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Aaron is a Vet Assistant graduate, with his primary interests in wildlife and technology. He enjoys exploring the outdoors and photography. When he's not writing or indulging in technological findings throughout the interwebs, he can be found bombing down the mountainside on his bike. Read more about Aaron on his personal website.

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Skitch And Windows Finally Meet To Create An Intuitive, Yet Simple, Screen Capturing Experience

27th November, 2012

There is no shortage of screen capturing tools available – that is certain. However, there is a shortage of applications that are quick and simple to use, while remaining useful and intuitive. There are a few. Some, however, aren’t free. Others come feature packed. And others don’t have enough features. Skitch is right in the middle.

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4 Steps To Completely Remove Troublesome Or Bad Software [Windows]

24th November, 2012

We’ve all had that one program that no matter what we’ve tried, it wouldn’t go away. Or perhaps you didn’t even know what to try and thought you were simply stuck with this annoying program (or programs, if you’re really unlucky) for the life of your computer. Well, worry no longer – there’s hope. And it is fairly easy to achieve as well.

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Did You Get The PC You Ordered? Find Out With These System Information Tools [Windows]

22nd November, 2012

Have you recently purchased a PC? If yes, was it customized? By customized, I mean assembled by a local computer shop, or even just by someone you know who builds and sells computers. If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you may want to double check what is in that machine of yours. Now, don’t get me wrong, it is likely fine, but mistakes happen and it surely couldn’t hurt to make sure that you got exactly what you paid for.

Laptop on fire

Prepare For The Worst: Disaster Recovery Tips You Need To Use Now

20th November, 2012

No! This is not happening to you right now! It’s 1:30 AM, you’re almost finished with your huge project due at 8 AM and your computer just crashed and won’t turn on! Worse yet, you haven’t saved for a whole two hours because you were so far in the “just get it done” zone that you completely forgot to save it. How are you going to explain this to the rest of the people relying on you to get this done?

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Why You Need To Backup Now And 6 Reasons Why You Haven’t Done So Already

17th November, 2012

How else can I say this? Actually, there is no other way more straightforward than this: you need to backup now. The risks involved with not doing so are simply not worth it. There’s no really no reason to not be backing up your computer. That said, you likely feel you do have a legitimate reason. And in some cases you might, but there is always a way.

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How To Make Windows Boot Faster Than Ever Before

15th November, 2012

One… two… three… how many minutes does it take your computer to start up? Hopefully not more than three, but it wouldn’t surprise me if you said it surpassed that time. The thing is, our computers have a lot to do when starting up and I think it’s something we often forget about and take for granted. That said, how can we blame our computers when we’re bogging it down with a bunch of junk?

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Why You Don’t Need Desktop Chat Clients Anymore

13th November, 2012

Remember the days of MSN Messenger and AIM? Those two were the first chat clients I ever used. Once I started using them more and more, it became cumbersome to switch between clients and contact windows. Soon after, multiple-chat clients came about, the popular ones being Miranda IM, Trillian, Pidgin and Digsby. They’re still available, but do you really use them? Or need them?

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Avoid Murder By PowerPoint: How To Make Your Presentations Compelling And Memorable

10th November, 2012

Most of us have created a PowerPoint and done a presentation (or will at some point) and yet it is likely to be one of the most poorly done things on a computer. Bad PowerPoint presentations is an epidemic in education, which then continues into the workplace. Of course it’s not only about the PowerPoint itself, but also the presenter and how well they speak and convey the information. And I will touch upon that as well.

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Make Your Computer Truly Personal With These Top Customization Tools

8th November, 2012

What does it mean to customize your computer? Does it mean to have the coolest looking desktop? Well, that’s part of it, but not completely. First off, you want your desktop to be functional. Not just “cool looking.” That said, customizing your desktop does have a key role in personalizing your computer. And also, since the desktop is a primary location for where we do our work, it tends to also be the home of many customization tools.

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How To Make Your Email Message Stand Out In A Cluttered Inbox

6th November, 2012

Have you ever sent an email you felt was important only to be answered many days later, or worse forgotten about? Granted, sometimes it’s out of your control, but there are things you can do to improve the chances of your email being opened, read and replied to. I can’t promise that these will always work, but I can say that they will make a difference and that overall you’ll see an improvement in communication with your email contacts.

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Use Your Keyboard To Make Notes: 10 Websites For Quick Note-Taking

3rd November, 2012

Have you ever just wanted to jot something down real quick, but couldn’t find a pen? Or maybe you could, but later lost the note with a bunch of other notes which were used for the same purpose. It would be nice to just quickly get something from your head to a place in front of your eyes without a whole lot of effort. There is something to be said for being able to use a note-taking service, without signing in (or up), having to learn how the service works

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WhatFont: Find Out What Any Type Of Font Is On A Webpage [Cross-Platform]

1st November, 2012

Have you ever been on a website and wondered “What type of font is that?!” I have. And depending on your interests and area of focus, you may even do it more than the typical Internet user. You could spend hours searching for the font on your favorite search engine, or you could use WhatFont. WhatFont is a browser extension and bookmarklet that you can enable once you’re on the website with the font in question.

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Some Useful Websites To Aid You In Your Daily Routine

30th October, 2012

We all have a daily routine of some sort but there are many things that we all do, whether it is checking the weather, managing our finances or making our next meal. I’ve scoured the web to find some of the best websites to help you do these day-to-day tasks. After some research and great results I’ve narrowed down the list to what I think are the best websites in various categories of what we do almost every day.

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How To Be Completely Portable Without Your Own Computer Or Smartphone

27th October, 2012

This day and age it’s pretty uncommon to not see someone with a smartphone, tablet or laptop in a public place like a library. We’ve become quite reliant on them, wouldn’t you say? So reliant, we often say we “couldn’t live without them”. In my experience, I have never owned a smartphone or tablet. And there have been occasions where I’ve been without a laptop for weeks at a time, usually due to it being repaired.

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Clean Up Your Facebook Account Before You Go Looking For Work

24th October, 2012

By now we’re all aware that it’s important to be professional online, that employers have the ability to do background checks based through our social media accounts. And also that many people, though they know what they should do, nevertheless they don’t care or pay attention to the risks that social media poses. But is it really social media that has created these problems or has it simply amplified preexisting issues?