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Aaron is a Vet Assistant graduate, with his primary interests in wildlife and technology. He enjoys exploring the outdoors and photography. When he's not writing or indulging in technological findings throughout the interwebs, he can be found bombing down the mountainside on his bike. Read more about Aaron on his personal website.

Feel free to contact at acouch@makeuseof.com

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Save Your Sanity: Block & Filter Those Forwarded Emails

18th October, 2012

We’ve all received them – those dreaded emails. Perhaps they don’t even deserve to be held in the same regard as “emails”. They’re worse than just an email, they’re a forward! Nooooo…! OK, so I’m probably dramatizing them just a tad, but not by much, wouldn’t you agree? Forwarded emails are a pain. You might be thinking that it’s a bit harsh to put them in the same category as spam.

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Calibre: Hands-Down, The Best eBook Manager Available

16th October, 2012

Electronic media is no doubt more prevalent today than it ever has been. The Internet is at the core of it all, and because of it we have eBooks, web articles, and news from electronic magazines and newspapers. With all of this content that we are taking in, how can we manage it all? Sadly, most of us don’t. We forget that one article that we wanted to read or lose the eBook we downloaded to our computer.


Stay Focused With StayFocusd For Google Chrome And Say Goodbye To Distractions

13th October, 2012

The Internet is a vast place, with loads of information that can often be overwhelming. It would be an understatement to say that it’s the primary resource for research and getting work done. But don’t be caught off guard by its trickery. Although it can be a place of productivity, it also is a master at leisurely distractions that can eat up time you don’t have. StayFocusd is among several great tools to help prevent these distractions from keeping you from important work.

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Format Factory: Quickly & Easily Convert Multimedia Files Without The Headache [Windows]

11th October, 2012

We’ve all been there, some more than others, but at one point or another we’ve all had to convert a file. But whether we knew how to or not, was the question. Sometimes with this sort of thing it’s simply the lack of knowledge of what to use. The other common issue is how to […]

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Windows Live Writer: The Easiest Way To Blog, Right From Your Desktop

9th October, 2012

There is something nice about being able to blog from your desktop and simply clicking “submit” and then having it appear on your blog. Of course since you are creating it locally on your computer you’re also able to save it locally, which for many bloggers is a plus – backups are always nice, especially when you don’t have to think about it. Windows Live Writer (WLW) can do that and more.

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Rapportive For Chrome: The Ultimate Tool For Connecting With Your Contacts In Gmail

6th October, 2012

Have you ever received an email and wondered if it was legitimate or not? Or maybe you have corresponded with someone and were curious to know more about them. Of course you could ask, but it might come across awkward or simply off-topic to what is being discussed. Plus, do you really want to ask each person you encounter online through email what their social accounts are, what they do, where they’re from and so on? Likely not.

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12 Excellent, Free Screen Sharing & Remote Access Tools You Haven’t Heard Of Yet

4th October, 2012

Are you constantly being asked for computer help? Or perhaps you’re the one doing the asking. Either way, seeing and controlling screens remotely can save time and confusion on both ends. Remote access programs aren’t just for helping someone or being helped with a computer problem, they can also be very beneficial in assisting in holding meetings over the computer without actually meeting in person.

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PortableApps.com Suite: The Best Portable Applications Manager & Database

2nd October, 2012

Portable applications are no secret – they have grown in popularity as their benefits continually become more well known. PortableApps.com should be given a lot of credit for this. Sure there are several portable application suites available, but PortableApps.com has contributed a great amount to how portable applications are being used. In fact, I hadn’t heard of portable applications in general until I discovered PortableApps.com.

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Hidden Kindle Features You Need To Know About

28th September, 2012

With eBooks on the rise, eReaders, specifically Amazon’s Kindle, are becoming more and more popular. If you have a Kindle are you aware that you can do more than just reading on it? There are many other features included with the Kindle that you can take advantage of to make your reading experience even more […]

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The Future Is Here – Your Guide To Having A Paperless Life Today

26th September, 2012

Paperless – a term that is used quite often now days. But what does it mean? And to what extent does it apply? Certainly we all still use paper to some degree despite the advancements in technology, so how can we go completely paperless? Well, the truth is, there will likely always be some form of paper, but the problem doesn’t lie in using paper itself.

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Preview Of A Preview: Microsoft Office 2013 At A Glance

24th September, 2012

You may have already heard about the brand new, and currently free, release of Office 2013 (also codenamed Office 15). If not, now you have! And better yet, it’s available to anyone to download and try. So why should you upgrade to the new Office from your previous version which you have finally become familiar with?

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Kill The Tedium of Online Forms With These 10 Great Autofill Tools

22nd September, 2012

Filling out forms online is something we all do. Whether it’s checking out our purchase on an online store, signing up for the online store, logging into an online store or adding new information to the online store. There isn’t one of you who hasn’t ever had to fill out an online form. It takes so long doesn’t it? There’s good news though, in fact, I feel it’s great news. There are tools that you can use to automatically fill in these forms.

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Picasa – Still The Best & Most Versatile Photo Manager Available

20th September, 2012

How many photos would you say you have? More than a hundred? Six hundred? A thousand? Pictures are a big part of all of our lives, but there is else something which is equally important and that is where those precious pictures are stored. You likely keep the majority of them on your computer (although more and more, we are relying on smartphones). But what happens when you add them to your computer? Do you organize them?

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LiveMinutes Is Free Online Collaboration And Web Conferencing At Its Finest

18th September, 2012

There are a lot of ways to collaborate online these days, but few offer a way to collaborate while talking to and/or seeing who your collaborating with. LiveMinutes does this and so much more. LiveMinutes’ motto is “we make meetings memorable” and their features do just that. When you sign up, LiveMinutes walks you through their very thorough tutorial, so instead I will just touch upon the primary features.

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Distributing Your Blog Content: The Best Auto-Posting Services

15th September, 2012

Are you a blogger? What about a blogger of multiple blogs? If you have several blogs to share and all of the popular social networks (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to share them on, you might be a bit overwhelmed. However, there are some excellent services to assist you with this process. I will show you both what the services themselves look like, as well as how the shared blog post appears.