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The Top 5 Sites To Find Your College Textbooks

21st August, 2008

As a college student, I would have to say that for me the most difficult part of financing higher education is tuition. Going to a private institution, and even a public institution, can be a very expensive life cost. Fortunately, there are scholarships and grants scattered all over the place just waiting for students to […]


Find Other Sites Running on your Hosting Server with YouGetSignal

17th August, 2008

If you do now or have ever run a website, you know how daunting it can be to maintain a web server. You need to become an expert on many topics like DNS, MX, CNAME, web languages, and so on. Many low traffic sites or beginner sites may be hosted on a managed and shared […]


ManyCam – Do More Things With Your Webcam

21st July, 2008

There are so many things you can do with a webcam or camera hooked up to your computer. You can do anything from take a picture to film a movie. There are many expensive programs that replaces elaborate hardware video and audio mixers but with the power modern personal computers contains, there is little reason […]


The 3 Best Programs for Subscribing to Podcasts

27th June, 2008

There has been much confusion in the past as to what exactly a podcast is. To ease some of the confusion, it is basically an online show which can be in the form of audio or video that is downloaded on demand. Most notably, podcasts utilize RSS which stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS might […]


Securing Third Party Software With Secunia PSI

17th June, 2008

For a Windows user, the first order of business, at least for me, is usually security. Securing your computer means installing security software like a firewall, anti-virus, or spyware removal. It also means checking Windows updates and keeping your own installed software up to date. Updating your own software has always been a manual process […]


WordPress vs. Drupal – Content Management Systems

7th June, 2008

Do you remember back in the days of Web 1.0 before Google was really a verb and before Flickr lost the “˜e’? That was back when static web pages plagued the web. FrontPage and Dreamweaver were the common tools of webmasters all over. However, the world has changed. Programs are more so on the internet […]


Cool Windows Media Center Alternatives

4th June, 2008

Increasingly, more and more people are turning to internet-based solutions to consume their content. Many of them are switching to solutions that hook up to televisions. I find the best solution with the most control is a Media Center PC. Some people, however, do not turn to this option due to the lack of flexibility […]