional Facebook Profile You Can Be Proud Of [Weekly Facebook Tips]

26th May, 2014

How can you build a professional Facebook profile you can be proud of? Here’s what everyone ought to know about creating professional Facebook presences.


Use Your Browser To Upload To Google Play Music

23rd May, 2014

Google just decided to make Google Play Music a lot more useable. The following Chrome extension will change the way you can make use of Google Play Music for good.


FREE EBOOK – Spotify Music Streaming: The Unofficial Guide

21st May, 2014

With Spotify apps and all manner of devices supported, you may not know where to start looking for things you’ll want to use. We’ve made everything crystal clear for you in this guide.


How To Avoid Those Annoying Game Of Thrones Spoilers On Facebook [Weekly Facebook Tips]

14th May, 2014

Is your ability to watch Game of Thrones at the same time as the rest of the world hampered by your moral stance against piracy? Well, you actually can avoid spoilers without avoiding social media.


Look Up Makes Social Media Look Bad, But Is It? [Weekly Facebook Tips]

7th May, 2014

You’ve probably seen the schmatlzy poem reminding us all to Look Up. The video is breeding a sort of anti-social-media hatred, but is it really warranted?


Twitter Hack: How To Add Yourself To Your Own Twitter List

2nd May, 2014

Have you ever created the perfect Twitter list to share with people only to realise that you can’t add yourself to the list? As simple trick can solve the problem.


Lucidpress: The Free Online InDesign Alternative For Your Creative Needs

1st May, 2014

What is a casual designer to use as an InDesign replacement? Lucidpress is absolutely gorgeous. A lot of graphic design skill has been put into it for helping casual designers make fantastic documents.


Get More Likes On Your Facebook Photos Using Science [Weekly Facebook Tips]

30th April, 2014

Want to know which photos will do best on Facebook? So did a bunch of researchers. And they found out.


Parents, This Is How You Can Protect Your Kids On Facebook [Weekly Facebook Tips]

22nd April, 2014

Do you have any idea what your kids do on Facebook? Are you certain they are safe? Find out now.


Are You Sharing Your Location On Facebook Without Knowing? [Weekly Facebook Tips]

16th April, 2014

Have you been giving your stalkers your address inadvertently? You might accidentally be giving all of your Facebook friends the exact location of your house, your office and where your kids go to school.


FREE EBOOK: Project Gutenberg – More Than Just Free Books

16th April, 2014

If you’ve heard of Project Gutenberg, you probably know it for its vast collection of free public domain books. Do you know everything it offers and how to make the best of the site?


Thinking Of Paying Facebook For Ads? Use These Tips To Do It Right [Weekly Facebook Tips]

9th April, 2014

Does your business really make use of Facebook? Or do you merely update your page occasionally with some hope of keeping your fans updated? There’s a difference. A big difference.


The Best Speed-Reading Extensions For Chrome

7th April, 2014

The Galaxy S5 just got Spritz, a speed-reading app that is shaking up the way we read on our tablets. What are the best speed-reading apps for Chrome? Let’s take a look.


How To Make Skype Calls Via Your Browser

4th April, 2014

If you hate opening up apps you’ve probably realised that Skype is one of those things you generally forget to open. Well, you can get Skype in your browser.