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Police in the Australian state of Victoria have recently warned drivers about the potential dangers of relying on Apple’s notoriously unfinished Maps app bundled with iOS 6. In a news story posted on the Victorian Police News website, authorities from the remote town of Mildura warned that the navigation app has been diverting drivers 70 kilometres (43 miles) off-course into the heart of the Murray-Sunset National Park.

As summer in Australia arrives in full force, temperatures in the area can reach 46ºC (115ºF) putting stranded motorists in potentially life-threatening situations. According to police who have tested Apple’s Maps app, the navigation software reports that Mildura is a full 70 kilometres away from its actual location.

The Murray-Sunset National Park covers 6,330 km² and has no water supply, which concerns police who say motorists have been stranded in the area for up to 24 hours as a result of the navigation snafu. Authorities are urging iPhone owners to rely on other navigational aids in the meantime, such as Google Maps.

As similar problems could occur anywhere in the world, iPhone (and iPad) users from all countries are reminded that they can still access Google Maps on their devices by visiting in their browser. Apple has already publicly acknowledged Apple Releases Official List of Alternative Map Apps [Updates] Apple Releases Official List of Alternative Map Apps [Updates] It comes as a surprise that Apple is doing more than just apologizing for the problems with its Maps app. They’ve gone as far as recommending alternatives provided by other companies. The Find Maps list,... Read More the problems with Maps, and a quick visit to the App Store reveals a promoted section featuring free and paid mapping solutions from the likes of Waze and Garmin. Nokia has also recently released their free cross-platform mapping app, HERE.


Has Apple’s iOS 6 Maps gotten you lost yet? Are you using an alternative? Where is the Google Maps iOS app? Have your say in the comments, below.

Source: Victoria Police News

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