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I'm a writer and computer sciences student from Belgium. You can always do me a favor with a good article idea, book recommendation, or recipe idea. You'll also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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Forget USB: 8 Thunderbolt Accessories For Your Mac

7th November, 2014

With the amazing bandwidth and opportunity for daisy-chaining, it’s Thunderbolt outperforms even USB 3.0.


What Is 64-bit Computing?

17th October, 2014

The packaging of a computer or computer hardware is crowded with technical terms and badges. One of the more prominent ones is 64-bit.

roboform everywhere feat

Be The Master Of Your Passwords On Any Device With RoboForm [Giveaway]

16th September, 2014

A password manager is a great asset — perhaps even essential — for any computer system.


Get Even Closer To The Cinema Experience With Plex Movie Trailers

1st September, 2014

The cross-platform media server Plex now supports movie trailers and extras. We show you how to add those clips to your movie library.


Change DNS Presets On The Fly With ChrisPC DNS Switch

17th July, 2014

Playing with the DNS settings on your computer could significantly speed up your browsing or help you access region-blocked content. Doing that manually is a drag; just use a DNS switch.


Replace Mac Preview: 3 Quick-Look Apps for OS X

8th July, 2014

The default Mac is a capable beast, but there are a few alternative third-party image viewers that provide compelling replacements.


How To Access The OS X Library Folder & Why It’s Handy

19th June, 2014

Most OS X Library folders are best left alone, but it’s useful to know your way in and around the User Library.


Automatically Clean Up Your Mac OS X Downloads (or Any) Folder

10th June, 2014

The Downloads folder is often one of the most cluttered and disorganised places to be, so let your computer take a share of the burden and have it clean your Downloads folder automatically.


These 6 Awesome Terminal Commands Will Boost Your MacBook

4th June, 2014

You can only cram so much into graphical user interface before it becomes cluttered, so it should come as no big surprise that you can do some really cool things using the Mac Terminal.


What Is Mac OS X FileVault & How Do I Use It?

28th May, 2014

Only by manually encrypting the files on your hard drive can you truly keep your files safe. That’s where the Mac OS X FileVault comes in.


Anyone Can Download Apps From The US App Store: Here Is How

14th May, 2014

You need to jump through some hoops to create a US iTunes account and add funds to it, but if you know how, anyone can download and enjoy apps from the US App Store.


4 Useful Ways To Manage Your Android APK Files

5th May, 2014

Managing the Android APK files yourself means you get more support and flexibility.


How To Configure Android USB Tethering on Mac OS X

16th April, 2014

On Windows, Android USB tethering usually works as advertised, but Mac OS X is missing some essential USB network drivers. Here’s what you need to know.


How to Use the PS4 Controller on your Mac or PC

3rd April, 2014

Sony made a host of improvements to their controller, with the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4. It seems slightly smaller, but the handholds are thicker, giving it a markedly more comfortable grip. The joysticks have been modified too, now convex and with a button click that’s easier to trigger. These and other changes make the DualShock […]


Use Your iMac As A Monitor With Target Display Mode

24th March, 2014

More is not always better, but it’s probably true in terms of screen real estate.