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No matter where you live, you can now download the interactive version of the Men’s Health Australia magazine to your iPad. Men’s Health Australia recently opened up their iOS app and you can now download it from iTunes anywhere in the world. Men’s Health Australia is one of the top grossing men’s magazines in Australia. The iOS app too is scaling the top in Health and Fitness in the Australian App store. From eating smart to kindling your relationships, the magazine is a fit for today’s men.

The magazine app for iPad is free for download, though you will need to subscribe to receive content. The one plus of using your iPad to read the magazine is that you’ll never miss any issue and each new issue as soon as it is published will automatically be available for download to your iPad.

The app’s interface is slick. For instance, if you are looking to hit the gym and build up those muscles, a few swipes of the screen takes you through each exercise move step-by-step while guiding you on correct form. The app is appealingly interactive with behind-the-scenes videos, interviews and touch-to-experience animations.

If you decide to subscribe, each issue is priced at AUD $6.49 or you can save with an annual subscription of $64 for 12 issues.  Please note that the app is rated 12+ for mature content. Go, take a look.

Source: Men’s Health Australia


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