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Aaron is a Vet Assistant graduate, with his primary interests in wildlife and technology. He enjoys exploring the outdoors and photography. When he's not writing or indulging in technological findings throughout the interwebs, he can be found bombing down the mountainside on his bike. Read more about Aaron on his personal website.

Feel free to contact at acouch@makeuseof.com

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Making Your Own Website: Your Career Will Thank You Later

14th May, 2013

A personal website is probably one of the biggest aspects of your online presence. Sure other areas such as social networks and blogs are important, but your website is like a home base – a hub that everything branches off from. Let’s now explore some reasons how just such a website will benefit you tremendously.

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You Are Missing Out By Not Creating A Personal Website: Disproving The 6 Myths

11th May, 2013

Have you ever considered having a personal website? You know – a place where people can go to read about who you are, what you do, your goals and aspirations, and of course to contact you. This is the first article of a two-part series where we will explore the benefits of creating a personal website. Today, we’ll cover the common misconceptions that are keeping you from creating an awesome personal website.

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OUTDATEfighter: Keep Your Computer Updated And Bloatware-Free With This Fantastic Tool [Windows]

9th May, 2013

Do you ever feel like keeping all your software updated is too much of a hassle? OUTDATEfighter, created by FIGHTERtools, is a new program that allows you to scan for software and Windows updates, without leaving the program’s window. That means no need to open a browser and manually download each program, like some other programs do.

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Dropmark – The Easiest Way To Share Files And Collaborate With Anyone [Web & Mac]

7th May, 2013

How do you typically collaborate with others on projects? By email? Or do you try to get everyone to sign up for the latest cloud file sharing service that you use? Neither of those options are very practical. This is where most collaboration tools fall short – everyone involved must have an account to work together and access the information. There are some great ways to share files, some of which don’t require signing up for, but in exchange their feature set is pretty sparse.

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Stop Annoying UAC Prompts – How To Create A User Account Control Whitelist [Windows]

2nd May, 2013

Ever since Vista, we Windows users have been pestered, bugged, annoyed, and tired of the User Account Control (UAC) prompt telling us a program is starting up that we intentionally launched. Sure, it has improved, but not to the extent that we’ve hoped. It still comes up for good and reputable programs like Geek Uninstaller, Everything, CCleaner, and others. So what do you do?

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Speed Up Your Imgur Uploads With These Apps & Browser Add-Ons

30th April, 2013

Imgur is an awesome website for hosting your photos – we all know that. Its clean interface, awesome community, and integration with social networks make it one of the best places on the Internet to look for and post your images. But you still have to go to the website to upload your photos. Just another tab to have open right? Not necessarily.

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Your Last Minute Guide To Exporting Your Posterous Blog Before It Shuts Down Forever

29th April, 2013

For a while now, Posterous has been been the home for thousands of blogs – including a few of mine. They started out marketing themselves as a way to easily blog, thus likely acquiring many less-tech savvy bloggers looking for a solution to get their blog started fast. And because of that, I feel there definitely needs to be instructions as to what you do now that Posterous is going to be gone forever… tomorrow, April 30th.

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Get The Most Out Of Using Twitter Privately

27th April, 2013

If you use Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that by default your profile is set to public. Have you ever wondered how to make your Twitter account private or even why you should? It’s probably safe to say that the majority of users have their profiles set up to be public, but there are many reasons you might want to make your tweets protected instead. In this article we’ll explore how to protect your account so that only those you approve can see what you tweet.

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Losing Twitter Followers? 10 Dos & Don’ts To Keep Your Followers & Attract New Ones

25th April, 2013

Probably the toughest aspect of Twitter is acquiring and keeping your followers. You might be annoying people on Twitter and not even realize it. Thus, you begin to lose the followers you worked so hard to get. So what do you do? Keeping trying to get new ones? Sure – that’s good, but if you don’t change how you’re using Twitter, you’re going to find yourself going in a circle.

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10 Websites That Will Help Drown Out The Noise So You Can Stay Focused

23rd April, 2013

Do you find yourself constantly distracted by everything going on around you and having a hard time concentrating on what you’re doing? The solution is noise-cancelling headphones. Whether you’re in a café with a crying baby two tables away, the office with noisy chatter in the cubicle next to you or at home with the dog constantly barking, headphones will do the trick. But headphones are only part of the solution.

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RocketDock + Stacks Docklet: Not Just A Dock, But A Complete Desktop Organization Solution [Windows]

20th April, 2013

RocketDock has been one of the best choices for a Mac-like dock in Windows for years. That’s why it’s on our Best Of Windows Software page. In fact, you’ve probably heard of it. But there’s more to it than just being a dock that is easy to use. It’s also more customizable, perhaps even more than one of its most popular alternatives, ObjectDock.

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11 Breathtaking Motorcycle Racing & Stunt Videos

18th April, 2013

One awesome thing about the Internet is that you have the ability to find incredible talent captured in videos from all around the world. Whether it’s YouTube or another video website, you can spend hours watching videos. Have you ever looked up motorcycle videos? You don’t even have to be interested or know much about them to be fascinated by what people can do on a two-wheeled machine.

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7 Tools That Will Revolutionize Your Music Listening Habits On The Web

16th April, 2013

Listing to music online has been around for some time, but only in the past little while, has it really become mainstream with so many options to choose from. It really is quite incredible – we have the opportunity to find music like never before, and listen to copious amounts of it! But there are still some gaps to fill. For instance, audio files can be embedded into webpages, but those webpages have no way to listen to all the music.

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ObjectDock: Quickly Customize Your Desktop And Increase Its Functionality [Windows]

13th April, 2013

By now, you may have already heard of ObjectDock – It’s no stranger to those of us keen on Windows customization. It has actually been around for quite some time, so you might even consider it a veteran of sorts. What is ObjectDock? As the name implies, it’s a dock, which is a program that provides quick access to other programs, folders and widgets right on your desktop.

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Grammarly Lite – A Browser Extension For All Your Proofreading Needs [Chrome, Firefox, Safari]

11th April, 2013

How do you currently proofread what you type on your computer? Type it in Google? Paste it into Word? Or do you use a proofreading website that you paste your text into? I am definitely guilty of copying and pasting (or just typing) a word into Google Search to double check my spelling. But there’s a better way – a tool that integrates into your browser and almost all websites across the Internet.