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Aaron is a Vet Assistant graduate, with his primary interests in wildlife and technology. He enjoys exploring the outdoors and photography. When he's not writing or indulging in technological findings throughout the interwebs, he can be found bombing down the mountainside on his bike. Read more about Aaron on his personal website.

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3 Apps And Services That Can Tap Into The Feedly Cloud

1st July, 2013

Although there are several alternatives to Google Reader, Feedly, with its easy to use interface, has been the primary choice for reading news. Along with announcing Feedly Cloud, Feedly also informed its users about other services and apps that can be used in combination with Feedly. In this article, we’ll look at three that integrate exceptionally well with Feedly.

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Did You Know You Could Customize The Windows Context Menu? Organize It With Right Click Enhancer

30th June, 2013

Have you ever wondered if there could be more to the Windows context menu? It has a dedicated key on every keyboard, yet are we really using it to it’s full potential? Perhaps it’s clogged up with a bunch of program entries from software that you don’t really use. Now technically, you don’t need a program to remove context entries, but if you want to extend your context menu beyond the defaults that Microsoft has limited it at, I recommend taking a look at Right Click Enhancer.

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Photoshop Is Overkill: Edit Your Images With These Free Chrome Apps And Extensions

18th June, 2013

Although Photoshop is a great program, it has its drawbacks. Photoshop is not only very expensive, it also has too many controls for what you probably need. There are a lot of editors you could use – some on the desktop and others on the web. Today we’re going to look at some of the best and free online editors that also happen to be Chrome apps and extensions.

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So You Lost Your Best Friend? These Websites Can Help Locate Your Lost Pet

15th June, 2013

Having a pet, specifically a dog or a cat, can bring so much joy in your life. Something soft that you can cuddle with. Something you can share your thoughts with. Something that will love you back no matter what. But what happens when your best friend gets lost or runs away?What can you do to get them back as quickly as possible?

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Improve Pandora With These Chrome & Firefox Browser Add-Ons

11th June, 2013

With over 35 million listeners, Pandora is easily one of the most popular Internet radio sites. Despite Pandora being awesome at linking similar songs together, there’s always room for improvement. For instance, controlling it requires you to manually go to the website. Or what if you want to listen to a specific song you’re in the mood for? The best you can do is listen to a preview.

4 Browser Extensions For Searching Multiple Words On A Webpage [Chrome, Firefox]

4th June, 2013

Do you ever find yourself needing to search things on a webpage? The find function (CTRL+F) is an awesome keyboard shortcut and feature in browsers – chances are you already know about it and use it. However, you’re limited to one word as boolean search functions have yet to be added to browsers – a shame really. So what do you do whenever you want to search multiple words?

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From Minimalistic To Highly-Customizable: The Most Modern & Free Tumblr Themes

31st May, 2013

On Tumblr, you’re limited to the features that each theme has, and many of them are different. If you’re willing to spend some money, there are some awesome Tumblr themes, but depending on your needs and budget, you’ll quickly find that free ones with a unique look and useful features aren’t as easy to find as you hoped.

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Enginuity: Get The Socially-Relevant Searches You’ve Been Looking For

30th May, 2013

The web has changed a lot since the first search engines erupted through the surface. One of those major changes have been social networks, enabling us to connect with each other all over the world – pretty incredible really. However, it seems that search engines haven’t fully used the power of the social networks.


Ubooq: Not Just An Online Booking Website, But A Complete Appointment Manager [Giveaway]

27th May, 2013

Ubooq is an excellent online tool that can help you cut down the time your on the phone by providing your clients a way to book appointments with your company through on online portal, without ever making a call. We have ten 1-year paid subscriptions of your choice to give away!

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10 Puppy Finding Services To Find Your Next Best Friend

16th May, 2013

Where do you go to find your next best friend? There are a lot of places locally, but some are difficult to discover. Also, if you do not have an idea of what kind you want, it may be difficult to find that perfect dog. That’s where websites come in handy. They help you sift through the Internet looking for the perfect puppy and where you can get it. In this article we will cover ten different websites.

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Making Your Own Website: Your Career Will Thank You Later

14th May, 2013

A personal website is probably one of the biggest aspects of your online presence. Sure other areas such as social networks and blogs are important, but your website is like a home base – a hub that everything branches off from. Let’s now explore some reasons how just such a website will benefit you tremendously.

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You Are Missing Out By Not Creating A Personal Website: Disproving The 6 Myths

11th May, 2013

Have you ever considered having a personal website? You know – a place where people can go to read about who you are, what you do, your goals and aspirations, and of course to contact you. This is the first article of a two-part series where we will explore the benefits of creating a personal website. Today, we’ll cover the common misconceptions that are keeping you from creating an awesome personal website.

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OUTDATEfighter: Keep Your Computer Updated And Bloatware-Free With This Fantastic Tool [Windows]

9th May, 2013

Do you ever feel like keeping all your software updated is too much of a hassle? OUTDATEfighter, created by FIGHTERtools, is a new program that allows you to scan for software and Windows updates, without leaving the program’s window. That means no need to open a browser and manually download each program, like some other programs do.

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Dropmark – The Easiest Way To Share Files And Collaborate With Anyone [Web & Mac]

7th May, 2013

How do you typically collaborate with others on projects? By email? Or do you try to get everyone to sign up for the latest cloud file sharing service that you use? Neither of those options are very practical. This is where most collaboration tools fall short – everyone involved must have an account to work together and access the information. There are some great ways to share files, some of which don’t require signing up for, but in exchange their feature set is pretty sparse.

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Stop Annoying UAC Prompts – How To Create A User Account Control Whitelist [Windows]

2nd May, 2013

Ever since Vista, we Windows users have been pestered, bugged, annoyed, and tired of the User Account Control (UAC) prompt telling us a program is starting up that we intentionally launched. Sure, it has improved, but not to the extent that we’ve hoped. It still comes up for good and reputable programs like Geek Uninstaller, Everything, CCleaner, and others. So what do you do?