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Try out an audio playground. AudioSauna is a lot of things – recording software, a digital synthesizer, a series of filters and a sequencer. All of this and more runs entirely from your browser, meaning anyone can have access to these tools from any computer.

It’s remarkable how well this software works – set your browser to full screen and you’ll forget it’s web-based at all. The first thing you’ll want to do is play with the virtual analogue synthesizer, because it’s just cool: you can use your computer keyboard to virtually play the on-screen keys. It works better then you’d think, and you have full control over all the settings that exist on actual analogue synths.

virtual synthesizers software

But there’s more. Another synthesizer — the Frequency Modulation Synthesizer — helps achieve that classic 80’s sound. You can record yourself and add that to the mix. You can upload MP3 or WAV files to use in a full-featured sampler – a sampler that gives you the freedom to layer, loop, distort, transpose and do just about anything else. It’s a remarkable amount of tools for an online audio editor, and a downright amazing amount for a free one.



  • Browser-based audio suite for musicians and hobbyists alike.
  • Record and edit audio online to make your own music.
  • Use your computer’s keyboard to perform and record melodies.
  • Numerous synthesize settings built in.
  • Try out filters to get just the right sound.
  • Advanced sampler lets you layer sounds however you like.
  • Similar tools: Hot Mouse Flower, VirtualKeyboard and ShareKeyboard.

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